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Chavez by Cholero Word Count: 987

For Oonah's chemistry chanllenge - a retread re-worked for the challenge. 
27 Jan 2010

Helman by Cholero Word Count: 310

Jen's Pi Challenge 
20 Mar 2010

Home Sweet Home by Cholero Word Count: 498

Jonathan's challenge. Not sure if I met every criterion, and v much a first draft. 
13 Nov 2010

Out and In by Cholero Word Count: 418

For Jumbo's challenge. I've no idea what this is - ran out of words a bit, could have gone on longer... 
23 Jan 2010

Seeing Red by Cholero Word Count: 509

Bonfire flash challenge 
5 Nov 2009

Sunday by Cholero Word Count: 459

Jennifer's Normal Day challenge 
27 Sep 2010

The Claimant by Cholero Word Count: 150

Petrified challenge. 
28 Mar 2008

The Ride by Cholero Word Count: 288

Jen's speed challenge 
6 Feb 2010

Wake by Cholero Word Count: 300

Week 189 challenge. 
16 Feb 2008

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