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Name Alan Eric Ingram
User Name Flashy
Birthday 09/12/1962
Specialism Fiction
Location East Midlands
Interests Varied, computers, film, tv pc
Profile 42 yr old warehouse worker in the east midlands. Enjoys scribbling for a hobby. Also a member of Abctales.com

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A warm, comfortable, natural thing by Flashy Word Count: 587

A Dream 
3 May 2005

Angela Bromley Has Massive Tits by Flashy Word Count: 1859

These boys will grow up and maybe be presidents,authors or scientists..... or more likely twerps at call centres. Re-posted this by the way. 
19 Apr 2005

Anybody by Flashy Word Count: 209

Do you? 
15 Apr 2005

Because of you... by Flashy Word Count: 483

When things implode, explode...and afterwards you wonder why.*re-posted*  
4 Jul 2005

Charles Bukowski Said by Flashy Word Count: 652

idea from a poem. 
13 Oct 2006

Conversation that ends abruptly on a midsummer’s afternoon.- by Flashy Word Count: 1901

Men are more intelligent than women, tis a cast iron fact...erm ...perhaps this exchange isn't the best example to demonstrate this fact.  
25 Jul 2005

David Bloody Armstrong!!! by Flashy Word Count: 1091

If you're not mental or mad then i wouldn't read this. 
27 Apr 2005

Electric by Flashy Word Count: 318

When something you've been told finally hits home. 
21 Apr 2005

I Wish Whales Had Bazookas by Flashy Word Count: 253

A love poem where a man tells his woman what she desperately wants to hear, but of course being a typically stubborn and petulant female she steadfastly refuses to hear. Yet another from the plain crap series...women can be so frustrating to communicate with sometimes!!!!!!!!! A re-post 
1 May 2005

In Many Years From Now by Flashy Word Count: 136

I hope not. 
23 Apr 2005

In triplet (You’ll get over it, Forget about her and Could’ve Been) by Flashy Word Count: 450

Three pieces on a reflecting theme, about a deception on the internet. 
5 Jan 2007

Meat Feast (After the watershed) by Flashy Word Count: 1770

Midnight observations 
27 Apr 2008

Moments were your breath is captured, crushed and then torn away by Flashy Word Count: 725

Moments in history, that hit or move you personally 
7 May 2005

Oh yeah…here’s this picture of you by Flashy Word Count: 547

A fading obsession. 
18 Jul 2005

Perfection by Flashy Word Count: 1232

True life in a virtual sort of way. 
8 Dec 2006

Rocco Sifredi? …who?- by Flashy Word Count: 842

Erm...i think this is the right category. 
4 Sep 2005

Taking a dip or trying to and failing to cajole a shag out of girls on MSN by Flashy Word Count: 798

I sometimes wonder if i am completely bonkers. This is entire fiction, every last word of it. Taking a dip or trying to and failing to cajole a shag out of girls on MSN who get very drunk at discos. 
29 Apr 2005

Ten million years by Flashy Word Count: 1572

'When I was a child, running in the night, i was afraid of what might be Hiding in the dark and hiding on the street, and of what was following me.' The Hounds Of Love by The Futureheads  
7 Aug 2005

The Art Of Not Being Desired by Flashy Word Count: 520

Can you continue to blame others? 
25 Apr 2005

The Debt by Flashy Word Count: 3917

Bad news for an infamous gang leader. 
1 Sep 2005

The rise and fall of Twilight shift controller. by Flashy Word Count: 1560

Local ambition? 
29 Oct 2007

Things can only get better by Flashy Word Count: 1233

A true story!!!.........Actually it's a load of shite. 
11 Jul 2005

Things That Will Or Will Not Happen by Flashy Word Count: 366

Bukowski inspired a bit? 
6 Apr 2005

This is not a love story by Flashy Word Count: 1090

25 Apr 2006

Timeslots by Flashy Word Count: 6211

Based on an encounter with a real life JC,be careful you don't cross paths with one of these women. 'My friends and family mean the world to me… I value what I do.' 
4 Apr 2005

Today this day by Flashy Word Count: 2736

Lyrics from 'The Boy with the arab strap,' by Belle and Sebastian. Today is the day, and for many including him there is no other day…today is the day they will have recurring for the rest of their lives. Today this day… is their only day.  
14 Jun 2005

Write about something you know by Flashy Word Count: 776

Then again perhaps you don't or don't want to? 
7 Apr 2007

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