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Instant Rant.

by Lawrenco 

Posted: 03 June 2004
Word Count: 43
Summary: I`ve had a baaaaad day.

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Instant Soup,instant noddles,
instant intwining,instant friendship.

Instant control,instant sex,
instant love ,instant marriage.

Instant mortgage,instant ball and chain,
instant justice,instant imprisonment.

Instant crassness,instant war,
instant murder,instant crime.

Instant big brother,instant surveilance,
instant double speak,instant new social order.

Instant I.D cards,instant happy smilie people.

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Comments by other Members

Fearless at 20:10 on 03 June 2004  Report this post

Instant.....just add water. Blink and you'll miss it. Easy come, easy go, bro'.


Account Closed at 20:20 on 03 June 2004  Report this post
lawrenc, instant comments. Good job poetry isn't as instant and simple as the rest of the world. Few words say more things, and this packesd a lot into a few words. Liked it mate,


Al T at 20:56 on 03 June 2004  Report this post
Lawrenco, you missed out Instant Whip, whatever happened to that? Perhaps a bowl of that would improve your day. Seriously though, I like the energy and immediacy of your poem. It reminds me of Futurist poetry by the likes of Marinetti - those boys loved speed.


roovacrag at 20:59 on 03 June 2004  Report this post
Good job we are not instant.
Would hate to think pour hot water over me and get instant sex,like and instant meal.

You put it across very well.

miffle at 21:32 on 03 June 2004  Report this post
Lawrenco, will return to this in an instant ;-) Miffle

miffle at 21:48 on 03 June 2004  Report this post
Lawrenco, I admit to watching B Brother the other night. The instantness of their horseplay, allegiances, 'friendships' etc really irritates me! Are some people really that shallow?! Miffle


NB does an instant rant come in a packet? A cathartic poem!

joanie at 23:26 on 03 June 2004  Report this post
Lawrenco, at the risk of sounding 'old' - you're right; that's what wrong with society today! If it's not instant, forget it. Scary.

gard at 23:47 on 03 June 2004  Report this post

nice one, I hope tomorrow is instantly better for you!? yes I agree with so much of what you have written, it makes me mad sometimes!!!

I did rather like

Instant mortgage,instant ball and chain

A lot of energy in this piece a natural momentum driving it forward....


Lawrenco at 12:08 on 04 June 2004  Report this post
Thanks for your comments.Yes condensed, poetry.AlT.Havent quite forgotten the instant whip,don`t get me into a fervour,thanks for tip;-Marinetti.
Too right Alice,lets all just take our time.
Mind you ,with a hangover it`s handy to have an instant,if it be a tiolet or an Alka Saltzer!
Nikki,it`s only a game show,remember nasty Nick?You have to have something astray to want to go on the show.I don`t watch much reality T.V but I did like Wife Swap and the one where they droped them off,in some unusual back water.Kurdistan or the rain forests of Brazil.
Thats an idea market poems in a packet,yes for cathartic use only!-well done miffle I love that fresh Hebridian air.
Perhaps you should bottle it(or not).Thanks also to SMcnay,it`s the undercurrent of what motivates us that is scary.
Gina, Thanks i`m going to put this with the serialism ones.


Yes Woz,I`m taking you for granted!Thanks always for the support,and encouragement.

Ticonderoga at 13:01 on 05 June 2004  Report this post

I like 'instant noddles' - please lift top of head, add boiling water and shake gently, I assume!! Or was it noodles..............great, bouncy, pertinent rant.



The Walrus at 21:49 on 05 June 2004  Report this post
Patrick, when I read this I completely lost comprehension of the word 'instant' - weird huh? Reminded me in a kinda sledgehammer way that our consumer society/life-style is really rather vacuous.

The Walrus

Nell at 13:32 on 06 June 2004  Report this post
Hi Lawrenco, I can relate to this, hope the poem was cathartic and that next day was better.


Epona Love at 18:22 on 06 June 2004  Report this post
Hello, I haven't ben here for a while... I hope that the days since this poem have been better! Yes Some things should take more effort than adding boiling water! But maybe you get out what you put in... and I guess that the instant food also highlights how little time people have these days. As far as big brother goes... I'm lucky enough not to have taken to the idea of reality TV... the watching of which would leave us with even less time on our hands... maybe that's the idea... less time to think... instant happy smilie people? However, even though their allegancies, instantly attained, are probably very shallow ones, I have been lucky enough to experience instant frienships as a positive thing that have continued in at least 3 cases for 13 to 16 years and are on going!!! Marriage... scary stuff... definately not to be rushed into... this whole poem conveys the feeling of life rushing headlong out of control until one day you stop and look at it and wonder what the **** happened! I think that everyone should find at least a few minutes for quite contemplation at the end of each day just to take stock.
Wow... it seems that I am in ranting mood now... certainly a thought provokeing poem... and time well spent! Wonderfull.

Emma, x.

Lawrenco at 21:09 on 06 June 2004  Report this post
Thanks Mike yes liked your angle ,as pertinent as the rant!
Nell yes the cathartic effect has passed ,luckily!-but as well to right things down when these blue moods hit; so as not,to go to waste.
Christina,Yes I tried reading without the instant but it sounds like a serial shoping list but I get your point ,it was more to do with what lies beneath the surface ;yes vacuous is a good bescription of a world without a formed idea of where its going,sounding the gong of "Uncle Sam".
Emma, blimey you really did have a rant yourself( a little more pleasant than mine).
Yes i`m sure instant isn`t always bad in the way you explained in your comments ,more insight thats what it`s all about .

TheGodfather at 22:57 on 29 January 2005  Report this post

Instant everything. Isn't that the world culture now? Now, now, now. Instant gratification. No one wants to wait for anything anymore. Gotta go get some fast food.


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