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by Jojovits1 

Posted: 06 April 2022
Word Count: 34
Summary: 10 days in, still testing positive....yawn!

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Restless dreams
tired eyes 
swabbed my week
with positivity 
Online obligations met 
masking up to
open doors 
for groceries
take aways
and couriers 
who never read instructions
for isolation 
I long for negativity. 

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Comments by other Members

michwo at 22:45 on 06 April 2022  Report this post
Be careful what you long for? Boredom must irk you far more than having tested positive for Covid, especially with your constant urge to be busy and getting on with things. As usual, you boil it all down to its basic constituents and put it in a nutshell.

Jojovits1 at 22:55 on 06 April 2022  Report this post
Still positive, Michael and it’s driving me nuts!  Missed a really big work day but actually could just be doing with a walk and the pub! Lolx

V`yonne at 13:22 on 07 April 2022  Report this post
I just love that last line!!! xoxo

crowspark at 10:36 on 08 April 2022  Report this post
Despite the symptoms I love the economy of your lines:

swabbed my week
with positivity 

Swabbed sounds clinical and maybe benificial for tired eyes.

I am still pausing outside supermarkets to mask up.
Have you noticed that couriers, as well as ignoring any notes you leave them, knock at the door really hard? Much harder than they did previously, giving the impression that they will brook no delay. Ah well, I would rather receive a parcel than deliver one with current fuel prices as high as they are.

Tight and punchy poem!


FelixBenson at 15:33 on 08 April 2022  Report this post
That last line, Jo! What a cracker. Brilliant. I love it. 
Lots of sensations and impressions of how you feel are richly conveyed in these economical lines, which is not easy to do.

But I am so sorry you feel rubbish and trapped. Sending lots of good vibes to those test kits and hoping you get the result you are looking for soon. 

All the best x

Jojovits1 at 17:13 on 08 April 2022  Report this post
Finally got a negative result this morning!!  Freeeeeee 😁

FelixBenson at 11:36 on 09 April 2022  Report this post
Hurrah! Enjoy your freedom Jo!

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