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Name Martin Baum
User Name baumski
Home Page www.baumskifilks.com
Specialism Various
Location Southern
Interests Theatre, reading and movies.
Profile My new book `To Be or Not To Be - A Yoof-Speak Guide to Shakespeare`: www.yoofspeak.net is available now in all bookshops. Agent Details Futerman Rose Associates 91 St Leonards Road London SW14 7BL Tel: 020 8255 7755 Fax: 020 8286 4860 email: enquiries@futermanrose.co.uk

Published Works

  baumski's (a.k.a. Martin Baum)   'To Be or Not Be, Innit - A Yoof-speak Guide to Shakespeare' is published . (Available Now)
  • Alas, poor Shakespeare, we knew him well but not exactly in a way we used to. Because if Will was around today I think he'd be writing on the front line in Stratford upon Avon with his fit bitch Ann Hathaway in the Globe turff, getting loads of respec

  • Latest Work

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    A SPOT OF BOTHER (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 74

    27 Oct 2006

    A THESPIAN OF SPORT (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 1647

    This is a stage/tv adaptation of a short story I had published called 'Theatre Of Dreams'(see uploaded work). As I have already uplaoded the story, I'd be interested to hear feedback. 
    4 Nov 2005

    ALAN BENETT READS THE WEATHER (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 313
    1  Comment

    A submission for the latest humour/comedy competition 
    2 Jun 2006

    Alan Bennett Talking Wind Turbines (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 201

    Alan Bennett is fighting plans to build a wind farm and this is my take on it.  
    19 Mar 2007

    AM I BOVVERED (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 230

    This is dedicated to Catherine Tate and the Tory Party. 
    29 Oct 2006

    AND FINALLY..... (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 131

    This was a submission for the humour/comedy competition 
    6 Oct 2006

    ANY CHAV WILL DO (satirical song) by baumski Word Count: 151

    This song was used by comedian impersonator Drew Cameron. - You can see more of my work at www.baumskifilks.com 
    28 Dec 2005

    BECKHAM (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 102
    1  Comment

    This is a naughty sketch for the Humour/Comedy competition. For parody songs, go to www.baumskifilks.com 
    18 May 2006

    Changing Rooms Of History (sketch) Humour/Comedy Competition Submission by baumski Word Count: 963

    This is a contribution to Benís November comedy contest. 
    2 Nov 2005

    CHRISTMAS IN GOTHAM (sketch) Humour/Comedy Competition #3 Submission by baumski Word Count: 1645

    This is for the December Humour/Comedy group competition. 
    29 Nov 2005

    COWBOYS (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 75

    This is my entry into the Eurovision song contest.... Sorry. that should have read for the comedy contest#9 
    14 Mar 2006

    ECO CAVEMEN (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 101

    This is a short sketch about, er, eco cavemen. 
    19 Apr 2007

    FOUR BIG BROTHERS (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 658

    I've always thought that the Big Brother concept was more Monty Python than anything else and this is my take. 
    5 Jul 2006

    HO HO SEVEN (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 760
    1  Comment

    Humour/Comedy Competition #3 2nd submission) 
    8 Dec 2005

    JAMES BROWN (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 99

    Submission for the humour group competition 
    7 Jan 2007

    JOHN LENNON AT THE HARVESTER by baumski Word Count: 166
    1  Comment

    This is my submission for the humour/comedy #7 competition. - Don't forget to check out more of stuff at www.baumskifilks.com 
    7 Feb 2006

    MAMMAL IN THE THAMES (song) by baumski Word Count: 89

    Honestly I've not seen such an outbreak of raw emotion since Princess Di went for a spin in the Merc - with hilarious consequences. - You can check out more of my work at www.baumskifilks.com 
    25 Jan 2006

    ROYAL BIG BROTHER (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 305
    1  Comment

    This is a little something to kick off comedy contest #10 
    29 Mar 2006

    Shitty Shitty Railways (satirical song) by baumski Word Count: 255

    This song was performed over three consecutive runs at the News Revue in London. For those who don't know, News Revue is a leading satirical venue for those of us who need to get out more. This was my take on the appalling state of the railways. 
    29 Oct 2005

    THE PENSIONERS (Sketch) by baumski Word Count: 229

    21 Jul 2006

    THE PITCH (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 270

    20 Jun 2006

    THE POLICE INVESTIGATION (Sketch) by baumski Word Count: 196

    26 Jul 2006

    WIND TURBINES (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 64

    This is an evironmentally green sketch 
    14 Mar 2007

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