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Synopsis for `the call of the owl`

by Sam Rix 

Posted: 13 September 2004
Word Count: 450
Summary: A first attempt at a synopsis for this peice, my first ever synopsis. I'm not sure if I've done enough on the characters, or if the route I'm taking is detracting from what I'm trying to achieve. Please comment on your thoughts.

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Gavin Keel was an adopted child, marked by isolation and the lack of a family at a young age, he struggles to recover from the scars within. Raised by an older couple in his teen years, he has many unanswered questions about his past life, he has only a few very close friends.

Lydia and Geoff Campbell are Gavin’s two closest friends, both are ten years older than him, having worked with the local community in placing foster teens into work programmes. Gavin spent a summer working on their local farm, before beginning a career in media.
Lydia and Geoff run a large healing and rescue circle, where many healers and spiritualists help the infirm and the souls of the departed. Gavin is part of the circle, a budding healer and a dormant medium, he possess abilities they are all unaware of, abilities which will lead the development circle into a rescue that will bring death, horror and madness into their midst.

One night when Gavin receives a mental prime to enter the wrecked home of a recently deceased Mr Grant, he is transported to a full senses replay of what occurred on the night Mr Grant died. A daemon of potent power and palatable evil is revealed, Mr Grant was stripped of more than his skin, his soul was stolen away too.

Sheena Price is the circle matron, very experienced in circles and a medium, she calls for support from two not so local mediums George Clay and Albert Mayhew. Both men are also long serving psychics and when the circle revisits the reply with Gavin, they realise they do not have the skills alone to deal with the situation.
They call in Tilly, an old Romany witch and psychic, one of the most acknowledged mediums in the UK and skilled medium Nanette, an Irish grandmother steeped in folk lore.

Taylor is a young healer within the circle, she is of Nordic descent, attractive and easy to be around, she's interested in Gavin, but is confused by his ways and how he seems to be mesmerised by affection for Lydia.

The circle has some eleven members, more are called to help and this only creates a larger magnetism for the daemon to follow.

The members of the circle are gathered to identify the daemon and how they can rescue Mr Grant and remove the daemon, with devastating consequences. With mental barriers, charms and controls placed to protect them, the circle members struggle to ward off the hunter from another domain.

This is a tale of psychic awakening, ancient human beliefs and of a horror murder mystery.
Just what do you think that tingle is that runs down your spine?

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Comments by other Members

Sue at 10:19 on 14 September 2004  Report this post
Hi Sam,

Just printed this out so I can read it later. Get back to you later.



Bianca at 14:55 on 15 September 2004  Report this post
Hi Sam

Have not been on line for a couple of weeks so it was good to find something recent to comment on.

The synopsis looks very promising with a colourful cast of characters (once the reader gets his/her head around them all).
I think you have set yourself a challenege but reading through, it appears you have got the plot establised in your head.

One small thing - I am a little confused be the word "daemon". Should it be "demon" or is there a word "daemon" used in the spiritual word that I am not familiar with?

Hope you go ahead with it 'cos I'm intrigued now.


Sam Rix at 09:51 on 16 September 2004  Report this post
Hi Sue,

Thanks for your input and help on this.

I’ve been told two varying stories on a synopsis;
a. Treat it like a breakdown of the story, the characters and your own background.
b. Treat it like the short ‘brief’ on the back of a published book to ‘hook’ the reader.

Just looking at that, there’s a contradiction, and I’m trying to bridge the gap between both options. (Probably wrong) That’s why I’m asking for advice for those in the know…

Oh, that dodgy word I was using, it’s an archaic term;

Entry: ghost
Function: noun
Definition: spook
Synonyms: apparition, appearance, banshee, daemon, demon, devil, eidolon, ethereal being, haunt, incorporeal being, kelpie, manes, phantasm, phantom, poltergeist, revenant, shade, shadow, soul, specter, spirit, vampire, vision, visitor, wraith, zombie
Source: Roget's New Millennium™ Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.0.5)

Entry: god
Function: noun
Definition: spirit
Synonyms: absolute being, all knowing, all powerful, almighty, creator, daemon, deity, demigod, demon, divine being, divinity, father, holiness, holy spirit, idol, infinite spirit, Jehovah, lord, maker, man upstairs, numen, omnipotent, power, prime mover, providence, soul, spirit, totem, tutelary, world
Source: Roget's New Millennium™ Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.0.5)

The plot, I think it’s going to give me a headache, but that’s part of the fun in trying!

Love and luck


Sorry Shirley,
I wrote this in 'word' and flipped back to copy paste and noted Sue's name in error.
The comments were for you, sorry to be a bum!

love and luck

Sam Rix at 09:54 on 16 September 2004  Report this post
I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts too..

love and luck

Anna Reynolds at 14:57 on 16 September 2004  Report this post
Sam, for me, this is falling between the two stools of a breakdown and a brief. The story quickly becomes too complicated for a synopsius of this length- I'd lost the plot before becoming engaged with the characters in their own rights, and then you suddenly end the synopsis without really having taken us anywhere conclusive. Also, is Gavin your main character? if so, he disappears as the focus quite quickly, and a large number of other characters come along in his place. It might be good to write a brief book cover blurb AND a longer synopsis, which needs to hook us into the characters in a bit more depth, and the story through them, but without losing the thread for us. Try just a straightfroward telling of the story and try to inject the passion you feel for it in, that's what will make it feel alive and a must-read- then you can tailor, cut, etc afterwards. You wouldn't, by the by, include material in a synopsis about your own background- it's a short version of the book, nothing else. Any personal background stuff should be confined to the covering letter.

Sue at 10:05 on 17 September 2004  Report this post
Hi Sam,

Sorry for delay.

To me, for a synopsis, there seems too much information. Could it be more brief? In other words to give the reader information but not too much. Maybe list the characters and give shorter references. (I am new to this to!)

I would assume that the 'blurb' on the back of the book that a potential buyer reads first comes from the synopsis so having basic information for the publisher to draw from would make it easier for him.

Otherwise I look forward to reading more.


Sam Rix at 21:19 on 19 September 2004  Report this post
Hi Anna,

thanks for this, I was trapped in trying to please two masters and didn't feel I was doing either true service.
Now I can sit back learn from it, rethink, and rework the synopsis.

Hi Sue,

Again thanks for your help and the input, it ties in whith what Anna has siad and what I felt was happening in my heart for hearts.

Cheers for the education ladies...

Love and luck

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