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Pina Roses

by Jojovits1 

Posted: 01 July 2020
Word Count: 89
Summary: My mum had a Pina rose bush (never knew if that was the right name or if the Scottish had bastardised it a little - turns out, it was!!) that she loved. It was fresh and lovely while I was similar...it got a bit run down when mum was on her own and then it went. It was definitely after I moved away. It witnessed a lot! I was sick on it once (sorry) and fell on it and played with it...I was a strange kid :-)

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Green and scarlet splashes
by the stone white steps
 A fragrant smile of welcome
in summer time.
We grew together
you and I.
I made perfume from your petals
stained my fingers
with your heady hue.
You watched as I played.
I’d bound through the door
dragging dolls across you
I’d climb above you
through the window,
key forgotten.
I’d let boyfriends in
and boyfriends out
You simply nodded.
I forgot you were there
until you were not.
You’d gotten old
I did not forget
I remember.

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Comments by other Members

michwo at 23:52 on 01 July 2020  Report this post
Charming like you, Jo-Ann!
Do Scottish people use 'gotten' as the past participle of 'get' like Americans do?
Taking it for granted perhaps, making perfume from its petals and dragging dolls across it turns into letting boyfriends in and out over it as childhood gives way to adolescence and finally you realise as an adult that it isn't there any more and you miss it. This poem is a learning curve and every point along the curve matters. Not a false note in it. Well done.

V`yonne at 12:50 on 03 July 2020  Report this post
Peony roses were a favourite of my mother. We darn't go anywhere them!!! I love the remembrance of this much abused rose laugh and old friend in your case -- not a garden specimen. I love the way it welcomed and guarded and played. This poem gives personality to that plant which is a clever thing to do.

crowspark at 09:31 on 06 July 2020  Report this post
Hi Jo-Ann

I really enjoyed your poem. Your first stanza grabbed me:

Green and scarlet splashes
by the stone white steps
 A fragrant smile of welcome
in summer time.

 When I was a child we had lots of roses and my sisters often picked petals for rose water.
Loved the memories brought back in your poem, a poem of innocence and experience.

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