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Who`s in Control? by apsara Word Count: 23

A bit of fun - a bit of liberty with given line... 
24 Oct 2006

Places by apsara Word Count: 102

3 Oct 2006

Geometry or How Many Summers? by apsara Word Count: 108

Quick & dirty this one - but fun! 
22 Sep 2006

Curiosity by apsara Word Count: 169
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My submission - to may you feel less lonely, Beanie Baby! 
17 Sep 2006

Wk22 - The Keeper by apsara Word Count: 105

27 Aug 2006

After Rilke by apsara Word Count: 69

An exercise in translation without looking anything up in a dictionary - being true to sound and/or meaning as you choose. From an untitled poem by Rilke. 
11 Aug 2006

Question for the President by apsara Word Count: 114

Sorry late entry - don't feel obliged to read - by the way, this is not addressed to George Bush! 
6 Jun 2006

Where we started - later chapter by apsara Word Count: 4892

Much later on in the book - for those of you who remember earlier chapters. My protaganist left Thailand after husband's death. Chased old flame. Unresolved issues to be resolved by her best friend & husband being involved in tsunami. Jessica is best friend's daughter. Sensitive topic so would welcome feedback. 
25 May 2006

Grandmother by apsara Word Count: 59

OK, I cheated & changed the line a bit..... 
21 May 2006

Not a Tourist by apsara Word Count: 106
1  Comment

19 May 2006

Witches by apsara Word Count: 108

Best I could do - if more time would definitely edit... 
7 May 2006

Quantum Physics by apsara Word Count: 71

Sorry this is a bit late & not very inspired but the best I can do this week... 
16 Apr 2006

As long as I`m not there by apsara Word Count: 95

'As long as I'm not there when they shoot it' - overheard school secretary saying this on phone, turns out there was a monkey on the elementary campus. You'll be glad to here that after several days they captured it & took it to an animal sanctuary. 
8 Apr 2006

Countdown by apsara Word Count: 37
1  Comment

Political perhaps? Just a bit of fun written very quickly. 
31 Mar 2006

Cape Town by apsara Word Count: 107

I am there and this is what I'm feeling! Not the conventional view I know... 
16 Mar 2006

Bansang Hospital by apsara Word Count: 51

Short - not sure if it's sweet but as far as I could get... 
8 Mar 2006

Spirit House by apsara Word Count: 83

In Thailand & Cambodia people have small spirit houses outside their home to encourage the spirits of the place to move there and not haunt the house. 
4 Mar 2006

Wk 3: Echo by apsara Word Count: 116

1 Mar 2006

Summer Holiday by apsara Word Count: 62

Not sure if this is the complete - it could be the beginning of something longer - but have I already made my point? 
26 Jan 2006

Where We Started (working title by apsara Word Count: 1422

This is the opening of a novel I've been working on for some time - do people get a sense of place? 
29 Sep 2005

Threading the Camel by apsara Word Count: 102

27 Sep 2005

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