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Name Jo-Ann Newton
User Name Jojovits1
Birthday 04/08/1970
Specialism Various
Groups Poetry Writers Group   Flash Fiction   Flash Poetry  
Location South East
Interests Reading, writing (of course), live comedy and knitting
Profile I used to be an avid writer when I was much younger but when teenage angst left me, I seemed to lose the drive although I never lost the love of the written word. Recently, through the enthusiasm of a good friend who also writes, I seem to have got the bug again. I would welcome any advice that helps me on my journey to get back in the saddle.

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17 by Jojovits1 Word Count: 45

I was lucky enough spend most of my Saturday nights with the best people in the world at one of the biggest rock venues in the West of Scotland. It really was my tribe. We had a reunion a few years ago and I was begging to go home to bed at 1am! If I could have one night to go back though, I'd go back to being 17. One night would be enough, mind! :-) 
10 May 2020

All The Pretty Colours by Jojovits1 Word Count: 40

For Flash! The colours reminded me of pills and the need for a pill to counteract some effects of a pill...not that I'm on anti depressants - I have wine! :-) 
26 Nov 2016

Brave New World? by Jojovits1 Word Count: 74

For Flash. Posting to poetry group as it needs a tidy! X 
18 Feb 2019

Brig O`Doon by Jojovits1 Word Count: 74

My favourite place. On Sundays my best friend and I would go walking up to Alloway and eat sandwiches and soup on the bridge. Happy times!  
5 Jul 2016

Burning by Jojovits1 Word Count: 176

Originally for the Halloween Flash Challenge! Messed about with it a bit so again, all comments and suggestions gratefully received! 
31 Oct 2015

Bury The Bodies by Jojovits1 Word Count: 94

For this week's flash and in light of yesterday's protest 
10 Apr 2016

Daddy`s Girl by Jojovits1 Word Count: 82

2 Aug 2015

Eggs Mislaid by Jojovits1 Word Count: 120

For this week's Flash 
25 Mar 2016

Family day by Jojovits1 Word Count: 81

Continuing on from Daddy's girl 
29 Aug 2015

For Lynn by Jojovits1 Word Count: 60

My best friend has been a source of love, laughter, support and inspiration for years. One of the strongest and most talented people I know. For all her struggles, she's worked her backside off to come out the other side and still be amazing and strong and compassionate and funny! When we were teenagers I idolised her. She was everything I wanted to be and did everything I wanted to do. She still does. x 
22 Jan 2016

For this week`s challenge by Jojovits1 Word Count: 346

I am working and it's been manic! Apologies, I have dashed these off with a view to working on them :-) 
10 Apr 2020

For this week`s prompt by Jojovits1 Word Count: 64

Worrying how my mind focuses on political and kinky at the same time 
28 Jun 2017

Fr Colin Regrets by Jojovits1 Word Count: 746

My first offering...eeek! 
4 Nov 2019

Godless Fruit by Jojovits1 Word Count: 69

For last week's Flash. Thought I'd pop it on here :-) 
28 Jun 2018

Hell`s Kitchen by Jojovits1 Word Count: 121

Something silly and light. I have an irrational hatred of cooking certain things. Pork chops is high on the list - too much effort, too little pay back. Dippy eggs is on there too and the smell of HP sauce makes me want to heave - unless it's on mince and tatties or a corned beef sandwich. I can also have it on a ham sandwich (but only if there is no butter). I'm a foodie weirdo! 
17 Oct 2020

History Books by Jojovits1 Word Count: 82

I know this isn't going to last forever and I'm a huge mask and distance fan - but I miss not caring and I miss the certainty that this is not going to be life for a long, long time. 
3 Oct 2020

Hyphenated by Jojovits1 Word Count: 106

For this weeks flash 
12 Mar 2016

Jesus Bought Me A Ten Pence Mix Up by Jojovits1 Word Count: 314

Going to the sweet shop with my nanny after mass 
7 Jun 2015

Monster by Jojovits1 Word Count: 137

For this week's Flash ;-) 
12 Nov 2016

Notes from the past by Jojovits1 Word Count: 45

Very, very flash...here for rework :-) 
17 Apr 2016

Now and Then by Jojovits1 Word Count: 64

For the Flash Poetry prompt 300 
11 Jul 2015

Obsession by Jojovits1 Word Count: 348

Dark, disfunctional love 
13 Apr 2015

Pina Roses by Jojovits1 Word Count: 89

My mum had a Pina rose bush (never knew if that was the right name or if the Scottish had bastardised it a little - turns out, it was!!) that she loved. It was fresh and lovely while I was similar...it got a bit run down when mum was on her own and then it went. It was definitely after I moved away. It witnessed a lot! I was sick on it once (sorry) and fell on it and played with it...I was a strange kid :-) 
1 Jul 2020

Remembering the Somme by Jojovits1 Word Count: 75

Letters home x 
2 Jul 2016

Retrograde by Jojovits1 Word Count: 37

We're in another Mercury retrograde (often mentioned by me as "another bloody retrograde"). Stuff just goes wrong, travel plans in particular and as a dedicated passenger, this can be tedious. However, it can also be a time of looking back and reflecting. I've been doing 13 hour days this week (stock take), stressing and eating my feelings, so I'm obviously still in a bit of a retrogrady mood :-) 
15 Nov 2019

Shores by Jojovits1 Word Count: 272

Remembering walking along the beach in the early hours with a good friend years ago and dreaming about the future. 
17 Apr 2015

Sissi Sea by Jojovits1 Word Count: 61

I've just been to Crete for the umpteenth time. I love it there. My favourite thing is sitting by the sea and watching. Not people watching. Sea watching. This was the only thing I wrote in a fortnight (it was a very lazy holiday) and it needs work. It may need binning! :-) Let me know either way. 
29 Sep 2016

Sloth by Jojovits1 Word Count: 69

Sloth is not a sin of doing something bad - rather a sin of not doing something. Sloth is a sin of omitting responsibilities. Sometimes feels like God has retired and left us to it. 
21 Jan 2017

Smells like October by Jojovits1 Word Count: 115

October, to me, has a smell. I can recognise it anywhere (and it doesn't need to be October to smell it). It heralds the end of summer and the begining of autumn. It reminds me that Halloween is round the corner. I love the smell and it makes me not miss summer :-) 
29 Aug 2018

Stray by Jojovits1 Word Count: 54

Ok, this is smaltz but my boy gave me inspiration (albeit badly written). My cat was a rescue. He had sores and hardly any teeth. He was a sorry sight. Four years on he's still a poorly sod! I remember when we went to meet him, I expected a bedraggled little ginger heap but we walked through the door and he was sitting upright, eyes bright, looking so hopeful. I fell in love at that moment and even though he is a vetinary money pit, I have not fallen out of it yet. 
26 Nov 2019

Summer `83 by Jojovits1 Word Count: 113

I was 13 and a very "angsty" teenager :-)! I remember sitting on a wall in the sun at the end of our road and thinking, "I wish I was 16 and this would all be done". Idiot! :-)  
20 Jul 2016

The 45% by Jojovits1 Word Count: 83

Indy ref was a complete awakening for me, politically. I became galvanised by what I believed was right for my family and friends in Scotland. Some family and friends did not have the same view so it was a bit tricky but there you go. I remember getting up at 3.30 to watch the votes come in and getting a hug from my husband before I left for work (crying) at 5, even though he did not agree with me. It was said that it was a once in a lifetime vote. I don't think it will be. 
8 Oct 2016

The Cat by Jojovits1 Word Count: 94

Felines are picky but they love the ones they love... 
23 May 2015

The Contract by Jojovits1 Word Count: 537

I Googled "Predictions for the world in 100 yrs". It was scary stuff! One of the predictions was that marriage would not be infinite but would be to contracted time scales. Then I thought of this... 
26 Nov 2019

The House of Treasure by Jojovits1 Word Count: 114

Sixteen and studying, my next door neighbour asked me to stand in for her for a couple of days tending an old gentleman who lived in the "big house" down the road. Never knew much about him. The house was like a museum. It fascinated me for years and I never forgot him (also it was a shocking revelation to a sixteen yr old, seeing a 90 yr olds "bits") 
5 Nov 2015

The Ring by Jojovits1 Word Count: 331

Version 3 accepted by TLW :-) 
8 May 2015

The Thinning Of The Veil by Jojovits1 Word Count: 145

For this week's prompt. Couldn't let Halloween go by without entering :-) 
2 Nov 2019

The Wardrobe by Jojovits1 Word Count: 119

I was a messy child (hell, I'm a messy adult!). I was forever being told to tidy my wardrobe as it was just a jumble of clothes, toys, books etc. This was one of those council house (storage was always better) jobs that you could climb into and get lost. And I did. Frequently. I went back when we were clearing the house when mum moved to Oz. The wardrobe was full of her clothes now and very neat but my chalked sayings and love hearts were still there, 30-40 yrs on. :-) 
7 Feb 2019

The Wind by Jojovits1 Word Count: 83

I love the sound of the wind. She always comes across to me as some sort of sprite, playful or angry, depending on her mood! 
9 Jun 2015

The Wizard by Jojovits1 Word Count: 41

I only remembered this a short while ago. When I was very little, my brother used to tell me that he knew a wizard and that one day he would take me to him. I must have been about seven and he would have been sixteen. Amazing what you'll tell kids to get them to behave! 
19 Apr 2019

Tiny Little World by Jojovits1 Word Count: 115

Lockdown with me working from home in a one bed flat and hubby having to breathe the same air - with no escape. Help please. I feel it's either too long or too condensed, missing the point and need to fix! 
11 May 2020

True Story by Jojovits1 Word Count: 139

When one year disappoints, there's alway the next :-) 
12 Jan 2019

When The Clocks Change by Jojovits1 Word Count: 58

Strange times. I read about a fairy ring tonight. Apparently all who dance within a fairy ring, under a new moon can be lost in time and place...never to return. Feels a bit like that right now.  
21 Mar 2020

Where Is My Haunting? by Jojovits1 Word Count: 298

Very, very rough but I needed to get something on paper...so it might not make any sense at all! 
19 Jan 2019

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