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Name Nick Allen
User Name Bunbry
Specialism Fiction
Location South West
Interests Walking, Astronomy. Theatre
Profile I have been writing short stories since 2007.

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After The War by Bunbry Word Count: 642

I entered this for the Microhorror comp, but feel it has enough sci fi in it to post for this challenge. I see I have busted the word count so am going to have to disqualify myself!! 
27 Nov 2008

Antabuse by Bunbry Word Count: 380

For the Flash 2 Pill Challenge 
29 Jan 2009

Centralia by Bunbry Word Count: 266

For the All That Time challenge. This is fact rather than fiction, but it fitted the theme so well I just had to use it. I hope you find it interesting. 
23 Oct 2008

Extinction by Bunbry Word Count: 155

For Bill's 'Late' challenge 
16 Sep 2008

Indian Lessons by Bunbry Word Count: 667

For Julie's challenge. Way over the word count I'm afraid! 
1 Jun 2010

Leaving by Bunbry Word Count: 316

For Jen's Circle challenge 
20 Mar 2010

Test Day by Bunbry Word Count: 462

For Findy's exam challenge 
30 Mar 2009

The Golden Child by Bunbry Word Count: 400

For the Flash 2 Gift Challenge 
17 Dec 2008

The Hidden Tower by Bunbry Word Count: 449

For The Fable Challenge. 
15 Dec 2008

The Legacy by Bunbry Word Count: 500

"A story with a paranormal theme that includes as many words being with 'para' as possible." Sorry but only one 'para' word was possible. To include more would have (to borrow Sandra's phrase) turned it into gibberish!  
24 Oct 2013

The Plague by Bunbry Word Count: 298

For Jumbo's Fly challenge 
13 Oct 2008

The Visitor by Lee Child by Bunbry Word Count: 342

Number 4 in a series of about 17 novels that are huge best sellers. They are crime/ action books. 
20 Nov 2014

The Walk Home by Bunbry Word Count: 175

For the Tall Tale challenge. 
2 Dec 2008

Therapy Journal by Bunbry Word Count: 423

For Richard's challenge. Just for fun, not for judging. 
29 Aug 2010

Week 211 Challenge by Bunbry Word Count: 99

14 Jul 2008

White Lies by Bunbry Word Count: 666

For the Sci Fi challenge. 
15 Feb 2010

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