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For this week`s challenge

by Jojovits1 

Posted: 10 April 2020
Word Count: 346
Summary: I am working and it's been manic! Apologies, I have dashed these off with a view to working on them :-)

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The Fear
There are no crowds.
Yet bodies
too near
send fear
to my fingers
almost dropping
shopping bags
to get out
of harm’s way.
by parents
busy talking,
walking towards
my space
with dirty elbows.
The claustrophobia
of a breath
from less
than six feet
my defences
my curve.
Behind my door
I breathe
and heave a sigh
of relief
but wait for
a cough
an ache
and what will happen
When again,
there are crowds.
Beauty Lockdown
They day they all decided
staying home was for the best
every woman in the country
had to face another test.
For the ones who need enhancement
this would be a harder plight
and we’ve stooped to desperate measures
as there is no end in sight.
I missed my nail appointment
when we had to hide away
and my hair salon, they cancelled
they’ll be back  when all’s ok.
I have run out of foundation
and my front tooth has a chip.
It’s hard to keep this up beat
when you really look like shit.
I am “Zooming” all work meetings
fully dressed from half way up,
all the while hiding the dentistry
behind a coffee cup.
I have cut down my acrylics
so I’m still able to type
and I’m dying my hair purple
in the dark root combat fight.
In the end this is just silly
when you look at all our grief.
When we’re desperate for our NHS
to just find some relief.
But I bet when we come out this
(if we’re not all on the dole)
appointments with a nail bar
will be scarce as toilet roll.

Tiny Little Things
Your world
making room
for mine
in our tiny space.
Work, home.
My routine
though work
and home
are now the same.
The difference
is deafening.
There is no telling
when routine
will return
for you.
Yet you take
my hand
on our daily walks.
Fresh air
and laughter
our vaccine
Life goes on
and in our
tiny, little space
our world
is a universe.

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Comments by other Members

michwo at 10:05 on 11 April 2020  Report this post
Impressively perceptive, Jo-Ann.
My experience of lockdown so far has been that people avoid me as much as I avoid them! I was walking along a path on Thursday and kept going off it to let people pass. With cyclists you don't always know they're there if they're behind you, but my reaction is more shock than fear when they suddenly whoosh past me.
I have a dental appointment on 22 May but whether the threat of infection will be over then remains to be seen, of course. My teeth don't bother me as much as my toe nails - as I have long legs I rely on a podiatrist to cut them and she's self-isolating like everybody else at the moment. The one thing I do now that I didn't do before is queue up outside supermarkets!


Jojovits1 at 11:31 on 11 April 2020  Report this post
I would agree about people giving me as much space as I give them but there have been a lot more out this weekend and it seems social distancing doesn’t apply to them when the temperature goes above 16 degrees! 

I worry about when it ends.  I’m on 5 buses a day...not something I relish going back to.

V`yonne at 11:45 on 12 April 2020  Report this post
Well expressed observations. The Fear is very real. I loved the 'dirty elbows' and

my curve.

is inspired.

I think that

Yet you take
my hand
on our daily walks.
Fresh air
and laughter
our vaccine
Life goes on
and in our
tiny, little space
our world
is a universe.

is practically a poem in itself. I'd hone the rest of that down to emphasise the power of this. It has a very beautiful truth behind it.

Beauty Lockdown is wonderfully funny! You should sent that one to Pendemic immediately and let everyone else have a laugh too. I absolutlely cackled at

I am “Zooming” all work meetings
fully dressed from half way up,

Thanks for the poems and Happy Easter xxx

crowspark at 11:08 on 13 April 2020  Report this post
Yes Jo, you capture the experience well. The people watching, with caution. I felt relaxed before I went for some emergency shopping only to find workmen digging up the pavement outside the shop I wanted to use. Impossible to keep 6 feet distance and fearing for the couple with their toddler walking close by them. Staff in the shop were great, though.

And video conferencing! Out senior solicitor was very amused when I suddenly found he could see me at home, although he had switched off his camera. I now have a red post-it stuck over the camera so they think I have a technical problem. 

I loved:

Life goes on
and in our
tiny, little space
our world
is a universe.


Novy123 at 17:02 on 29 April 2020  Report this post
Hi Yvonne, 

I really enjoyed Beauty Lockdown.  It is one of my more vain thoughts throughout this when I first heard of the COVID19 how ever will we maintain?  Very funny lines and feeling like ''It's hard to keep this upbeat when you really look like shit'' 
Totally resonated with me as I rely on my hairdresser totally and dentist so have been attempting to trim my own hair and have resorted to head scarves.  HAhhaha It is a lovely poem that touches on the smaller more personal things of what it takes to be women.  Presenting ourselves to the world and I felt in our poem as the world has unravelled so to in sorts have we.  I am a real feminist and I love the touch on what it takes to control and rule our worlds and just like a rug being pulled it can all become without seams and yet still carry on with much humour. 

Thank You Yvonne. 


michwo at 20:50 on 29 April 2020  Report this post
I think you might be mixing Jojovits1 (Jo-Ann Newton) up with V'yonne (Oonah Joslin), Aisha.
Although V'yonne - a deliberate misspelling of Yvonne on her part? - is a regular contributor, I think you should be thanking Jo-Ann for Beauty Lockdown rather than her in this case.

V`yonne at 14:13 on 30 April 2020  Report this post
I didn't write that one Aisha but V'yonne is actually my middle name -- not mispelt.

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