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Objective Justice

by Felmagre 

Posted: 28 September 2003
Word Count: 156
Summary: For some time now our justice system appears to give 'hearsay' and 'gossip' the same legal status as hard evidence. Doing this can open the doors for sadistic vengeful people to 'get even' for what ever reason. If we continue to tread this road then who knows where it will end. Surely evidence should still be vital to convict. Value some feedback on this as I know it is not an easy subject to write about, but then are we not in some way meant to be the voice of reason?

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Sexual crimes are nasty things;
emotive and traumatic,
so justice, the rule of law....
not spite or vengeance,
needs to be ensured.
No justice systems safe,
if objectivity is lost.

I hear and understand your fears
that he'll harm some other child
but justice not Megan or Sarah's law
is needed; to protect the innocent
whilst punishing those guilty.

Emotion generates bad laws
convicting men of child abuse.
Without real evidence or prove,
for childhood tales....
may or may not be true.

Branding someone a paedophile
is bad enough if true
but think about the consequence
if based upon a lie.
You've labelled them, their families
so lives are lost and reputations ruined.

Yes, speaking out for justice
is costly in this climate
then history's rife with witch-hunts
as otherness fuels the flames
we'll share their fate, I know
if we dare to speak for them
no wonder we stand silent.
Which is the bigger crime?

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Comments by other Members

Fearless at 20:11 on 28 September 2003  Report this post
Dear Felmagre

I applaud you for writing this. We live in a time when civil liberties have been misplaced, where rational, logical debate has been stifled - where a climate of fear and brutal simplicity reign.

It cannot be right for rumour to run free; consider the tabloid witchunts against paedophiles. Protesters chased one woman, simply because they couldn't distinguish between the terms 'paedophile' and 'paediatrician'. Vigilantism, no matter how well intentioned, leads to mob rule. We blanche at the thought of white supremacists instigating lynchings in south of the Mason-Dixon line - what's the difference now?

Crime is horrible, unspeakable, a never-ending reign of darkness that envelopes all those remotely involved. It arouses such passion, anger, hatred, feelings of revenge, bloodlust, sorrow. All the more reason to take the time to get to the truth - 'innocent til proven guilty' and '12 good men and women'....depending on whether you believe in God, spirits, etc, you may disagree as to whether we are equal before God - but we sure as hell are equal before the law.

Thanks again, I am very glad that you used your voice in this way.


Felmagre at 09:32 on 29 September 2003  Report this post
Hello Fearless,

You have voiced my concerns completely. Thank you for standing beside me. I have felt concerned about the way we are heading, and also in a way concerned about voicing those concerns but sometimes ones personal concerns have to be put to the side for the grater good. This I think is one of those times. Your mention of the 'paediatrician' was a pointer to the 'mob rule' enveloping our land at this moment in time, and the fact that community leaders, politicians and so forth appear not to be attempting to calm the climate or make people see reason. Sometimes I think 'civilization' is only skin deep.

My other concern is the way the media is targetting immigrants: we could yet see a blood bath. In a sense we as poets and writers have to be a voice for those without one.

Thanks again, your comments are apprecaited.

Fearless at 10:07 on 29 September 2003  Report this post

Remember that you do not stand alone. Many do what they can, but the fear is deep. People are intimidated, both within and without the community - divisions are deep, based on idealogy, age, transition in generation, birthplace, but also in response to a problem they agree exists (circumstances are not so important, but your responses to them are). The BBC has been dumbed down as they are in fear, and people feel effectively disenfranchised.

But, it's important to remember that the world has always been a beautiful, gentle, calamitous, contrary, contradictory, dangerous place. It is also cyclical. I remember the NF, terrorism, oil crisis in the 1970s. We go round and round in circles. Technology has broadcast more widely and compressed events.....but in the rush to win eyeballs, they recklessly hype, dramatise and pimp the unnewsworthy, and denigrate those things which should be handled sensitively. Politicians no longer argue, but adopt or silently oppose extreme arguments to outflank rivals, not appreciating that such tactics send silent 'messages' to others.

Yep, we are targeting immigrants, even though this is something that has been going on since time, and they are needed - it is an economic imperative.

Sounds like I am pimping my own work, but have a read of 'Chronicle of a death foretold' and 'A luta continua'.

'A luta continua - so do what you must'


Felmagre at 08:08 on 30 September 2003  Report this post
Your paint a black picture. Unfortunately it puts me in mind of what folk in Germany must have gone through when trying to protect peoples classified as 'Sub-human' by the authorities. One wonders, sometimes, why G-d decided to create humans in the first place, but then that is another issue.

I still hope that somthing will jolt the human race into discovering what they can be in terms of compassion and selflessness, then maybe I'm deluding myself; who knows!

olebut at 08:14 on 30 September 2003  Report this post

a powerful message put over equaly powerfully and true of much of today political with a small p indoctrination.

Heresay and innuendo are only spin with a different name

take care


Tina at 19:01 on 30 September 2003  Report this post
A very powerful and brave poem
Thank you for voicing such things - it is by these means that we get 'to know' each other and to seek the similarities rather than hunting the differences - each of us has all capabilities - to be the murderer or paedophile it i9s there but in huge denial which is why such things cause great outcry. It is a necessary response - NOT ME - but actually yes you and everyone of us.

I am sorry to say we have a long way to go to let go of the need for revenge which masquerades in the name of justice - only look at the response when the boys who were involved in the killing of Jamie Bulger were to be up for parole. Does anyone talk of the abuse these 'children' went through? How can we not hear their story too.

One of my most immedaite concerns is the man jailed/ awaiting trial for the murders of Holly and Jessica - what if this man is innocent?

You have only to look at the level of response this poem has stirred to see how valuable its content is for us all.
thank you

Felmagre at 19:13 on 30 September 2003  Report this post
Hello Tina,

Yes, I too find injustice, which ever form it takes, a deeply disturbing thing. Like you I too believe there is the potential within each and every person to do good or ill, sometimes it is simply that we lack the opportunity or motivating reason. Interestingly, not so long ago an experiment was carried out, a repeat of a previous one, whereby individuals were selected to be either prison guards or prisoners. Both experiments were terminated prematurely as the level of abuse and sadism was unable to be allowed to continue. Yes, we all have the potential to be!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, concerns and support.

Much apprecaited.

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