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Unlucky Vampire: chapter 4

by Katheryn_UK 

Posted: 08 April 2010
Word Count: 1340
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Chapter four:

I wake up at 6pm. I knew the sun would have set by now, which is good. I could also feel the sun was fading. It makes me feel stronger. It's not like I'm a new born or anything. If I was a new born, I'd be raving mad with hunger and sleeping all day unlike just a few hours. Also, I don't think I'd be able to sleep in a house full of humans. I dont think my brothers and sisters would appreciate it if I sucked their blood during their sleeping. I laugh at the thought.
I stretch out my arms and sigh. I get up and open the curtains. It's been raining. Nice English weather.
I quickly changed into a pair of denim jeans and a Beatles t-shirt and went downstairs for breakfast. Yes, we really do eat normally. Although, it's not like it really does the job, if you know what I mean.
Mum was doing the dishes when I walked in. “Hey Mum.” I say through a yawn. “Don't worry, dad's going to work me hard again so I won't be around much.” I mutter. I can tell she gets awkward around me.
“It's okay sweetheart. I'm just pleased you got some sleep.” she says, smiling and then concentrates on the bubbles.
I sit on a chair by the kitchen table after getting myself some cereal. It's not exactly that I stay up all night. I just, well, train from 7pm until midnight and then read or whatever. Dad tell's me that I will gradually be able to build up a routine of getting up in daylight hours.

“Hey, you ready for more training?” calls dad, walking into the kitchen.
He's all dressed up in black. His usual attire for these sessions. He's holding a sword and I suddenly swallow, forgetting I hadn't chewed, and choke a little.
“What... we're doing, that?” I stutter. He smiles and looks down at the sword.
“Yeah, I thought we could move on to using weapons today. Well, non plastic weapons should I say,” he came over and patted me on the shoulder, like dad's do. “it's okay, if you're not ready, we can just do some punches or something. I don't want to make you feel pressurised. We have plenty of time.” he said soothingly.
Knowing I want this training to be over with I say, “No, no, it's okay dad. I'm ready. I just need to put shoes on. Wait here five minutes okay?” I say, dumping my bowl in the sink and running at full speed to my room. Thats the only benefit of being a vampire, the speed. I love it. But it can get annoying sometimes. I've tripped up before whilst running at full speed up the stairs before, and it's even more painful than if I was a human running.
I storm in my room and raid my wardrobe for some socks and my trainers that I wear for these sessions.
Forgetting the door didn't close behind me, I jump slightly at a knock on the door. I turn around mid-searching and find Joel standing there, hand raised and looking around casually.
I frown, and look back at my drawer. “What do you want Joel?” I half shout without looking at him.
I see him still hovering at the door and I let out a big sigh in annoyance. I only have training three times a week and I sometimes lose my stuff when I tidy. I take out my drawer of shoes and dump it on my bed.
“I just wondered if you were okay. You had the nightmare again didn't you? I felt it.” he said calmly. Affection showing in his voice. I muttered under my breath about trainers for a second and then looked at him. “Why bother asking if you already knew?” I retorted.
He flinched, “No need to be pissed off. Your trainers are under your bed by the way. And yeah, I asked only because if you hadn't, then I felt sick and had a headache for no reason this morning.”

I collapsed on my bed and I felt Joel come and sit next to me, putting the trainers on my lap.
“Here you go. So what's dad got you doing today?” he asked. I was too tired and frustrated to think about his scent that was blowing into my lungs and making me hungry.
“Sword fighting.” I say, exasperated. “It suddenly hit me that I might one day have to fight other vampires. And you know what? That scares me Joel, it really does.” I moan. He patts me on the knee and I sit up suddenly. Getting up, I put my drawer back in the wardrobe and close it. I quickly put on my trainers from the bed. I did all that quickly because I was worried how I would react if I'd sat next to him a second longer. When he touched me on the knee, I had a strange feeling.
“I better go” I say as I go to walk out the door, “You're not staying in here, so you know, leave” I say, straining to stay sane and pointing to outside.
He gets up rejectedly and goes out infront of me so I can close the door.
“Right, keep your head raised at all times, and swipe,” My sword clashes with steel.
“Good, now right foot forward and,” we clash again, “Okay, now side step,” I step to the right and his sword clashes with mine again. We've been at this for an hour and my mind can't seem to figure it out. Dad keeps saying 'good' but I wonder if he's just saying that to please me.
I'm sweating and the headwear I have on is really uncomfortable. It's the type of headwear that people who fence put on. I never know what it's called. He just told me to put it on.

“Dad, it's useless. I'm no good at sword fighting, and you know it!” I complained.
He dropped his arm, looking at me sorrowfully. “You're not bad. You just need practice. Do you think I learnt to sword fight after an hours lesson? It was nearly six months before I could properly sword fight without errors. And my parents weren't as easy on me as as I am with you.” he smiled. He pulled me in for a hug and I had to fight to hold my tears back. It was all so overwhelming.
“When will I get a normal life? I mean, as normal as is possible” I ask, sniffling.
He looks at me sadly and I can tell it hurts him to see me so down. He looks into nothingness for a moment then back to me, “Soon. You just need to be strong. But I'm here for you” he says.

A couple of hours later, I started to get the hang of it. I was still rough though. We went to feed.
“Now remember what I taught you, don't hesitate. Be the hunter. It's just natures way, so don't worry.” he pointed to a small fox that was hovering by a tree to the right of the house. We often got wild fox and rabbits here, they didn't bother us. But we tended to bother them.
I never let my eye stray from this copper brown fox. I didnt know if it was a he or a she, and at this point I didn't think it mattered. It wouldn't be alive for long. I lunged straight for the fox once I was within five feet. I had kept a steady eye and it looked at me curiously for a few seconds but before it had time to register what I was doing, it was flat on the floor with my lips around its neck. I always feel bad after feeding. But even I felt the difference after a few days of no blood. It was needed, otherwise I would die. I didn't want that.

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