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Identity Crisis.(an inanimate tale)

by Lawrenco 

Posted: 02 July 2004
Word Count: 368
Summary: A chilling tale.

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I used to be in tune to good foundation.
To a place I can call my home.
Then my situation once comfortable,

A surplus to requirement,did intend ,my wanting
days of hope did fade.
Placed in stacked stance,a new abode became the new mould.
To bolster my resolve?Will this be my problems solved?

It was too late.I must placate;the food inside me,
turns my sour to bitter.
My sweet to salt ...Leaving pungency on it`s own.

What with slavac molasses ,miso spread,hummas with mould,
hey this lot are out of control.
Halva snacks, spicey bean left over rice,chesse not fit !
We`ll turn into mice!?
Lets not intice,or advice ,of their way is right ,out of my plight, the fact is ...

I`m a fridge with an identity crisis.
Yes a fridge with an identity crisis!

What can I do with these foods inside of me it`s
causing havoc with my defrostation.
I`ve been student infiltrated ,disenfranchised.
I remember the days of steak and kidney pudding,bacon rashes,wildly stacked eggs,beefsteak and chops,
and lots of beer.

Now it`s organic honey(where do they get the money!)
chick pea surprice,brown rice delight,cous cous balls up,
not forgeting nori flake soup,nut smoked tufu and ginger soya tempeh...wahay!~

Perhaps telepathically,I could persuade my new owners by some sublime, hypnotise;by my motors hum.
So then for them to buy some taco sause,with pics of
marracas,mexican hats,how my air conditioning would tap to the samba,cha cha, mambo.

I realise now I am reformed chilled out!
Give all these fatty things a clout.
Without a doubt it`s opening up a kaleidiscope of new ideas.

It would appear i`m not paying enough attention to my new peers.
That I am refreshed ;the tone of my chrome, all shiny resinent,like a reflective fairing,how daring!

You see theres more of us to feed ,let me plead .
That means more fridges ...Thanks
We all want quality "essentials",that make up day.
So pass that bowel of food ,to near as harmony as you can get.
remembering to include all with respect.
Things couldn`t be the same...
The energy found,conserved,to ones own core.
So to keep that motors rattle,
not a cholestral debacle,but the ticking thought of a
machines metal!

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Comments by other Members

roovacrag at 12:52 on 03 July 2004  Report this post
Very good poem,enjoyed reading it and full powered.

xx Alice

Lawrenco at 16:20 on 03 July 2004  Report this post
Thanks Alice, did you notice a kaleidiscope...of new ideas...
or rediscovering our ancient in a modern age.

olebut at 18:01 on 03 July 2004  Report this post

a novel and well found idea it made enjoyable and humorous reading although I guess it is so true well done I noticed a couple of small typos

I remembewr the days of steak and kidney pudding

The enregy found,conserved,to ones own core

take care


Lawrenco at 01:15 on 04 July 2004  Report this post
Thanks david,it was originally a song I changed it around a little and turned it into a poem happy you enjoyed it.

miffle at 20:22 on 05 July 2004  Report this post
Lawrenco, love the idea of a fridge being a 'reformed chilled out!'... Idea of a fridge just chillin' ;-) well, now, that's cool ;-) !

Sounds like the fridge preferred his packets of bacon and boxes of eggs and full fat milk and chocolate mousses to all that hippie / vegan/ veggie stuff ;-) A food revolution... yes, perhaps... but can it go to far? Can we become obsessed with what we eat!?

'bowel of food' or 'bowl of food'?

Pass the hummus, Nikki ;-)

Lawrenco at 20:51 on 06 July 2004  Report this post
Yea miffle food for thought .
must admit I like the bowl alternative ,just seems a bit guttural considering. thankyou for your comments,but I understand that you meant it poinantly.
I suppose I am a semi-veg ;meaning I like the veggi stuff ,but I am parshal to the odd sausage sauny.
Meat fills you up as veggi stuff doesn`t .
I like food that is not processed if I can get it .I like thing fresh it makes you feel more alive.
I think we can become obsessed by what we eat.

gard at 01:14 on 07 July 2004  Report this post
nice to see you posting again

I forgot I had not commented on this piece. Very individual, unusual, intrigueing....sad for me I pack my poor old fridge with all these things, no wonder its going rusty in protest......

nice phrase, to say
but the ticking thought of a
machines metal!


Lawrenco at 22:51 on 07 July 2004  Report this post
Gina ,Always good I guess to be funky and adventurous with your cooking but do you ever find a shrivelled veggi something at the back of the fridge ,often contains fascinating mould -to look at that is ...Thanks for your comments.

gard at 01:17 on 08 July 2004  Report this post
Hi Lawrenco

ha ha, yes! but mostly I foget whats in there and it goes slushy then smells BAD!


Lawrenco at 06:27 on 08 July 2004  Report this post
Perhaps you should do a poem about losing your sense of smell!

Epona Love at 16:12 on 18 July 2004  Report this post
Definately chilling! very imaginative and it amazes me, how do you come up with these ideas?
Great work.
Emma x.

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