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A bit of a punt

by Lawrenco 

Posted: 04 December 2003
Word Count: 167
Summary: A bit of perceptive banter using classic style writting in a modern text.

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On to punt ,across the moat,that can carry our emote.
See it with confirmed informed ,mixed with gusto!
Bedevilled though by a circular familliarity to remain fully afloat!

As you look up to the castle! The tower block!City hall!
we can but fall.
Such barriers been propped to protect us,but to squash the resolve,to overthrow it with a reminding pulse that;
That we are here and here we will stay!

Digression and invention thrives our indignants;Plays the part of a plough driving through our disires true.
Only the reminder of the bird singing through ;Correcting us to our natural hue.

When will we place our armour to be free?
What tools do prepare to our regnant percpective?
To delve to our tamed pandoras trove to our will directive!

Don`t get stuck in a rut ,don`t be pulled;By narcissus charm!
Bring down that wall thet places your fears;Rebuild a new!
Bring out was what was hidden inside,that is now secure and nice!
Whatever the device protest and survive!

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Comments by other Members

roovacrag at 21:24 on 05 December 2003  Report this post
unusual turn to a poem, i enjoyed it. XXAlice

Lawrenco at 10:04 on 07 December 2003  Report this post
Thanks for your comment,roovacrag.I don`t know what it meant to you, but I suppose its that drop out within ,and at the same time know about yourself .I would be interestsd what you think.

roovacrag at 18:49 on 07 December 2003  Report this post
So easy to get pigeonholed by society. Stuck in a rut and never fleeing away.Your poem said this to me and was also saying fly away before it is too late. xxAlice

Fearless at 21:39 on 07 December 2003  Report this post

I liked this piece, and found it challenging and stimulating when I read it aloud. Write on.


Lawrenco at 17:48 on 09 December 2003  Report this post
Thats a good point It definetly ,lends itself to like a preformance style ,yea Like a chorus ,in a play that sort of thing or Jazz rap.
Also to remember we ourselves can be little cathederals of quality,and a nudge to remind us of that.you always come back with something.Nice one fearless! See you in the written word .

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