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Angela Bromley Has Massive Tits

by Flashy 

Posted: 19 April 2005
Word Count: 1859
Summary: These boys will grow up and maybe be presidents,authors or scientists..... or more likely twerps at call centres. Re-posted this by the way.

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This piece and/or subsequent comments may contain strong language.

Angela Bromley is thirteen and a bit. She lives on the posh estate in our town. Recently, every day after school, me, Kevin and John have decided to follow her home.

By the way my name is Tim, Kevin and John call me Tim nice but dim…HAHAHAHA...funny not.

Now I’m not a hundred per cent sure why we follow Angela Bromley home, but if I was to guess I would say it’s because John who is nearly fourteen fancies her rotten and to be honest I think she fancies him too…they’re always staring weirdly at each other in chemistry or as Kevin says ‘in sexual chemistry,’ HAHAHAHA…funny not.

“COR!!” John says when he sees her walking down the corridor, “look at the arse on that.” Well Kevin and I look each other in the eye and screw our faces up. I mean Angela Bromley has always had an arse just like all girls and boys do… so Kevin and I aren’t quite sure why we should be giving hers such particular attention now.

I do have to say though when she…Angela Bromley knows John is watching, she does wiggle and let it sway a little bit…and there is I suppose a kind of hypnotic effect if you stare too long… so perhaps John has been hypnotised by Angela Bromley’s arse…mmmmm??? You know I might ask Kevin what he thinks about the possibility of some girls having hypnotic arses.

One thing we’ve all noticed though is that Angela Bromley has suddenly grown big tits, we were discussing this the other day…you know girls suddenly sprouting enormous tits and Kevin said, ‘Imagine if that kind of thing happened to our balls, that would fuck up our trousers wouldn’t it?’…Kevin is a bit strange sometimes and when John and I just stared at him like he was a twat, he suddenly said, ‘You know what James Lyman has got hairs on his balls and he can get hardons at will?’ Well we didn’t know that and neither did we want to know actually…nor did we want to know how he found this out.

Anyway we’re following her now…Angela Bromley that is. And we are quite a way behind her but she knows we’re there; she keeps turning and smirking at John and walking very, very slowly…now this is all very well but Kevin and I are walking a mile in the wrong direction every night just so John can zombie gape at Angela Bromley’s arse…John can be a bit strange sometimes too!! And this following Angela Bromley is beginning to get on Kevin’s tits and mine. We’re getting nothing out of it you see.

“This is boring,” says Kevin and then whispers something in Johns ear, well I say, the look on John’s face is suddenly all red and angry…and I’m wondering if Kevin just asked if he could touch John’s willy or something else weird. But then he says quietly to me, “I’ve just made up a new game, it’s called Bum, Tits and Daisy.”

“Daisy?” I ask puzzled.

Kevin explains that he stayed up late on Saturday when his mum and dad were at the pub, he watched a French film on Channel 4, La…well something or other, he says in it a frog bloke compared a girls fanny to a flower, a rose’s petals in actual fact…but Kevin thinks for this game and for the time being he’s going to call a girls fanny a daisy…did I mention Kevin can be easily influenced and be very strange sometimes?

“There is no way you’re touching her arse, Johnson,” says John to Kevin angrily…never heard him call Kevin by his surname before?

“ Don’t worry Johnno I’m on tit duty,” says Kevin. “ So that means Tim has to grab her by the Daisy…remember we all have shout, BUM, TITS and DAISY…lets go!!! YEEHAAA!!” And now both of them shoot off like bullets in the direction of Angela Bromley leaving me standing here looking like a right Divvy Sap.

I mean WHAT!!!! When was it decided that I had to grab her by the Da…fanny bloody hell he’s got me at it now, what a bloody stitch up!!! Anyway they’re miles a head of me and closing in on Angela Bromley, I’m sprinting hard because I think the object of this game is to say all three words in quick succession…Kevin isn’t very good at explaining his games, but this is the gist I got from what he said.

John is first and shouts, “BUM,” as he slaps her on her left cheek and speeds by hooting.

She defensively grabs her bum and turns only to be met by Kevin pawing her right tit. “ TITS,” shouts Kevin gleefully … but inaccurately, well it was only one tit let’s be fair now.

I’m still miles behind and to be honest my chances of success are to say the least a little slim… all because of Kevin’s crap planning, I hope he never becomes a war general, he would be shit.

Angela Bromley is at first stunned by this clumsy invasion of her bodily parts, she is then shocked…I can tell this by her open mouthed gasp, but then she is very angry, “You dirty little scummy, pervy gits,” she shouts at Kevin and John who are now whooping like Apache braves. I hate to say this but there is also the tiniest bit of embarrassed pleasure that appears as a brief smirk on Angela Bromley’s blushing face.

Angela Bromley turns to face me and with hands on hips and legs astride, strands of her long brown hair lie across one side of her face, she looks defiantly at me knowing that I’m the only remaining threat. Her school uniform skirt and shirt are clinging to her body… it’s been a hot day; her school tie lies in the valley between her massive tits, which are lilting and lifting to the rythmn of her deep passoniate breaths . Magnificent is the word that for some reason enters my skull.

“Come on then DIMOTHY, what’s your part in this dirty game?” Her voice is smoky and husky… I’ve never heard a girl speak like this before…bloody hell I’m frozen on the spot. We’re like gunslingers at the O.K Corral…Calamity Jane and Dead Eye Pete…only she has bigger weapons and my gun isn’t even loaded*gulp*.

“Come on Patterson you great big Nancy queer,” this is John encouraging me I think…this surname calling is a new thing with him, I think he’s trying to impress Angela Bromley. But before I make my move she…Angela Bromley walks right up in front of me…so close in fact her big tits and fanny are touching my bits…blimey!! She’s looking deep into my eyes and she’s rubbing up against me.

And then she grabs me by the…ARRGGGHH!!!

“Oh! Dear,” she whispers with false baby talk like sympathy into my ear, “Perhaps we should call you Tiny Tim, MMMMHHH!!!…Dimothy?” And then she gives them… my boys a quick tight but excruciating squeeze and then lets go.

Even crouching here now in great unrelenting pain and holding my boys tenderly, my mind is telling me that Angela Bromley has experienced this type of encounter before, surprise was my only real advantage. She already too well understands the power her species has over ours, when a woman has a man by the balls not only can she administer great physical pain but even more importantly even greater psychological pain…it’s the edge that gives them… women the balance of power in our struggle for dominance…bloody hell where did all that come from?

Angela Bromley is now bending crouching in front of me hands on her knees. Her lips are pursed and she’s smirking again…it’s a pose a bit like that old bird my dad likes used to do… Marilyn Monroe I think…whoever she was. I can’t move or talk just barely stand in fact, it’s one of the after effects of having your balls tampered with by an expert, but I can see John and maybe even Kevin enjoying the view of Angela Bromley’s arse clinging to her skin tight navy blue knickers as she bends over…you know I bet she knows this too!!!

“ Did bad Angie Wangie hurt lickle Dimmie Wimmie’s nadsy wadsies, did she?” She’s talking in that baby voice again.

But I’m in no condition to make any response physical or verbal, my eyes however do make contact with her cleavage, which I can just make out through the undone top button of her shirt. She notices this and gives me a sly smiling wink; you know I think I’m in big trouble now. “Shall Angie Wangie wub wittle Dimmie’s poorwee nadsies awl better? MMMMMMMH sha why?” She leans forward and kisses me on the nose and gently takes my hands in hers and drops them, and then expertly with a quick upward motion she slap flicks my balls once again with the palm of her hand…OOOO...game set and match. All I can do now is groan and keel over to the side on the pavement. Angela Bromley looks down on me and gives me a pitiful look of contempt shaking her head, then with a final dismissive look of arrogance she snorts,turns and walks away.

“You rotten bitch,” scowls Kevin as Angela Bromley strides away smirking triumphantly, she just winks at him.

“You alright Tim,” asks John standing over me, “that was well out of order hitting a bloke in the googlies…below the belt I say.” All I can do though is lie there and wait out the pain and watch Angela Bromley walking away wiggling that now magnificent arse of hers in that slinky hypnotic way.

“Listen mate,” says Kevin, “me and John are off to watch the year 5 girls hockey team…John reckons they’ve all got great arses, we’re going to shout instant stiffy every time one of them runs by…it will be a laugh so it will.”

“Yeah join us when you’re ready…sorry to leave you but we’ll miss the start of the game. I’ve gone right off that cow now, ” says John. And off they run leaving me lying for dead in the gutter.

As they run off down street past Angela Bromley they shout, 'INSTANT STIFFY, INSTANT STIFFY...OH OH ...OH OH,' you know a bit like a football chant, and i'm thinking how immature and silly, instant stiffy is a game that will only lead to one sad ending, Detention.

Bloody hell I have learned a lot today, one is that life is one big set of games and that if you don’t learn the rules quickly it can be harsh, you might even end up left behind lying in the gutter holding onto your balls like I am right now, and two your best friends can sometimes be your worst enemies. I won’t be able to speak or move for a few minutes but these important moments will help clarify my thoughts on various things…for instance things like a girl with a magnificent arse and a massive pair of tits…a girl I think I’m in love with…a girl called Angela Bromley.

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Comments by other Members

dryyzz at 12:47 on 19 April 2005  Report this post
Hi there.

Must say, I certainly enjoyed reading this. It certainly conjures up that certain period of male life. I'm a sucker for coming-of age themes, and this fits well. Took me back to some of my own early exploits, though they weren't as 'risque' as the ones described here.

I found it a little tricky getting familiar with the narrator and two new charactrers at the same time, though perhaps it's just me.

I found things like multiple excamation marks and dialogue written in caps to be a bit distracting. I think the piece could be improved by using more standard formating.

From a point of view of first person narrative, IE someone telling their story, lines like:

"..And then she grabs me by the…ARRGGGHH!!!.."

draws me out of the story, because someone telling their story wouldn't say this.

Maybe it's just me, see what other think.

I definatley think this piece is worth further work.

Very enjoyable.


Flashy at 18:13 on 19 April 2005  Report this post
Thanks for reading and commenting.

I think you might be the only one to comment on this...it was up last year just before i left.

Thanks anyway.


hannahjane at 23:00 on 17 January 2007  Report this post
Hiya Alan,

I thought this was a good read, it had some funny lines and I can't know for sure having only experienced the teen-phase as a girl, but you definitely seem to capture that raw sexuality of boys, and the crude, cringey and embarrassing things that can go with it! The lust. The whole theme was carried well, and I especially like that you haven't toned it down or skirted around it but it's just blunt and as it is, which is good.

Liked the hypnotic ass-wiggling! The only thing I wasn't sure about was the "sexual chemistry" line. I think that pun could be used in a different context, but not sure whether it worked like that. But then that might just be me.

Also, I'd probably change
to either hyphenated or two separate words (hard-on, hard on). But again, that could be personal preference.

I liked this, I think you're definitely there in the head of those boys and pretty spot-on in the portrayal of that phase.

Flashy at 01:19 on 20 January 2007  Report this post
Thanks Hannah.

You reading and commenting intelligently, is much appreciated by me. The story does need a bit of tidying up ... in some areas more than others.


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