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Name David Didau
User Name didau
Specialism Poetry
Location South West
Interests Poetry (duh!), film making, running and generally showing off
Profile For my sins I am Head of English in a lovely secondary school in Weston-super-Mare. Writing is squeezed by the twin pressures of work and family.

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 Censorship Have had to remove all the poems from my blog - if anyone ever looked at them - sorry....
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 Death of a friend Sadly, I have just discovered, through the medium of writewords, that a good friend has died. Died in fact two years ago. I feel moved to somehow commemorate the fact in verse. Will post what transpires......
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 I'm back After an absence of more than seven years, I've been drawn back to writewords and have paid up for another year. I don't like the new 'only 1 submission every 2 days rule' - I've got a lot of catching up to do and am itching to share s...
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Bathroom Etiquette by didau Word Count: 83

I wrote this on the back of a napkin in 5 minutes as a performance piece some years ago and have been chipping away at it ever since. Any suggestions? 
28 May 2010

Compulsion by didau Word Count: 18

I do love the short poem format - so little said, but so much expressed. At least I hope so. 
4 Jul 2003

Conference Call by didau Word Count: 83

My parents separated after 45 years of marriage this year and for several months were still living in the same house and answering the phone at the same time. Really not sure about this - especially not happy with penultimate line and would welcome suggestions. 
31 May 2010

food haikus by didau Word Count: 26

My observations on cooking supper 
10 Jun 2010

Hand in Glove by didau Word Count: 85

My first upload in seven (!) years. A sort of love poem. I think 
22 May 2010

Limerick by didau Word Count: 30

just a bit of doggerel really 
16 Jul 2003

Painting by didau Word Count: 92

I put this up on the site years ago but feels it meet's the challenge's criteria. Is this cheating? 
5 Jun 2003

Pale Fire by didau Word Count: 31

Sometimes I can't sleep, or have eaten too much cheese and this sort of thing is the result. 
20 Jun 2003

Predictor by didau Word Count: 109

I've written this in 2 parts becuase of the overlap of images. Basically I'm not sure which I prefer or if I need to make a choice at all. 
16 Jul 2003

The Ballad of Lefty and Ned by didau Word Count: 1161

Two ne'er do wells come to a fitting end. This might be confusing as it's written in several tenses and uses 1st, 2nd & 3rd person narrative. Gibber! 
5 Jun 2003

Unrestored by didau Word Count: 97

My first flash poetry entry... 
26 May 2010

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