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Sam Rix

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Name Steve Hogg
User Name Sam Rix
Birthday 17/10/1965
Specialism Fiction
Location South East
Interests Martial arts, Healing, paranormal, science, writing, reading, sport, family, life
Profile A bashed up martial artist, some time healer and would be writer. Balancing trying to raise a family, trying to be a better person and trying to understand life, all the while always being caught with my pants down!

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An extract from ‘Body play’ by Sam Rix by Sam Rix Word Count: 1022

This is my first exploration into contemporary writing for women, in a novel titled ‘Body Play’. It’s an extract I am considering putting forward to a woman's magazine for feedback, but before I do, I'd appreciate your comments and advice people? Love and luck Sam  
7 Mar 2006

Bottom Burps by Sam Rix Word Count: 92
1  Comment

An immature poem, about being targeted for the umpteenth time! 
9 Mar 2006

Change by Sam Rix Word Count: 183

A yarn about realisation of aging. A work in progress, needs a little tweeking. 
6 May 2004

childhood bed by Sam Rix Word Count: 231

An attempt at the 3rd beginners exercise - childhood bed, It ran on to just over two hundred words ... I'll have a go at the alternative choice shortly. Sorry I've been off line this last week or so.. Sam 
29 Sep 2004

Fallen by Sam Rix Word Count: 100

From the book of The song’s of the Samurai This one is an odd one, another moody piece still needing work, which has a 'possible' brighter note in a second verse. But I think part two detracts from the atmosphere I’m trying to create. Thoughts please on the first part and I'll upload the second half later, just so as not to confuse the ‘two parts‘. Thanks Sam  
17 Nov 2003

Lone by Sam Rix Word Count: 126

From the 'songs of the Samurai' titled 'Lone' Presently a work in progress. 
9 Jul 2004

Mistress Waki Sashi by Sam Rix Word Count: 60

Another Short poem from my book of 'Songs of the Samurai' Your thoughts please everyone... 
7 Jul 2004

One night stand by Sam Rix Word Count: 361

I tend to write in an over blown way, so I set myself a task to write some flash fiction with a short scene and try to give a full image, as I've seen some of the crew do so well on WW. please indulge and give me your thoughts. Sam 
1 Sep 2004

One night stand by Sam Rix Word Count: 382

a cruel little number, I revisted after rushing to post it... Hope the changes work? 
8 Sep 2004

owls - (working title) part 2 by Sam Rix Word Count: 2577

The next instalment to entertain and to be reviewed by you lovely people. 
6 Jul 2004

Passion by Sam Rix Word Count: 43
1  Comment

A hello to every one, I just joined the forum and have loaded this for others to mull over, please. Sam 
4 Nov 2003

provisionally `Knight` by Sam Rix Word Count: 246

Prompted by two lovely ladies, I'm trying to portray the knights theme with a hint of role reversal - under construction so beware! 
8 Jul 2004

RLG9 - A breath of fresh air by Sam Rix Word Count: 790

A short piece for RLG9 
6 Sep 2004

Saving the Hostage by Sam Rix Word Count: 231
1  Comment

One I'm working on, which I'm not quite happy with yet, let's see what you all think? 
12 Mar 2006

serial killer by Sam Rix Word Count: 678

I struggled with this one, I wrote it originally as just the thoughts in the head of this rather sick bugger, but then re-read the task and saw the comment to 'sit the subject next to some one', which implied to me some kind of dialogue and had to revist it. sorry it broke the 400 barrier by a bit! 
30 Aug 2004

She smiles by Sam Rix Word Count: 130

from 'relationships' thoughts please me ol' lovies? 
10 Jul 2004

Sumi e by Sam Rix Word Count: 51

A samurai at rest 
23 Aug 2004

Synopsis for `the call of the owl` by Sam Rix Word Count: 450

A first attempt at a synopsis for this peice, my first ever synopsis. I'm not sure if I've done enough on the characters, or if the route I'm taking is detracting from what I'm trying to achieve. Please comment on your thoughts. 
13 Sep 2004

tantalising tongue by Sam Rix Word Count: 294

My first piece for the beginners board, I hope it isn't too off the wall? 
19 Aug 2004

The last light by Sam Rix Word Count: 55

Another from my poem book 'The Songs of the Samurai' 
6 Nov 2003

The sleepy children by Sam Rix Word Count: 142

Here we go then, another from my book of poems: 'In love of my Children' One of my favourites, it hits me when I read it.  
6 Nov 2003

The soul of battle by Sam Rix Word Count: 58

Adrenaline’s companions in fight or flight. 
5 Nov 2003

Two little boys by Sam Rix Word Count: 98

My two little boys playing in the snow  
5 Nov 2003

When it’s just not working by Sam Rix Word Count: 237
1  Comment

The darker side of love's nature 
10 Feb 2004

Ying and Yang by Sam Rix Word Count: 317

From the Songs of the Samurai. A spirit in dilemma, the hardest battle of them all... 
24 Nov 2003

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