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Quantum Physics

by apsara 

Posted: 16 April 2006
Word Count: 71
Summary: Sorry this is a bit late & not very inspired but the best I can do this week...

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How far down the rabbit hole -
the shift in reality, knowing
no surface ever touches another,
that past and future are all now, that molecules
of water change to reflect your thoughts.
You are the other person and you
can be in two places at the same moment.
You can watch the other yous, forge
different links between your synapses,
create your own
- do you want to go?

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Comments by other Members

paul53 [for I am he] at 10:49 on 16 April 2006  Report this post
Waiter, I'll have what she's having!
Seriously, though, I think the content of this comes from you seeming to be in a different location every time you upload.
I recall years ago standing at the front window, looking out from my house because I didn't wanmt to look back in and see the marriage crumbling. I'd stare up the road and wish I was elsewhere - anywhere - on the move, keeping on the move, having no time to think.
This partially came true later on when I'd be in one part of the country at breakfast, a second by lunch, and a third that evening. Some days I wouldn't know where I'd be sleeping that night - and you know what I dreamed about? Being in the same place; stopping moving.
It isn't just this particular group. I'm getting to like these quick pieces. They seem to show more of the writer and the thought-processes without the writer actuaslly being intrusive. I think when we polish our pieces, we often erase a part of our selves as well.
I am rambling. The cat is walking on the keyboard. I blame the Psychology 101 course I did two decades ago.

apsara at 04:53 on 17 April 2006  Report this post
The ideas came from the film but you are right about all the moving around. I have decided that all this travelling is too much - for family, for personal growth - so in July I am moving to Nepal - but in a post where I will not have to travel out of the country a lot. I am hoping to stay a while & really understand the place - if current political situation allows....
However, before that I have to go to Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka & UK in next 2+ months!!
I like these quick poems too - take me all sorts of places...

Account Closed at 11:01 on 26 April 2006  Report this post
This was abstract and flowed well. I enjoyed the imagery a lot, especially the idea of 'other you's' and the invitation of the end.


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