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Reality is such a Bitch

by ChrisB 

Posted: 04 January 2004
Word Count: 218
Summary: With the current tragedy in Bam- once again I am forced to question the deepest core and unchangeable peace and joy that exists in us with so much chaos around.

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If pain is illusion Father,
Then why does it hurt so much.
If a mad man plunges a hatchet into my head father,
Is it just a dream.

The cancer that eats my mother away father,
Her skin decays and her face remains,
How can she be happy father,
Where can she find joy ?

Will this pill thrill me father,
Will it show me the door to you home.
When tidal waves and volcanic ash,
Comes crashing down on towns.

Decimating homes and killing thousands father,
Should we not morn.
How can we be joyful about that father,
How can I smile a smile.

My heart wants to be big father,
As big as you and the brightest stars.
But how can I think like that father,
When a itch on my foot annoys me so.

Takes my thoughts so small,
My universe evaporates back to reality father but which reality,
I keep forgetting none of this is real father,
The I in me does not exist.

But if reality is such a bitch,
And I do not exist then what is the I father.
Pie in the sky, the I maybe father,
Is that real father,

The dark clouds of war,
The death of destruction.
Or is everything a flower father,
Created and debated for evermore.

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Comments by other Members

Fearless at 16:40 on 04 January 2004  Report this post
Dear Chris

Reality is indeed a bitch. I like the fact that your piece not only questions the doom, the darkness, but also airs the positives - stars, hearts and flowers. It is indeed true that light follows darkness in the never-ending cycle, and that humanity prevails, for the most part.

Thanks for this. Write on.


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