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`Sick Men`s Dreams. (Edited) by laurafraser Word Count: 1420

The title is a quote taken from the philosopher, David Hume, referring to relgious superstition and relgion. This sort story has nothing to do with relgion. But perhaps a bit of the imagination that Hume refers to in his essay. Chimera was a Monster with the head of a lion, body of a goat and the tail of a dragon. It breathed fire and lived and ravaged Lycia until Bellerophon killed it. I would greatly appreciate all comments - is this total tosh...? Happy days xL. 
7 Dec 2005

4 Baby Poems. by laurafraser Word Count: 120

All Seperate 
1 Apr 2005

A CArrot and The Highland Fling by laurafraser Word Count: 145
1  Comment

A Big Bit Of Silliness (and not a lot of sense). 
31 Aug 2005

A Lesson in Giving The Cold Shoulder. by laurafraser Word Count: 39

Please Excuse my crude language. 
8 Apr 2005

A Letter. by laurafraser Word Count: 920

18 Feb 2005

A Poem for the Pessimist. by laurafraser Word Count: 188

6 Mar 2005

A scab called life by laurafraser Word Count: 160

19 Oct 2005

A Storm Brewing. by laurafraser Word Count: 135

Yet another name change and a slightly different poem... 
9 May 2005

A stunted dwarf called Love. by laurafraser Word Count: 427

2 Sep 2004

A Teacher In Detention Who Had More To Say. by laurafraser Word Count: 222

Just a few extra lines at the bottom 
20 Nov 2004

A Three Line Ditty by laurafraser Word Count: 13

was about to explode into a plethora of words, when this three line ditty said no more please... 
14 Feb 2005

Abandoned Oysters. by laurafraser Word Count: 267

16 Apr 2005

Addicted to Addictions? by laurafraser Word Count: 728

This is for a student magazine, word limit 700. If anyone could suggest a better title or any feedback-any welcome! xlaura 
16 Nov 2004

Aelia. by laurafraser Word Count: 1148

A short story, one for a possible collecrion. Theme the miracles that appear in the chimerical. I.e When things seem to be lost, something (sorry for the cliche!) is gained... orginally I wrote the second half seperately but then decided to link Aelia's story with the girl sitting in the cafe with the woman. I like the idea of hidden madness and that which is papable and tried to portray an aspect of that here... 
10 Apr 2005

As If by laurafraser Word Count: 142

24 Jan 2005

Baby Speak by laurafraser Word Count: 546

8 Aug 2004

Balearic Day-Dreamer by laurafraser Word Count: 233

'anicca' is the Pali word for impermanence and is central to the Buddhist faith, which teaches that all phenomena, both mental and physical, are without exception impermanent. The rest of the poem is a bit of sun for dark december days... x 
2 Dec 2004

Begin again an Ending by laurafraser Word Count: 138

hole inthe head is done by people in attempts to heighten LSD/Acid experiences The first/last lines are simply my perspective; but of course something that is ( thankfully) open to debate this is just a little ditty but if you read i hope it may take you somewhere you are notxL 
4 Feb 2005

Betrayal(version 2) by laurafraser Word Count: 234

A thank-you to Paul for his advice. I hope the changes makes this a stronger poem, actually recovering from the shock that the dribble of the last one was-and wondering at my blindness with it-so Paul, you are my saviour thank-you! Happy Days X 
25 Apr 2005

Beyond by laurafraser Word Count: 1187

The title alludes to Nietzsche's "Beyond Good and Evil" though it does not focus on the Good/evil part, more the idea of the "beyond" that interested me. was fiddling around with prose poetry as well having read a wee bit of Gertrude Stein... It may all be a bit of a piddle but I enjoyed writing it... XLF 
6 Feb 2006

Blowin` In The Wind. by laurafraser Word Count: 81

You can't be serious... 
23 Feb 2005

Blowin` In The Wind. (2nd and3rd Version). by laurafraser Word Count: 792

Another play around this evening! The end is very wrong i know, and think that the third re-make is going off in another direction perhaps...? I really would like to devlop this piece and so would be gratedul to all comments and/or help. Thank-you, LAura x 
2 Mar 2005

Break-Through by laurafraser Word Count: 175

22 Nov 2004

But I`m Blind by laurafraser Word Count: 191

28 Jul 2004

Charles. (Adapted). by laurafraser Word Count: 1414

A bit of silliness -all criticisms most welcome and encouraged.... x 2nd part to follow. 
30 May 2005

Chimerical (revised-version II) by laurafraser Word Count: 292

As advised by miffle/nikki had a little play around this morning and would be interested to see what people think of two... still needs work-feel second version is stronger in first half but loosses that strength in last third? xlaura 'samadhic bliss' refers to a meditative state known as 'samadhi' this is achieved when (at last!) one manages to silence the constant chattering of the mind and exist in a realm of consciousness that is indeed 'blissful.' 
7 Feb 2005

Columbus by laurafraser Word Count: 502

30 Jul 2004

Constipated Love. by laurafraser Word Count: 309

End needs changing will fiddle around later. x 
1 Jun 2005

daydreams by laurafraser Word Count: 302

21 Sep 2004

El Dorado by laurafraser Word Count: 777

El Dorado is a 'fabulous place abundant im gold and precious stones.' Echo was a beautiful wood nymph who fell in love with Narcissus, and who rejected by N. wasted away to a voice, that could only repeat the words of others. Lillies are a symbol for death. Bijou is a jewel, a work of art. Encouraged by Sean, have fattened poem up a bit in middle, slightly more authentic perhaps, like a "portly bellied cloud..." x 
15 May 2005

Enter the Dream by laurafraser Word Count: 257

“come and tell me your woes, your story” i.e story=the one we create about our lives to justify/explain things that have happened. Democritus the aberite: the rolicker. Rose’s demons inspired by a painting in tate gallery. Nietzsche declared himself a genuis. "as if imperious to your faults": always easier to recognise other people's then your own. 
24 Nov 2004

eye-i by laurafraser Word Count: 262

Something I started to play with yesterday. About someone obsessed with 'I' and ego, thinking e/t comes from her, hence the slight irrelvance of talk of coffee etc The line “the men who left because of dreams” refers to any man who left home to fight someone else’s war thinking it would take them away from their own-inevitably itt doesn’t.  
18 Nov 2004

Fallen Angel by laurafraser Word Count: 141

30 Sep 2004

Ghosts. by laurafraser Word Count: 108

2 May 2005

Golliwog Love by laurafraser Word Count: 244

The obsolete gollywog is a reference to the black gollywog's that used to appear on marmalade jars but were taken off as they were deemed racist. They were toys for children. Rudyard Kipling essentially had a rather pessimistic view of life, viewing it without order and one that abounds in "chaos and anarchy." xLaura 
7 Dec 2004

Hamlet and I. by laurafraser Word Count: 27

28 Feb 2005

Harry the Light-Bulb. by laurafraser Word Count: 1965

I don't really know what this is approp. for- the idea of harry came first three years ago in canada and this story came out a month or two ago and would appreaciate it immensely if someone could be so kind as to advise with it in anyway-dustbin or could it have a future somewhere....? 
22 Oct 2004

Her. by laurafraser Word Count: 48

I wanted to play around with the form a bit ut have forgotten how to make indents (would like the single 'heart' and the single 'where' to be in middle of their lines - if that makes sense) if anyone can remind me of how to do this I would be all smiles and gratitude, and if not la la la la and a he la, no worries will suffice as it is happy days x 
4 Sep 2005

Hermes and I by laurafraser Word Count: 236

21 Jan 2005

I Asked You A Question ?(re-shaped/re-versed). by laurafraser Word Count: 689

Thought it needed a bit of snipping. 
14 Nov 2004

I Dream of a Nightmare by laurafraser Word Count: 140

The "one million" (and loosely the whole poem) is a reference to the one million victims of the genocide in Rwanda, who were killed in ten days in 1994. 
26 Oct 2004

Insomnia by laurafraser Word Count: 85

Written yesterday, early evening in my car as I was coming back from a meeting. 
11 Nov 2004

Introduction To Short Stories. by laurafraser Word Count: 864

This needs work I know, but it is an idea I wanted to play with as an intro for a collection of shot stories, (that I havn't written yet...). Needs tightening. x 
24 May 2005

Judgement Day. by laurafraser Word Count: 378

9 Nov 2004

Lovers Lose Sleep. by laurafraser Word Count: 63

26 Jul 2005

Madness. by laurafraser Word Count: 175

The Samburo are a nomadic tribe in Kenya, Africa. As part of their diet they drink the blood of cows, taken from the veins in their necks which thry open with an arrow. 
19 Jan 2005

Magi of the Eternal Spring-Time by laurafraser Word Count: 297

10 Dec 2004

Monsieur by laurafraser Word Count: 193

Adapted from a poem I wrote earlier called Hermes and I. 
28 Apr 2005

never explain, never complain. by laurafraser Word Count: 162

6 Apr 2005

now a Thought, not a Truth. by laurafraser Word Count: 74

16 Feb 2005

Nuclear Alert by laurafraser Word Count: 442

15 Dec 2004

Old-Time Warriors. (adapted) by laurafraser Word Count: 215

17 Jan 2005

Parents In Love 2nd version. by laurafraser Word Count: 329

Version Two. has it lost something I wonder?... Happy Days x 
5 Oct 2005

Perhaps. by laurafraser Word Count: 215

29 Jun 2005

Pretty Pink Murderer by laurafraser Word Count: 1125

The POV of the Rwandan murders' of the Genocide 1994. this poem is very contary to the way i normally write poetry-which is, yes corny as it sounds, from heart, pink is the colour of the prisoners uniform. i don't like this poem at all, but i wanted to see if i could write something in offer to Wozs' challenge. in the end I think poems are a fruitless excercise in understanding Genocides' unless they change people so that they never occur again. 
2 Nov 2004

Reality gets A Lobotomy by laurafraser Word Count: 522

This is actually rather a long poem so decided to split it up it to four chunks, which I shall be posting over the next couple of weeks. in order to help along the readability-only hope this little gimmick works! I am aware that it probably doesn't make easy reading but would greatly appreaciate all comments, even if they are to lambust it and rip it apart... Thank-you for taking the time to read xlaura 
26 Jan 2005

Reality Gets A Lobotomy (Part II) by laurafraser Word Count: 551

The second part of Reality Gets A Lobotomy. (Again is rather long and the format can be a bit hard to chew, but my appreaciation of any commens-words cannot describe)!... Thank-you if you do read this xlaura 
28 Jan 2005

Reality Gets A Lobotomy (Part III) by laurafraser Word Count: 187

RE previous comments made by the fabulous people who read part I and II have taken into account whats been said, after part III only one more part so am uploading unammended work and will rework it seriously at a later date. Again, whoever dares read-thank-you! xlaura 
31 Jan 2005

Reality Gets A Lobotomy (Part IV) by laurafraser Word Count: 336

The Final Chunk-yey! To all of you who have made the effort to read this I am hugely indebted: I have read all of yur comments and will reply tomorrow and my lack of acknowledgment is very rude and for that I apologise. xlaura 
2 Feb 2005

Remembering by laurafraser Word Count: 250

This is an adapyed version of a poem I wrote a while ago under the title, Hermes and I. After having a look at it I decided to have a play and change the focus of it, (and title), Remembering I think can sometimes take you to paradise or to hellish gloom, but remembering that it is all in your mind can sometimes be hard to do when the pain is so physical. Also there is no intentional reference to the tsunami of 12/04. 
30 Mar 2005

River Beat by laurafraser Word Count: 168

13 Dec 2004

Something by laurafraser Word Count: 194

30 Sep 2005

Something Caught My Eye. by laurafraser Word Count: 61

9 Mar 2005

Take a trip to the sky. by laurafraser Word Count: 247

27 Aug 2004

Thank-you (Re-titled/version II). by laurafraser Word Count: 1439

Version II: Taking into ccount what Elspeth said (Thank-you) have had a tinkle with orginal version. Still think a little wordy in places, perhaps need to make a longer story...? Of all pieces that I've posted, this is the one that I feel I need the most help with as i am at a loss as to whether or not there is anything worthwhile in here...HELP PLEASE lovely WWer's!!! xx Also title needs changing but am at a loss-any suggestions? 
12 Apr 2005

The Affair by laurafraser Word Count: 375

30 Nov 2004

The beast in the beauty. by laurafraser Word Count: 100

10 Oct 2005

The Future-less Past. by laurafraser Word Count: 120

"new waves…"refers toproblems we create in new relationships=no wave is ever the same,subsequently notion of a “new” wave is non-sensical.Imagery of ocean intended to insinuate the depths of human relationships-i.e oceans=unpredicatble,&that is what makes them so thrilling.The'They"in "they made demons up" is everyone around you,(including yourself)who has an opinion about your r/ship-&how those opinions can confuse your own perspective. 
11 Feb 2005

The Gargoyle Girl. (version II). by laurafraser Word Count: 556

Alice/roovacrag-for you, a poeticised version of a previously poetically challenged non-poem...version two, I think may be slightly more poetic-I hope! Thank-you for your comments and would be interested if anyone would be so kind to compare and see what works... x Laura 
6 Nov 2004

The God`s at Teatime.(version ii). by laurafraser Word Count: 397

A bit of a change, perhaps a little more coherent, but no doubt still to wordy... 
18 Sep 2004

The Houdini Lover by laurafraser Word Count: 264

4 Nov 2004

The Lolloping Lullaby Angel. by laurafraser Word Count: 98

20 Oct 2004

The Middle Way. by laurafraser Word Count: 451

This was an attempt to try and catch that feeling of being in love and yet always a victim of that rather egocentric flaw of thinking that 'the grass s always greener...' of caring deeply for another, but not so sure of what you want... been away for a while, lots of poems/stories i need to read and looking forward to doing so... Happy Days, L x 
25 Aug 2005

The Prodigal Son. by laurafraser Word Count: 1025

Don't really like the first part. This has just trickled out of me though but gong to have serious tinkle later to bring out the darker side of it a little and loose the chatty aspect of it....? 
19 Apr 2005

The Wheel (snipped at). by laurafraser Word Count: 131

4 Dec 2004

Unprofound Secrets by laurafraser Word Count: 107

26 Jul 2004

What to do when Happy. by laurafraser Word Count: 187

"naked bodies and lost friends" form part of the "turbulent dream" eg things from your past-yet waking you feel so calm/well-rested, as if all complete... 
13 Jan 2005

You Say It First. by laurafraser Word Count: 368

21 Feb 2005

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