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After the Fall of the Galactic Empire by bjlangley Word Count: 269

A Star Wars based entry for the current humour/comedy groups challenge. 
29 Jun 2006

And the Clock Ticked on by bjlangley Word Count: 487

For this weeks challenge. (Guess who forgot the number?) Didn't really have time for a polish (my wife is going to drag me away from the PC in the next 30 minutes...) but it's her fault that this story exists, she has the flu, and I had to take her to the doctors. 
13 May 2005

Best Action Movie Ever by bjlangley Word Count: 1211

At the weekend I was lucky enough to see the movie masterpiece that is ‘xXx’. As I am sure that all of you know (well, those of you that have seen it) this movie is the Best Action Movie Ever™. That movie, that very, very special movie, has inspired me. It has inspired to me write my own adventures featuring the World’s Best Action Hero™ Xander Cage. 
30 Mar 2004

Birdflu: The Musical by bjlangley Word Count: 2293

Just a piece I wrote for a bit of fun. Anyway, bits in italics are songs - in some places even the names are in italic, too many to change to and from. You'll have to imagine the dancing and music yourselves, but you're an imaginative lot, so I'm sure you'll cope ;o)  
27 Oct 2005

Midlife Mutant Crisis Turtles by bjlangley Word Count: 512

You probably need to have seen Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero Turtles back in the day to get this. My excuse is that my brother was a big fan, and had loads of toys. 
26 Mar 2007

Scavengers by bjlangley Word Count: 1000

An edited version of (I am) Roadkill - I hope this version is a little clearer. Also - which title do you prefer..? 
7 May 2011

That Cliff Richard Song by bjlangley Word Count: 416

For Comedy Contest 3 
7 Dec 2005

The BoogieWoman by bjlangley Word Count: 132
1  Comment

A flash 
16 Oct 2008

They Grow Back by bjlangley Word Count: 500

A late entry (an hour and a half!) to this weeks flash fiction contest. Week 56, isn't it? Roots. Apologies if I've left something grammatically shocking in there, I'm so close to collapsing on the keyboard here, that I may have missed the blatantly obvious. 
22 Jul 2005

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