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Name james hewitt
User Name jim60
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Location Ireland
Profile Born in London in 1960, now living just outside Cork City Ireland.

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A Funny Way Of Doing it... by jim60 Word Count: 816

23 Jul 2009

Deliver Me... by jim60 Word Count: 546

This is an outtake from Miranda and Wendy, it's from P4, and I was going to put it back in. have a look please and let me know what you think. 
13 Sep 2009

Domestic appliance; It`s a kind of magic... by jim60 Word Count: 2547

This is the piece I'm aiming to enter the comp with. A huge thank you to SJ as well. 
10 Dec 2009

Faith of the Heart by jim60 Word Count: 2005

Not sure if this is going to work. If not, I'll take it down again. My WIP and ongoing for a long, long time... 
29 May 2010

Faith of the Heart (C10) by jim60 Word Count: 1815

Just so you can see what I've been doing the last number of weeks, in assoc. with FFD, an extract from that work. 
26 Apr 2010

Finding a way back... by jim60 Word Count: 2060

This is a true story. I was convinced by a very good friend to put this up, so here it is. 
10 Oct 2009

Flowers by jim60 Word Count: 2286

Started around the same time as Prima Tango and well, just shoved into my archive and I don't know, perhaps there is something here. But... 
4 Mar 2010

Flowers (2) by jim60 Word Count: 2338

Here it is, me trying to do something different. If nothing else, it's something to read... 
18 Mar 2010

Hey Pretty by jim60 Word Count: 1950

From The Valium Monologues. Contains strong language and sexual references throughout. May contain traces of nuts. 
31 Mar 2011

Jules Challenge: A Response. by jim60 Word Count: 2500

Right, here it is. Strong language and scenes of a sexual nature throughout, oh and a bit of singing... 
7 Mar 2010

Mad World 3 by jim60 Word Count: 1983

Continuing the experiment... 
7 Oct 2009

Mad World... by jim60 Word Count: 1605

An experimental continuation of 'Not hard to fall' 
4 Oct 2009

Miranda and Wendy by jim60 Word Count: 2452

The original opening of P3, which has been replaced by P4. Have a look and let me know if it's worth keeping, thanks! 
24 Aug 2009

Miranda and Wendy (P3...) by jim60 Word Count: 1964

I went into new territory here and I really didn't know what I was doing, probably serves me right, but anyway, I had a go at it and here it is.. 
27 Aug 2009

Miranda and Wendy P1 by jim60 Word Count: 2437

*Please see comments box* 
29 Aug 2009

Miranda and Wendy P2 by jim60 Word Count: 437

The first piece concerning Miranda's mother. There is more than this, but I really did not like this woman! 
29 Jul 2009

Miranda and Wendy P2 (3c, d, e) by jim60 Word Count: 2556

Ok, P2 was getting a little heavy so I thought it needed a bit of fun. Here it is, I let Miranda loose in her kitchen and this is what happened... 
31 Aug 2009

Miranda and Wendy; Relics 1. by jim60 Word Count: 1966

This is not the original opening, this has been redone, with thanks to Mand, It was later lost and now, I've started them again... 
4 Dec 2009

Not hard to fall.. by jim60 Word Count: 1517

I wrote this listening to a piece of music. Let me know what you think. 
26 Sep 2009

Prima Tango (1 of 3) by jim60 Word Count: 2150

This is just over a week old and started as a joke. Something that came out of one of those 'all night' sessions. Have a look and tell me what you think... 
7 Jan 2010

Prima Tango (2 of 3) by jim60 Word Count: 1896

Carrying straight on... 
22 Jan 2010

Provocations by jim60 Word Count: 2092

WARNING! Strong language from the start and throughout. No sex, or singing, but we can't have everything. An experimental piece. 
3 May 2010

Seven of Seven by jim60 Word Count: 2001

Okay, this is it. The "thing" I've been playing about with. 
31 Aug 2010

Seven of Seven: Part 2 by jim60 Word Count: 1815

Yep, this got weird and all good fun! 
3 Sep 2010

Something new...Untitled as yet. by jim60 Word Count: 2386

I've been kicking this around since yesterday, just a bit of fun I suppose... 
21 Aug 2009

The Devil You Know 1 by jim60 Word Count: 2028

Rescued from the skip and shown here as is. 
7 Sep 2009

The L Word; Miranda and Wendy by jim60 Word Count: 2463
1  Comment

Ok, here it is 4 days work and I don't know why I got stuck into this at all. I'm not even sure if I'll use it, but here it is anyway...(First and only draft) 
23 Sep 2009

The Rose (Episode 1) by jim60 Word Count: 2170

After the disaster of the last thing I loaded, I thought I'd try something lighter. A fairy tale, just for a bit of fun... 
13 Nov 2009

The Valium Monologues by jim60 Word Count: 742

This is brand new. Just an idea at the moment and I'm fed up seeing 'No work uploaded'. Sorry! 
27 Mar 2011

When My Baby Weeps (1) by jim60 Word Count: 1830

From December 31, 2008. It's what happened when I went out to buy cigarettes... 
2 Sep 2009

When my baby weeps (2) by jim60 Word Count: 1390
1  Comment

Carrying on swiftly from where we left off... 
5 Sep 2009

Winding Down (Part 1) by jim60 Word Count: 2103

Something I've been playing with. Please note: Strong language from the start and throughout. No sex, yet..! 
22 Oct 2009

Winding Down (Part 2) by jim60 Word Count: 2248

The ongoing saga... 
25 Oct 2009

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