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The Cat

by Jojovits1 

Posted: 23 May 2015
Word Count: 94
Summary: Felines are picky but they love the ones they love...

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The Cat
Curled, content;
black fur dusty from the fire.
I stretch a paw to her
in greeting;
purring as she strokes my ears.
I am her companion;
her child.
I wind around her legs
in devotion,
blinking a lazy eye
as she adds to the cauldron.
A worm, a black bird's eye,
a child’s scream.
One for the pot.
One for me.  
I lick my lips.
Laughing, she shoos
me away with the broom;
pours potion in the jar.
Her cackle sends a shiver
into the night.
To me, it is a lullabye.

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Comments by other Members

Bazz at 15:24 on 24 May 2015  Report this post
Hi Jo, I love the voice in this, a witch as studied from her black cat's point of view, that's quite a unique approach! I really like the tenderness in which these terrible things are described, it really brings both characters alive, and makes their relationship work. I really like "a child's scream/ one for the pot/ one for me"

(I see you tried to post something in the group forum, was it anything important?)

Jojovits1 at 17:51 on 31 May 2015  Report this post
Sorry Barry, I've only just seen this - not been on very much this week due to work stuff I'm afraid.

The post was actually a link to this (it was during the animal challenge) but you have already borne witness to my disasterous IT skill so I have no idea what I did to break it!  surprise

All good though and I hope to be chipping in with this week's challenge.


Bazz at 20:46 on 31 May 2015  Report this post
I think the problem with the forum thread was that you didn't give it a title, I think if it has no title it can't be accessed (for some obscure reason)! I hope that doesn't put you off trying again sometime. We've all done it, believe me...

Jojovits1 at 20:54 on 31 May 2015  Report this post
I think you might be right.  Live and learn! laugh

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