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by Lawrenco 

Posted: 02 December 2003
Word Count: 130
Summary: Working on the premise that you can get yourself into situations,and completly misunderstand misread the signs .So to this imagined scenario,but life goes on and hopefully learn and be enlightened by the experiance.

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Why did I think so much of you?
Why did I invest thought so prolific for you?
Why the enemy Idle of the inner world or mindful misguided?
Why take me to a world existential;spiritual,to you,why indeed?

So folly placed where I thought to be wise?
Did I shut reality out?
Provcativly you open yourself up, sowing the seeds into my mind and at the same time changing yours?
I`m in your teritory now,you can play with me.
Did I take it the wrong way You just showing me I am O.K?
You projecting luminary power from your aura domain.Illuminating mirroring into my world.A mirage in a urban desert. Did I see a level lifted to see?
Or was it just me?
`Tis gone now for me to ask how?

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Comments by other Members

Bobo at 09:06 on 03 December 2003  Report this post
Lawrenco - this is a powerful piece which conveys the struggle of heart and reason, and the sense of helplessness in such situations. I particularly liked ' sowing the seeds into my mind and at the same time changing yours'. Great!

BoBo x

Fearless at 16:56 on 03 December 2003  Report this post

Agree with BoBo, the line

'sowing the seeds into my mind and at the same time changing yours'

Resonated with me. Another damn fine piece matey boy. Write on brother.


Lawrenco at 00:43 on 05 December 2003  Report this post
Hi Fearless, many thanks for the encouragement.It`s interesting that 2 comments came back about the same line,a common feeling "It`s good to talk",and how my education is widening by your pointers.Your poem "and so on it goes " is really good placing such emotive epochs like that and makeing it sound everyday. I don`t know if you`ve seen the movie Jacobs Ladder,but it really is a must.

Lawrenco at 20:55 on 07 December 2003  Report this post
BoBO, To say this piece is powerful is a great compliment thanks . Lawrenco.

Fearless at 21:38 on 07 December 2003  Report this post

Many thanks for your kind comments. As for the film 'Jacob's Ladder', I have heard of it (I think it stars Tim Robbins) and will seek out a copy. I can also recommend the film 'The Ninth Configuration'.


The Walrus at 20:37 on 11 March 2004  Report this post

The Walrus

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