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Old-Time Warriors. (adapted)

by laurafraser 

Posted: 17 January 2005
Word Count: 215

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No I don’t believe you did -
So the rickety old man tried and yet still looked damn bland
So frustrated he turned to his wife.

Now damn you old trout, you snipe like a Kraut
And yet still you stay by my side.
Everyday you label me a failure all that you’ve ever asked
Ridiculing me as a façade behind some unseen imagined mask.

And they fought and they fought - the old man and his wife,
Like wrinkled newborn piglets, a comedy of errors (I’m sure Shakespeare would agree).
He hurt and wounded, her cold and frigid, all emotions raped dry.
Birds came to watch them; leaves forgot to fall –
But the old man and his wife, never noticed at all.

Relentless as these two were, the birds grew bored and spread their wings
At the same time as the leaves, who blew as far away as could be.
No truce was to be agreed upon, no white flag was raised,
So frail and hungry, thirsty and tired,
they collapsed and died, side by their lovers side.

Worms beneath the soil cheered and clapped in delight,
Gravediggers grunted as they moved some earth for the two.
No funeral was had - no families nor friends
Because anger and screaming, make unwelcome recommends.

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