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The earthworm cometh

by Lawrenco 

Posted: 11 June 2005
Word Count: 255
Summary: Our old buddy the earthworm but do we aprieciate them? Probably not.

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The earthworm cometh.

Hey there earthworm you who senses light,
Tempted to the surface to be a blackbirds delight.
By fools rain you do in vain;
Snails, birds, leeches, slugs even foxes are your enemy. Oh what disdain.

Easy pickings indeed a vitamin enriched meal,
The hight of a grasslands gastronomical deal.
The clustered segments of your movement device,
With strong muscles and bristles, you burrow through without advice.

Pushing through, aerating, infusing, producing, a soil, sustainer.
They do nothing wrong just, peace and love.The worthy ingrained..
The founder builders of fertile topsoil,
Natures fantastical, our rewards the worms toil.

So for fun good vibration, extra sensory
in the earth feeling your neighbour in .
With male and female reproductive organs, to have sex?
To whichever way they face, have sex in touch, with that selective.

Not sure if its pleasure or zeal they feel.
Alas they are worms so less of the brainstorm.
Giving birth to cocoons like alien beings.
Could they be the universe staple of giving?
Where worms lie, an environment allowed, to sustain civility eventually.

Sifting through creating earth like veins, without them would we be able to survive?
We even have our DNA encoding, through your tissues
So a bridge to each others issues,
Youíre a blameless hard working entity,
if you were to say a word of advice to us what would it be?

Tell us straight without rebate. Look after the world, for those who inhabit it.
Donít leave it to late ,if only for your childrenís sake.

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