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Name Robert Davies
User Name radavies1uk
Home Page http://www.robertadavies.co.uk
Birthday 16/04/1982
Specialism Various
Location North West
Interests You name it, I`m interested in it, I`m very eclectic (Read as unfocussed if you wish).
Profile I`m a software guy who tries to write, I think i`m finally getting somewhere but need some honest critique to help troubleshoot from anothers perspective.

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Embrace by radavies1uk Word Count: 37

I've tried to completely drop the rhyme and cut as much as possible while still getting the point across. Works?? 
15 Apr 2006

Fantasy Land by radavies1uk Word Count: 24

Cut a lot of extra from this. 
4 May 2006

Fibbonaccaye by radavies1uk Word Count: 810

I found myself on a long train journey and started on this. I have a few ideas to do something similar with repetitive interwoven sequences to try and create a golden circle effect. But I don't know if it's worth the bother. 
27 Mar 2006

GOTO 10 by radavies1uk Word Count: 14

What to say, I guess this is more poem than flash, similar to some earlier stuff I wrote. 
11 Jun 2007

Local - Act 1, Scene 1 by radavies1uk Word Count: 1001

A couple of mates, sitting around. 
21 Feb 2006

Morning After by radavies1uk Word Count: 44

It's been ages since I posted (been working like a nutter so not written much either) so thought I'd post something pretty quick on here :) 
13 Oct 2006

PA_Story (Untitled) - Chapter 1 by radavies1uk Word Count: 4386

Tale of a guy, some other guys, some girls too, some space ships, and a conspiracy, maybe. I need some honest feedback, I'm not sure whether to finish it or not, and what errors I have made, where the story loses itself, or how I can improve it's direction to lose my block on the next piece. 
16 Feb 2006

People of Earth by radavies1uk Word Count: 152

This was initially a sketched out abstract, but refined a little and I'm hoping it encapsulates enough to be a story in-itself. What do you guys think? 
5 Jun 2007

Peter`s Day by radavies1uk Word Count: 413

I've been offline for a LONG while. Thought I'd post some stuff I've recently typed up from notepads. Any feedback would be great, be harsh as you can :) 
3 Jun 2007

Real Life for C++ Programmers by radavies1uk Word Count: 48

I don't know if this is a valid poem form or not, but I was playing about a few years back and had this. Any opions on this? It kind of links with discussion on the Select * FROM piece. 
19 Mar 2006

SELECT Star FROM Me.Heart by radavies1uk Word Count: 13

I've no idea why I did this. Anyone get this or is it just too far fetched? 
17 Mar 2006

Shocked by radavies1uk Word Count: 238

Trying to play with onomatopeaic words and tension building. Does this work? 
9 Jun 2007

Time To Get Up (Contradiction Exercise) by radavies1uk Word Count: 137

I'm not sure if an arguing monologue counts as contradiction. 
24 Apr 2006

You Stupid Boy (Questions Exercise) by radavies1uk Word Count: 37

I have no idea if this works, but was a fun thought :) (each 11th syllable seems to add a break I can't seem to resolve or balance) 
30 May 2006

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