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Name Felicity. M Greenfields
User Name Felmagre
Specialism Poetry
Location Scotland
Interests Walking: Reading:Religion: Linguistics: Sciences:
Profile Writing, poetry started as a rant a chunter almost against the senseless felling of ancient woodlands so as to enhance the scenic view of a rusty railway line. I`d found a vehicle for expressing rage against stupidity and injustice in a socially acceptable manner. Needless to say I value honest, constructive criticism by way of knowing if my voice, is self-indulgent vanity, or good sound social comment.

Published Works

  Felmagre's (a.k.a. Felicity M Greenfields & Rosalind B Meadows)   Linguistic Chunterings is published . (Available Now)
  • In this, their first publication the sisters have collaborated to produce a substantial and illustrated volume of contemporary poetry. The book itself has been tastefully divided into fifteen subjects by way of - beautifully crafted pen and ink - illustra

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    4th - rendering Unequal Worlds by Felmagre Word Count: 525

    I trust the changes make for improved reading. I await your comments with interest. 
    24 Sep 2003

    A second Skin by Felmagre Word Count: 98

    13 May 2005

    Bandits by Felmagre Word Count: 318

    10 Sep 2003

    Culled by Felmagre Word Count: 164

    15 Sep 2003

    Fascinated by sunsets by Felmagre Word Count: 1016

    I am posting this in the synopsis group as I am interested in feedback as to whether it has the makings of a longer story. It was originally posted as a short story but think their are too many threads here which have not been drawn together. Need to know if it should be pruned or expanded, and I would welcome some pointers, comments, thoughts. Thank you. 
    18 Sep 2003

    Feral Youths by Felmagre Word Count: 136

    23 May 2005

    Monsoon by Felmagre Word Count: 72

    26 Feb 2006

    New Exercise - 2 Smells by Felmagre Word Count: 283

    23 Sep 2003

    Objective Justice by Felmagre Word Count: 156

    For some time now our justice system appears to give 'hearsay' and 'gossip' the same legal status as hard evidence. Doing this can open the doors for sadistic vengeful people to 'get even' for what ever reason. If we continue to tread this road then who knows where it will end. Surely evidence should still be vital to convict. Value some feedback on this as I know it is not an easy subject to write about, but then are we not in some way meant to be the voice of reason? 
    28 Sep 2003

    Sounds by Felmagre Word Count: 220

    21 Sep 2003

    Surveillance! by Felmagre Word Count: 304

    5 Sep 2003

    Underground by Felmagre Word Count: 334

    1 Sep 2003

    Zhonggou by Felmagre Word Count: 288

    Having just read the book ' Good women of China' detailing the plight of women, I was stirred to write this. Interestingly, there are today, more female suicides in China (Zhonggou) than any other country. Sadly world stastics normally show male suicides to be higher than that of women. However, despite China's new openess her female suicide rates, buck this trend. 
    8 Jan 2004

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