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History Books

by Jojovits1 

Posted: 03 October 2020
Word Count: 82
Summary: I know this isn't going to last forever and I'm a huge mask and distance fan - but I miss not caring and I miss the certainty that this is not going to be life for a long, long time.

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I once read of a time 
when strangers
could touch.
They would kiss hello
and reach out
friendly hands
in greeting.

They would join,
often in one room,
to laugh
and dance
and grieve.
All, together.

Of course, this was before.

They would “mingle”.
A quaint, 
old-fashioned word
I had to look up.
To be with or among
other people
with no regard 
to safety.

There were pictures
of people laughing
in crowds.
No masks.
No distance.

Madness, I know.


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Comments by other Members

michwo at 12:11 on 03 October 2020  Report this post
Very perceptive, Jo-Ann, and instantly accessible to and comprehensible by all good-hearted people - yourself first and foremost, I imagine - everywhere.
A poem that amply compensates verbally for the woes of lockdown.
Well done.

V`yonne at 15:38 on 03 October 2020  Report this post
Great title too to set us up for this -- rahter sad look back at the present and how it is changing the future. I am not sure anyone will ever be able to regard others in quitew the same way again. Appropriate layout of two halves... You nailed the sadness, Jo.

crowspark at 13:20 on 04 October 2020  Report this post
I agree, great title and suggestion that this has been the norm for a long time. (It certainly feels like it)

I particularly like

They would join,
often in one room,
to laugh
and dance
and grieve.
All, together.

Nice reflection on the word mingle and a suggestion that this was all history with the gut punch in your last line:

Madness, I know.


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