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Unlucky Vampire - Chapter 2

by Katheryn_UK 

Posted: 27 March 2010
Word Count: 1413
Summary: yeah, same summary as chapter 1. reviews would be liked. thanks :D
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Chapter two.

I dress up in a mini skirt and tanktop – I also don't feel the cold so much anymore despite being in rural England – and dab on some rouge lipstick for comfort. I don't like to feel bare and when I don't wear make up, it's like I'm naked. Although with this outfit, my father might think I might as well be naked. I giggle to myself. Dressing up is half the fun. If I can't flaunt my almost ever lasting youth, what can I do?

Rachelle gets away with dressing scantily most of the time. Out parents might be old fashioned but we in the modern 21st century arent. I try to act human as much as I can. Most of the time I still feel human. It's only when I get a whiff of a strong blooded human that I go a bit, crazy. I promised myself I would behave today. I fed earlier on, made sure that my hunger was sated and told myself the party would be over before I knew it. I couldnt not go because it would be unfair to richard. He is as close to me as the others and I don't want to make it even more obvious that I'm different. I dont want to give them more reason isolate me.
I leave my room into the long hallway on the second floor of our house. Our house is one in a few originals in an area where no other house is within a mile radius. To get anywhere we have to drive a way. Some of us are used to it and mother and father love the peace and quiet. Our home is in Ardington and ten miles north lies Oxford.

I glide down the spiral stairs the lead to the entrance hall and take a calming breathe. My fists are clenched with nerves so I try and release them slowly as not to get cramp. There is an overwhelming smell as I make my way into the living room thats just to right of the entrance and I have to strain myself not to turn around and run back upstairs. Everyone is in the main room with a few bits of food on our favourite trays only used for special occasions. Richard is dressed in a black and white suit that looks really good on him. Too good. I try and hide that thought far back in my head. No, I must not think like that. He's family. They all are.

I walk over to Richard and smile at him. He smiles back warily. I notice he's taking in my outfit and out of the corner of my eye I can see father frowning slightly. The corners of his mouth turned down as though he's disapointed in me. He's also wearing a suit. He never stops wearing suits.
“Hey bro” I say, trying to sound relaxed. I want to give him a hug, like a normal sister would. Instead I nervously settle for a hand shake, but even that causes a battle in my body. He shakes my hand and laughs, nervous aswell I presume. It's been a while since I've been in the same room as everyone.
He lets go of my hand and looks around then back to me. I notice he's not the only one looking at me.
“Hey, Anna. How are you, um, feeling?”
I smile lightly and turn around so everyone can see me. They're all standing in a sort of horse shoe shape holding glasses of champagne in their hands and nervous faces.
My father looks at me a little disaprovingly but also nods encouragingly.

“I'm fine. Okay? There's no need to be so awkward around me.” I say, allowing my confidence to build ever so slightly with every breath they release. I can practically smell the tension.
“That's good to hear, Anna. Can we get on with the party now.” Joel says with a slight smirk playing on his lips. He holds up his drink of wine, we all repeat the gesture. I stand among my family smiling and relax, realising I needn't worry so much.
“Here's to Richard, and to many many years of birthdays to come! Although not as many as Anna,” he jokes and a few giggles go around the room. I sigh and clink my glass with the others.
I walk to my dad and hug him. At least there's someone i can hug without worry of suffocation. “I'm so proud of you, Anna. But did you really have to dress so, little?” he asks, gesturing to my almost outfit.
I roll my eyes and smile, “Dad, you know I like to dress to impress. But since, well, I changed, I just feel like being different. That's all.” I shrug and take a sip from my red wine. In my mind I pretend it's blood.
He smiles and pats me on the shoulder, “I know. Just don't turn out like your sister, okay?”
I nod and turn around to talk to my mum who's currently standing behind me. I can feel her.
“Hey mum,” I give her a warm smile and suddenly she reaches over to hug me and I'm caught in an embrace I can't control. I'm hugging her tighter without control. My dad obviously realising what's happening and grabs my shoulders to remind me to snap out of it and I relax so I can let go of mum.
Mum looks relieved and smiles again. I can always tell when it's forced though.
“It's good to see you looking relaxed honey, it's been too long since we've all been together. I miss having our girly chats.” she gushes, and hiccups quietly. How many has she had?
I look around, distracted and nod. “I miss you too mum. And don't worry, with dads training I'll be up and around properly before you know it.” I wink and walk away to talk to the others. Sometimes I feel like a guest at my own familys party.

After about an hour of talking to them all, I excused myself and went to my room. All the contact with human flesh has made my throat hurt and I needed to be in a room where I wouldn't feel crazy. My bedroom is my sanctuary, not just a cell.
I sit on the stool by my mirror and comb my hair as I look at myself. My skin is looking slightly translucent today. I mean, I have colour, but it's like over the weeks my skin is turning paler. I thought I'd be a tanned vampire. I guess not.
I get a knock on the door, “Come in” I call. It's not like I'm going to get a stranger.
Rachelle opens the door and walks in to sit on my bed.
“Hey, were you born in a barn?” I say raising an eyebrow. She glances to the door, apologises and closes the door. “Thanks”
She sits back down and twiddles her thumbs. I stay on the stool, looking at her. She's wearing skimpy clothes too, but to her, it looks good. We're all used to her flashing her body around and mum and dad get tired of telling her, so they stopped.
“So,” I start, “What's up?” I ask, wondering why she's here. I mean, I love her, but I rarely get visits. It's like they think my room is filled with goth art and coffins.
She breathes out slowly, “Are you okay?” she asks. I give a wide smile and try to show i am fine, really.
“No, I mean, really, are you, okay? I mean, I know you say you're fine and everything. But I feel as if it's a front. I worry about you sis.” she says, sounds sad. I do my best not to roll my eyes and act every bit of the sixteen years that I am.
“I am positively, one hundred percent, fine. Honestly.” I walk over to her and hug her softly as to prove a point. It takes every nerve in my body to let go. Who would have thought hugging would be so painful.
She lets out a huge sound of relief and stands up. “Okay, so you know if there's anything, like, girl issues or anything like that, you can come to me. About anything. Remember that, yeah.” she says, giving me a sisterly smile. I swear this family smiles too much.

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