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The Book of Forests - 1 by gard Word Count: 1196

Currently working on uploaded to keep it on my radar. Yes I know it needs spell check and grammar major... 
7 Mar 2013

Flash exercise 2 - Escaping the thin ice by gard Word Count: 164

I guess it took 45 minutes though I used a small part of another poem I had dropped in the bottom of the filing cabinet...(never going to be as flash as everyone else). The Form is all over the place...will work on it 
23 Feb 2006

Dream Faux by gard Word Count: 179

This is about an event I witnessed; I had no control over it and was very disturbed by it 
9 Jan 2006

Flask by gard Word Count: 186

I chose To finer, finer veins. I don't think anyone has this yet. I am on 233 words but working on it. I am hoping to comment on everyones work today. I know I have not contributed for ages (work...).I hope I did the exercise correctly? 
12 Aug 2005

Villanelle - Dreaming radio waves from the Constellation of Id by gard Word Count: 520

A villanelle I just wrote for the online class I am participating in. It has a strict form as given by the teacher. Its a first and second and third draft! There is a reference to "Wild Geese" by Mary Oliver. renamed third time for fun 
4 Feb 2005

On Winter Migration and Coherence by gard Word Count: 81

A poem in the form "Cascade" that I wrote for an online class I am taking. Its a firstish draft. (cheated a bit on the penultimate stanza) 
30 Jan 2005

Sijo - Cognizant by gard Word Count: 32

A Sijo I wrote (quite quickly ) for an online class I am participating in 
26 Jan 2005

Garden Statues by gard Word Count: 142

Changing this one still, firstish draft, though re-worked it a bit. Crits welcome! 
22 Jan 2005

magnetic one by gard Word Count: 50

my quick magnetic exercise. I will attempt another 
15 Jan 2005

Incomplete Experiment by gard Word Count: 131

A piece I am working on. Sometime ago a scientist was unhappily relating a story of how a group of biologists he knew needed to chop up an octopus for their experiments. However this octopus was very friendly and they had him long enough to form a bond. They would have to kill him by dropping him into nitrogen liquid. Not one of them wanted to kill the octopus so they decided to draw straws, the person who selected the shortest straw got the grim job.... 
9 Jan 2005

A Short Cat Tail of Fifty Fifth on Fifth by gard Word Count: 475

Hi everyone been away will read everyones stuff shortly. Posted this up to keep my hand in..firstish draft. The form was influenced by some work from the brilliant poetress Dorothy Molloy especially "Conversation Class" (thanks Nell for remembering her name for me) 
3 Jan 2005

Mark Doty off-shoot: Reflections with the Coroner by gard Word Count: 377

I know I am behind here is my Mark Doty offshoot, kinda at a tangent though. Yes it is based on a real event.. 
20 Oct 2004

Fireflies by gard Word Count: 202

firstish draft. Appreciate your critiques 
26 Sep 2004

Black Squirrel by gard Word Count: 269

firstish draft, comments welcome! 
19 Sep 2004

AM, Cycle. hard, well by gard Word Count: 139

First draft from my online class I am taking part in, comments welcome! (I know its a bit silly) 
1 Aug 2004

When I love my lover.... by gard Word Count: 481

POsted this into this group. I am a bit tied up this week...I Read Roovacrags poem Kaleidoscope last week and remembered a poem I wrote a while ago with the same title (called it different title on the title page)!So inspired by RVGs lovely piece, I though I would post it. Its an old one, comments welcome! It has been published (only by forwardpress) 
29 Jun 2004

Yin with Yang by gard Word Count: 240

Something I wrote a while ago. 
17 Jun 2004

Love in Sharp by gard Word Count: 168

playing around with this one still 
24 May 2004

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