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Name Christopher Bowser
User Name ChrisB
Specialism All the above
Location London
Interests All forms and periods of Literature, film and an increasing passion for poetry. Other interests range from the human pysche to science
Profile I have been writing seriously for about 3 years now. Have written 1 bad novel, 1 even worse film script, a number of short stories and many many poems. I work in the city, which has provided me with a rich source of information for my first novel and which I am eternally grateful. I am currently re-working and re-slicing my initially bad novel, and slowly it is beginning to take shape and form into something publishable (I hope, I pray and nearly every day!)

Latest Work

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Hard Men Hard Lives by ChrisB Word Count: 2781

This is the first of a collection of short stories that I am calling the Celtic Antholgies...I think 
1 Feb 2004

Heaven by ChrisB Word Count: 251

It was a good day and an even better moment 
21 Dec 2003

Pieces of meat by ChrisB Word Count: 184

Has been a week or two of aaahhhhhhhhh ! 
22 Feb 2004

Reality is such a Bitch by ChrisB Word Count: 218
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With the current tragedy in Bam- once again I am forced to question the deepest core and unchangeable peace and joy that exists in us with so much chaos around. 
4 Jan 2004

She pains me by ChrisB Word Count: 148

Why is it so hard to get on with some people? 
6 Feb 2004

The City by ChrisB Word Count: 1885

This is the first chapter of my novel with introdution - Does it hook or does it not hook - that is the question? 
4 May 2004

What Next? by ChrisB Word Count: 242

This poem is attempting to describe the continual battle and confrontations we have with our demons, insecurities and self doubts. 
25 Jan 2004

Yellow Daffodils by ChrisB Word Count: 1398

This is my second story from a collection I am currently working on. Not sure if this one works or not so feedback appreciated. 
9 Mar 2004

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