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Name Stephen Lloyd
User Name llydstp
Specialism Poetry
Location North West
Interests Music, photography, writing, reading, film.
Profile Ex-professional drummer now owner of a shop selling violins.

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A Lie by llydstp Word Count: 32

28 May 2003

An Accident by llydstp Word Count: 14

15 Sep 2003

An Angel On My Bed by llydstp Word Count: 186

15 Apr 2003

Defying Newton by llydstp Word Count: 69

3 Sep 2004

Despair by llydstp Word Count: 17

13 Jan 2004

Expectations by llydstp Word Count: 15

Kind of Haiku but ignoring the rule regarding the number of syllables. 
12 Jul 2003

Infinity by llydstp Word Count: 12

An attempt at writing Haiku 
13 May 2003

Kissing It Better by llydstp Word Count: 21

Don't most of us do this in our relationships?  
17 Sep 2003

Nothing of Interest by llydstp Word Count: 28

30 May 2003

The Red Dress of a Passionate Woman by llydstp Word Count: 125

Inspired by the play "A Passionate Woman" by Kay Mellor, and my ladyfriend, who, in the interval of the play, told me about a red dress she used to wear when she was in her early twenties. 
17 May 2003

The Visit by llydstp Word Count: 328

In February I visited a place I had wanted to go to for many years. It has taken me five months to find a way of writing about it - I hope it was worth the wait. 
2 Jul 2005

Too Many Broken Promises by llydstp Word Count: 27

13 May 2003

Zafia by llydstp Word Count: 60

A friend of mine - a jazz piano player named Harry who is now in his seventies, is married to a Polish lady named Sophie (Zafia in Polish). Yesterday he brought me an old album of photographs of her taken when she was in her twenties and was living in Warsaw. "Doesn't she look like Ingrid Bergman?" he asked me proudly. This inspired me to write the poem. 
4 Mar 2004

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