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Name Patrick Smith
User Name Lawrenco
Home Page na
Birthday 25/04/1961
Specialism Poetry
Location London
Interests Cycling ,Theatre ,Drama ,Films, Football, World Affairs ,Politics
Profile I supose American Beauty is an important film.Explaining a re awakening ,"Comeing out of a coma ".I have done all the things expected ,so I must pursue Literature ,creativity to the true path of freedom.Perhaps I`m just another pebble on the beach,but I hope my shine isn`t obscurred by the Shadow of oil tanker slinking past.

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A Twist in a Days Propriety. by Lawrenco Word Count: 94

After Robert Frost. 
7 May 2004

A bit of a punt by Lawrenco Word Count: 167

A bit of perceptive banter using classic style writting in a modern text. 
4 Dec 2003

ACT. by Lawrenco Word Count: 191

This being my birthday I wanted to give all the people on this site who have brought me support encouragement etc...To numerous to mention, and good people I have met along the way!There has been no negative outcome of being on this sight.Thankyou and Happy non birthday. 
25 Apr 2004

Addmen move in. by Lawrenco Word Count: 9

19 Mar 2004

Bubble. by Lawrenco Word Count: 100

19 Oct 2004

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT. by Lawrenco Word Count: 236

On wednesday evening a Deer came into my path ,I almost ran it over as it aproached the road. This for me gives the poem some urgency. There is a definite,theme of Celtic Spiritualism in the poem. I hope you like it . " It`s a beautiful day"!!!  
12 Jun 2004

Flock...Imagined by Lawrenco Word Count: 156

From the readers group.Poem inspired by June Jordans "October Snowpea poem". 
18 Apr 2004

Grow. =++= by Lawrenco Word Count: 104

Welcome to the micro-church,of ideas.=++=Symbol  
6 Mar 2005

Have No Fear. by Lawrenco Word Count: 173

I suppose a captivated period whilse out celabrating good will to all.I tried to be not too heavy on the punctuation to offer a more relaxed forum to find the readers own space as sugested by gard. Does it works though? 
8 Jan 2005

Healing 31.8.04 by Lawrenco Word Count: 170

I suppose this poem is the here and now.How you actually react to situations. What goes through ones head.This is 31st August 2004. I dedicate this poem to poet musician Morrissey,for helping me understand that I am Smith(me and a few million others). 
31 Aug 2004

Identity Crisis.(an inanimate tale) by Lawrenco Word Count: 368

A chilling tale. 
2 Jul 2004

Instant Rant. by Lawrenco Word Count: 43

I`ve had a baaaaad day. 
3 Jun 2004

Ken Bigley. by Lawrenco Word Count: 218

There is no-one more than has captured the imagination in "post war"Iraq than the British Hostage Ken Bigley. Thousands have died senseless deaths.A call of ordinary people spared his life as long as it did ;It`s devastating for his family he died and tragic for everyone else,lets put hope of a wider embrace of peace may prevail.-Also a thought for the Hilton Bomb attack where 30 died ! 
9 Oct 2004

Kes revisited 25.12.03 10.30am;Easter Bound. by Lawrenco Word Count: 377

Kes=Kestral(hawk)Billy+Casper =same boy. Eisenstein;Russian film director ,affectively establishing modern cinema by inventing the shot.Heroes in his films were always equal,everyone was the star. Blakes"Jerusalem", is purposely nicked to coinside with the film. 
7 Apr 2004

knowhere...................................................................somewhere by Lawrenco Word Count: 114

OK its just me I think that if you you dont live to your true feelings in life you only cheating yourself what do you think?  
14 May 2007

Korda Nation by Lawrenco Word Count: 236

19 Feb 2005

More squirrel moments. by Lawrenco Word Count: 149

After seeing miffles poem ;I would also like to contribute a squirreling theme.Inspired by a statement by Audrey Hepburn."When out walking ,seeing the birds singing in the trees ,and taking in all the beautiful surroundings.How could you be lonely. 
21 Mar 2004

Mothers Day Aftermath. by Lawrenco Word Count: 8

25 Mar 2004

New Job. by Lawrenco Word Count: 143

Things don`t always go the way you want them to! For those of you who aren`t football conversant Highbury home of ArsenalFC Spurs Tottenham Hotspurs BIG rivalry between teams. 
5 Oct 2004

OUI. by Lawrenco Word Count: 137

Yea,O.K so then I woke up dooh!Shouldn`t of left that scented candle alight all night .Anyone who can pin point "Pop Idols" in this poem I will send them a gobstopper with a personal message of congradulations ,finished with hopefully smelly varnish. Please send S.A.E.(Product not suitable for human consumption) 
28 Apr 2004

Pebbles Dashed. by Lawrenco Word Count: 187
1  Comment

12 Oct 2003

Pentecost by Lawrenco Word Count: 12

1 Jun 2004

Performance. by Lawrenco Word Count: 138

My Leap into Performance Poetry ,a finalist in "Short Fuse`s,Poetry Idol".Had a great time but didn`t win ,early days ah! 
16 Apr 2005

Platonic. by Lawrenco Word Count: 86

A mind search for the better and more human level of existence is always prefered. 
23 Jun 2005

Rosa Parks. by Lawrenco Word Count: 237

Occasionally someone comes along like Rosa. You get the impression shes a quiet woman that all of a sudden had,had enough;in this case the indignity of being asked to give up her place on a bus for a white man;her actions breaking the law and then setting the birth of civil rights movement for black rights in the USA.Christ the millitant is shown here,and I make no excuses for that .Better than the usual cloisted image!Whatever your faith (if any)I hope you,enjoy,any crititism is welcome ! 
11 Dec 2003

Sausage Sandwich by Lawrenco Word Count: 84

it`s about sausage sandwiches you buy from the caff. 
18 Jan 2005

Scientific nonsense. RLG. by Lawrenco Word Count: 91

I do worry about myself sometimes ,its ever since I started drinking that herbal tea!A bit avant- garde. 
5 Apr 2004

Shine. by Lawrenco Word Count: 87

About apprieciating being able to pull your self free mental tyrany. 
26 Nov 2003

Snippet-Frustrated-Cross. by Lawrenco Word Count: 130

Working on the premise that you can get yourself into situations,and completly misunderstand misread the signs .So to this imagined scenario,but life goes on and hopefully learn and be enlightened by the experiance.  
2 Dec 2003

Spin Din End. by Lawrenco Word Count: 126

A little late in posting the Blue Fan exercise.I am not sure how it comes over so would invite crititism,your thoughts. 
9 Dec 2004

Spring namaste . by Lawrenco Word Count: 15

Inspired by an article in the Guardian by Simon Hattenstone,about Anna Scher,who ran until recently Britains Least conventional theatre school. Because of problems with directors, she`s set up shop to the church next door .Her school is full.The"official" Theatre school remains empty! 
3 Apr 2004

Star gazing. by Lawrenco Word Count: 21

26 Feb 2004

Tale of a Milkmaid(after Jan Vermeer.)1657AD. by Lawrenco Word Count: 227

Slightly infatuated by this intriguing lady .Well I like the older woman but 350 years old is taking things a little too far.The Milkmaid is a very accessible picture.(on many a website) I tried to make it enjoyable even without her image ,but have I succeeded? 
2 Nov 2004

The earthworm cometh by Lawrenco Word Count: 255

Our old buddy the earthworm but do we aprieciate them? Probably not. 
11 Jun 2005

We Think The World of You. by Lawrenco Word Count: 500

This Poem comes from my profile.WozA.K.A Fearless sugested I should work on this as an idea for a piece,so here it is.So heres to Woz who is forever the buttress and tireless advocater of truth. 
16 Aug 2004

Whale Rider. by Lawrenco Word Count: 256

From a film of the same name.About the Wangara Tribe,Mauris living in New Zealand. legend would have it a Mauri warrior rode on a back of a whale to bring his people to the shaws of New Zealand. A brilliant natural film with a awesome performance never acted before,only 12 years old. Keisha Castle-Hughes. The film translates like a poem for me ,so I decided to give you a trailer as it were (unofficial). 
24 Aug 2004

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