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Name Katheryn Rodzianko
User Name Katheryn_UK
Specialism Fiction
Location East England
Interests music, theatre, writing, singing.
Profile Hey, i`ve been writing on and off for a few years. Never really completing a full story but i`ve sort of decided to complete one haha, its a hard process but if i keep at it, it can be done!

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Secret Lives - Part 1 by Katheryn_UK Word Count: 3324
1  Comment

its a new story ive been coming up with. (having trouble with the last paragraph. my brain seems to be on writers block so far and any tips will be happily taken!) 
26 Feb 2010

Secret Lives - Part 2 by Katheryn_UK Word Count: 4552

okay so i havent split them up into chapters yet but this is the second part of my story where she is older but its the first part and this part that i can seem to join up! 
7 Mar 2010

Unlucky Vampire by Katheryn_UK Word Count: 1545

Anna is 1 of 6 children to be a born vampire. (there are errors but im just uploading as i do that chapters.) 
25 Mar 2010

Unlucky Vampire - Chapter 2 by Katheryn_UK Word Count: 1413

yeah, same summary as chapter 1. reviews would be liked. thanks :D 
27 Mar 2010

Unlucky Vampire - Chapter 3 by Katheryn_UK Word Count: 1577

not expecting big comments,just a guideline for if it flows/makes sense- that sort of thing. :D 
1 Apr 2010

Unlucky Vampire: chapter 4 by Katheryn_UK Word Count: 1340

8 Apr 2010

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