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  Freebird's (a.k.a. Sarah J Dodd)  children's picture book Legs is published in Lion Childrens' Books. (Available 21st August 2015)
  • Suitable especially those aged 3-5, this is the story of Miki the meerkat, who ventures out into the world and finds it bewilderingly full of legs. A story of exploration, adventure and love, but also fun and educational in matching legs and faces

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    An Angel Anyway by Freebird Word Count: 1198

    Please forgive any odd spaces or gaps - I lifted this from a Publisher file, where the words fit round the pictures. Aimed at 4-7s 
    10 Dec 2009

    Beyond Blue 2 by Freebird Word Count: 1431

    Next chapter 
    7 Dec 2009

    Beyond Blue 6 by Freebird Word Count: 1321

    formatting has come out a bit dodgy - just ignore strange indents or lack of! 
    29 Jan 2010

    Mudskippers - synopsis by Freebird Word Count: 646

    I know this is probably too long. Also need to find the 'voice' and smooth over plot details to give an overall picture... but how?! 
    26 Mar 2009

    Reading Book series... again! by Freebird Word Count: 60

    So the project is back on again :) Graded reading books for primary school age 
    17 Apr 2013

    Speccy Al 4 by Freebird Word Count: 988

    Quite a short chapter (hacked it a lot) - might end up combining is with the next one. 
    7 Mar 2010

    Specs by Freebird Word Count: 1035

    No title yet! Calling it 'Specs' for the time being. Need your comments esp on pov as the chapters progress. 
    14 Sep 2009

    Specs Chapter 2 by Freebird Word Count: 1310

    Jumps to a different set of characters in a different location. Back to Barnaby in Chapter 3 
    17 Sep 2009

    Specs chapter 5 by Freebird Word Count: 984

    back with Barnaby's pov - not sure how the formatting will come out, with the eye test chart. Hope you can read what it says! 
    28 Oct 2009

    The Colour of Bones by Freebird Word Count: 953

    historical fiction for 11+ I've only done the first draft so far, and by writing the synopsis, I hope to clarify the plot points. But I'm rubbish at synopses, so any comments gratefully received! I know it's a tad long, but I'm trying to get it all in. Does it make sense? Where do you feel the holes are? 
    25 Nov 2011

    The Colour of Bones Chapter 3 by Freebird Word Count: 2180

    Can you glean any more of Eliza's character from this? 
    13 Feb 2012

    The Mark of a Professional by Freebird Word Count: 2099

    short story aimed at WW. 
    22 May 2012

    The Secret of Spiral Cove by Freebird Word Count: 73

    for younger readers (probably 9-12 
    14 Jun 2012

    The Secret of Spiral Cove 5 by Freebird Word Count: 929

    next installment - all comments appreciated 
    6 Jul 2012

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