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Name Lisa Marie Trump
User Name Lisa
Home Page http://www.costumedesigner.biz
Birthday 07/08/1974
Specialism Various
Location London
Interests Animal welfare, humanitarian issues, poetry, theatre, fine arts, self-expression, self-image issues, sciences, cute squirrels, chocolate
Profile Lisa is a costume designer and freelance writer. Currently writing topical comedy sketches for the monthly "Treason Show" at the Kommedia in Brighton keeps her out of trouble, meanwhile Lisa is the Arts and Culture columnist for "Human Journey" magazine. As a playwright, she has written both adult and children`s theatre, most recently her one woman play: Still Life With Mango was performed by Dream Productions Theatre Company in collaboration with Lost Theatre in central London.

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A Muse On Housework by Lisa Word Count: 76

1 Jun 2003

Black Petticoats by Lisa Word Count: 154

I won't tell you what this is actually about - I'm interested to see what people read into it. It's only at its second draft stage and may evolve into an entirely different poem. Please let me know what you think. 
27 Jul 2003

Departure by Lisa Word Count: 11

A vague attempt at Haiku. Please let me know what you think. 
10 Jul 2003

Diazepam Five Milligram - Part 1 by Lisa Word Count: 118

As there was difficulty opening the .rtf file of this poem I have cut and pasted it with the use of underscores (as tabs and spaces don't work!) to create the correct spacing across the page. Please give me your thoughts on the piece. Thanks. 
4 Jul 2003

Diazepam Five Milligram - Part 2 by Lisa Word Count: 6

Personal. Please let me know what you think. 
18 Jun 2003

Haiku by Lisa Word Count: 10

One of my most obscure - won't tell you what it's about because I'd love to hear your interpretations. Cheers. 
24 Aug 2003

Haiku - Bedtime Story by Lisa Word Count: 12

23 Sep 2003

Haiku - Resigned Despair by Lisa Word Count: 12

Inspired by a little banter with David - cheers for the inspiration, matey! 
30 Aug 2003

Haiku - username by Lisa Word Count: 14

23 Jul 2003

Harrowing Wealdstone by Lisa Word Count: 441

Anyone who's ever used Silverlink will know... 
24 Aug 2003

Morning by Lisa Word Count: 18

I have sacrificed sparrows for blackbirds - outside my house they're noisier! 
1 Jun 2003

Places To Go and People To Meet by Lisa Word Count: 2177

First ever attempt at a short story - if it's pants and I should stick to my day job, do let me know. 
31 Aug 2003

Shades Of Brown by Lisa Word Count: 143

By popular demand, I have reverted to the original title! Thanks for your wisdom, all. 
24 Aug 2003

The Digital Age by Lisa Word Count: 123

This piece is in its second major draft stage. I want it to have a certain sterility to it as well as a gentler voice at times. Curious as to what you guys think of it. Thanks. 
23 Jul 2003

The Price of a Pint by Lisa Word Count: 164

Last Sunday I went for a walk to the Red Lion in Marsworth, Buckinghamshire to do some writing. The people in the pub were such a bunch of noisy scumbags I instead wrote this about them, and prayed they didn't look over my shoulder. 
7 Jul 2003

Towards Sunrise by Lisa Word Count: 91

I've reworked this - please let me know what you think. 
7 Jul 2003

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