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A second Skin

by Felmagre 

Posted: 13 May 2005
Word Count: 98

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‘Twas second hand when first acquired,
a charity hand me down.
Now threadbare at the elbows,
unravelled at the rib.
Sleeves a little baggy, from over use,
patched, darned here and there.

‘Tis nothing much to speak about,
yet comfortable to wear.
Made in the Middle East, by hand,
from soft angora wool.
Feels warm and gentle on the skin,
light and finely spun.

Its colour, a deep rich coral pink
illuminates the face
Knitted simply, in cable, plain and pearl,
washes well – it needs too.
For it’s still my favourite jersey,
It’s like a second skin.

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Comments by other Members

Beanie Baby at 21:06 on 13 May 2005  Report this post
Hello Felmagre.
A favourite jersey is like a wellworn teddy bear, isn't it? I love the way you've captured the comfort it gives you, and the little bit about its past as

"Made in the Middle East, by hand,
from soft angora wool."

This adds even more colour to your "deep, rich, coral pink".

I love this.

Felmagre at 22:59 on 14 May 2005  Report this post
Yes, I agree with you, favorite teddy bears, jersey's and the likes. Thank you for your encouraging comments.

seanfarragher at 22:20 on 16 May 2005  Report this post
Children collect a toy and it becomes their skin. My daughter carried a doggie around until it was just a piece of cloth. My son sucked his thumb. My youngest daughter had a blanket. They were part of their skin and memory I am certain all their lives. I remember that I had a bear when I was a small boy, and she would come in the night to nourish me. I was always hungry. Perhaps, as a senior citizen I am still comforted by such a memory. Wonderful poem. Maybe we could all right about our special toy (as child or adult) and show how it infected us (in the positive sense) with confidence and yet we were wary of being so fully absorbed, we lost definition and became without boundary. Is that what we do when we write? To we exist without boundary?

Felmagre at 23:53 on 16 May 2005  Report this post
'Existing without boundary' What a wonderful thought, I wonder if that is correct. Thank you for your encouragement and kind insightful comments.

Kind regards

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