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Tempting Fate

by Jojovits1 

Posted: 19 February 2022
Word Count: 134
Summary: For this week's challenge...all about the Moirai, The Three Fates.

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Clotho and Lachesis
take my fragile, silver thread.
They spin its length and measure
while I'm sleeping in my bed.
They nod so very woefully
at every happy smile
because they know
there will be tears
in just a little while.

I try to keep my councel
and not give too much away.
My world can turn in moments
if they cause my thread to fray.
I should not laugh too loudly,
cannot make my smile too wide
Atropos waits
with sharpened shears
just on the other side.

My joys are kept in secret
so I do not turn their eye.
I fill my glass half empty
lest they turn my life awry.
I celebrate in secret,
it's a self survival trait
for never do
I want to be
accused of tempting Fate.


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Comments by other Members

michwo at 22:04 on 19 February 2022  Report this post
Your gift of knowing just how to please the ear as well as the eye of anyone who reads what you write is again strongly in evidence here, Jo-Ann. Very well done indeed and totally relevant to what this challenge was all about - FATE!
(Two slight niggles, having said that: a 'council' is normally what most people understand by the term 'local goverment' but keeping what you think to yourself and not talking about it is keeping your own 'counsel'. The wording of the last three lines of Stanza 3 ought to read: 
for never do
I want to be
accused of tempting Fate.)

Jojovits1 at 22:16 on 19 February 2022  Report this post
Thanks Michael!   

You are my grammar guru! 😀

Jojovits1 at 22:48 on 19 February 2022  Report this post
Changed accordingly x

V`yonne at 14:09 on 20 February 2022  Report this post
Ah that is a very satisfying poem indeed. And again because of its mythical element Strider Marcus Jones might like this over at Lothlorien (if you've been following me round on FB you'll know it...)
And I actually identified with

My joys are kept in secret
so I do not turn their eye.
I fill my glass half empty
lest they turn my life awry.

my little habit of not liking special occasions wink

Very well written, nicely rounded poem and thanks for joining in this week xoxo

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