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Name Adam Quayle
User Name Adam
Home Page www.boxoftrickstheatre.co.uk
Specialism Poetry
Location London
Interests Poetry, Short Stories, Playwrighting
Profile Theatre Director & Co-Founder of Box of Tricks Theatre Company.

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(Working Title) by Adam Word Count:

6 Jan 2004

150 Words by Adam Word Count: 150

15 Jul 2003

Absence by Adam Word Count: 30

30 Aug 2003

Erato by Adam Word Count: 10
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5 Aug 2003

Prism by Adam Word Count: 42

This is a re-working of a poem entitled 'Absence', which is on the website... 
8 Sep 2003

purgatory by Adam Word Count: 104

'La tristesse durera' - Van Gogh, suicide letter.  
15 Apr 2003

Reading on the Tram by Adam Word Count: 756

This is quite a short short story, and quite a departure from my first attempt, Sojourn in Mantua (which is yet to be re-edited). It is intentionally simple, yet I hope it conveys something beyond its simplicity. Please feel free to comment as I have pretty much left unedited what I idly scribbled on the tram... 
17 Sep 2003

Reflection by Adam Word Count: 197

16 Jun 2003

Sojourn in Mantua by Adam Word Count: 1480

This is the opening of a short novel / story. Please peruse and send me your opinion and any constructive criticism... 
23 Mar 2003

Sojourn in Mantua by Adam Word Count: 125

15 Jul 2003

Sojourn in Mantua (draft two) by Adam Word Count: 3926

This is the latest draft of the story, and has transformed completely; not only the title (formerly 'The Lost Weekend') but also the content. I have been very busy lately, but have finally managed to finish the work. Please read and offer any constructive criticism that you may have. Also, feel free to read a little of it, and leave any comments on what you have read. Cheers, x 
4 Aug 2003

The Gods of Place by Adam Word Count: 109

'Romantic Irelnad's dead and gone' - 1913, W.B Yeats 
23 Aug 2003

The Ineffable by Adam Word Count: 58

22 Apr 2003

Thoughts by Adam Word Count: 47

4 Oct 2003

Transience by Adam Word Count: 98

22 Jun 2003

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