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by Adam 

Posted: 06 January 2004
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Comments by other Members

Anna Reynolds at 11:08 on 07 January 2004  Report this post
Adam, do tell me more about this- I'm assuming it's the first act/part of a full length play? It's an intriguing opening, set in the nomansland both physically and emotionally. I wondered if you could push this beginning even further, because the scenario you reveal later on is such an extreme one, whether it's real or not, to those 2 characters, that I think you could really play with what an audience know and feel right in the beginning. Or is your idea to make it feel quite accessible to start with, so that we aren't too alienated, and then to push things further? Do tell us more about this, and what you're planning next with it.

Adam at 23:56 on 07 January 2004  Report this post

This was something I wrote whilst I was bored yesterday. It was more of a free association exercise, in which I started with a concept (i.e. two nihilists who had annihilated the world - or so they think... - for philosophical ends), and ran with it. I put it up on the site (deliberately avoiding the temptation to include commentary) so as to see what other people made of it. Although I don't really think it has the legs to continue to be developed into a full-length piece, it was certainly fascinating to free myself of the usual restrictions of the playwright and to delve into my subconscious a little. And, of course, it helped to alleviate my boredom... :-)

Adam x

Anna Reynolds at 18:19 on 08 January 2004  Report this post
Adam, don't be so sure it hasn't got legs, unless you don't want to pursue it of course. I think you were wise to avoid the summary- although it's helpful (for me personally) to know where the piece of writing is in the context of a full length play, has it been produced etc, I actually don't want to be told where the piece is going and what it's about in a nutshell. Because reading a summary about nihilism might put me off, whereas I was sufficiently caught to want to read through the whole piece pretty fast. if you do fancy persevering with this, do post it on site and let us know. I often work in this way- the free association way I mean, without having a clue where I'm heading or what it means.

Tim Darwin at 17:14 on 22 March 2004  Report this post
Adam, a late note: this strikes me as a worthwhile experiment, and wondered if it had 'sprung' you on to anything else? In any event, thanks for posting, I enjoyed the read--and like to see pieces that are little trials and tests of premises, they are fun and provocative.

Best wishes


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