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Reading Book series... again!

by Freebird 

Posted: 17 April 2013
Word Count: 60
Summary: So the project is back on again :) Graded reading books for primary school age

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I'm a bit boggle-eyed today, having spent the whole day at the computer. I edited one of the books I'd already done to meet the new guidelines for the reading level, and then I recycled a story I wrote quite some time ago that I loved and never found a publisher for. It fits the requirement perfectly (I hope).


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Comments by other Members

SusieL at 19:12 on 19 April 2013  Report this post
Hope your eyes have unboggled themselves, Freebird. ;

Sounds like you got heaps done, and it must be satisfying to be able to recycle one of your earlier stories too.

Manusha at 20:30 on 19 April 2013  Report this post
Best of luck with the project, Freebird, and it's a great start that you already have a story you can use. I hope you're able to see the project through to the end this time, without any more interruptions to your creative flow.

Freebird at 20:36 on 19 April 2013  Report this post
yes, I'm really getting into it now Wrote half a book this morning - non-fiction. And then it's a rewrite of a Jules Verne.

Just hope they like them all! I'm writing them faster than the feedback is coming back to me...

Account Closed at 18:30 on 21 April 2013  Report this post
Yay, back to this for good reason too.

I hope they like them too. It's great you are so 'into' the work you are doing that you're producing it faster than they can comment.

Good luck, Freebird. I am so pleased this has finally worked out for you

debac at 23:38 on 24 April 2013  Report this post
I don't know the story behind this, but sounds great, and well done on a productive day!

Freebird at 13:52 on 26 April 2013  Report this post
thanks, all. Have been working hard on them this week, and got the feedback and three books together - all good, and not too much to change, thank goodness.

Have a couple more almost ready to send, but it's the comprehension questions that take a long time!

deb, this is some work I picked up from here on the WW site, writing a series of reading books for a Korean publisher.

Account Closed at 20:21 on 26 April 2013  Report this post
It's great you don't have to change much, Freebird. I'm really pleased for you

Freebird at 20:38 on 26 April 2013  Report this post
editor said the work was 'wonderful and interesting'. Phew!

Account Closed at 20:43 on 26 April 2013  Report this post

debac at 11:52 on 27 April 2013  Report this post
Wow - great remarks from your editor. Thanks for explaining, Freebird! Great stuff.

LorraineC at 09:09 on 28 April 2013  Report this post
Sounds like this is going great. How many books did they commission you for? I think it was a pretty big no. And is the contract now fully signed, sealed and delivered?

SusieL at 17:55 on 28 April 2013  Report this post
That great feedback from the editor, Freebird. Sounds like you're working at a rate of knots!

Midnight at 13:30 on 29 April 2013  Report this post
I'm glad the editor liked the work Sarah.

Freebird at 16:59 on 29 April 2013  Report this post
No, contract not signed yet... but I do at last have it in my hand! Just have to sign and send it back (don't know how long the post takes). It's a separate contract for each book, so that's just for the first one.

Freebird at 12:54 on 03 May 2013  Report this post
Phew! Signed the first contract and sent it on its way. Been working hard - now done six completed texts (though not the comprehension questions for all of them) and half way through the seventh.

Sorry I've been a bit rubbish at commenting on everyone's progress - just had my head down the whole time. Will go and check out what you've all been up to now!

Account Closed at 16:10 on 03 May 2013  Report this post
Yay! It's fantastic that one contract has now been signed. Six texts completed already - that's pretty good going too. Been working hard is about right.

Well done

SusieL at 20:09 on 06 May 2013  Report this post
That must be such a relief to have signed the first contract (of many!). Well done, Freebird.

Freebird at 14:56 on 07 May 2013  Report this post
Errr,.. well, the agents have decided now that the contract not quite right so it all has to be done AGAIN.

funnyvalentine at 10:39 on 09 May 2013  Report this post
You are really cracking on! Well done and I am glad your agent is being careful - show's she's really good!

SusieL at 19:56 on 09 May 2013  Report this post
That's true. At least the contract will be spot on. Very frustrating for you though, Freebird.

Account Closed at 15:11 on 12 May 2013  Report this post
It's frustrating waiting for the contract, but understandable that you and your agent want it to be right.

Good luck with the contract being signed and getting on with the books.

LorraineC at 09:52 on 19 May 2013  Report this post
Good luck with this Freebird. Hope it's all sorted now.

Freebird at 17:07 on 20 May 2013  Report this post
Hello! Yes, I'm still here. Just had a lot of other non-writing stuff going on. Still hacking away at the reading books, but am feeling seduced by my novel (a good sign, I hope). I realised just how much I was missing being in that world, constantly thinking about it and rooting for my characters. So I allowed myself half a day back in it and now that's all I want to do!

But I'm carrying on with the reading books for now, and just reading through the Claw novel on my kindle (it's so fantastic for editing!)

Thanks for thinking of me even though I'm being a bit rubbish on here at the mo.

Jennifer1976 at 14:48 on 21 May 2013  Report this post
Glad things are going smoothly with the stories, even if life is getting in the way. Great that you have also found tome to work on Claw and your new idea - sounds to me like you're being drawn into it again. I really must purchase a kindle, they sound so useful for re-reading.

Account Closed at 10:04 on 26 May 2013  Report this post
There will be times when you need to get on with writing, editing and family and worry a bit less about coming online. I hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and you get on with what you need to do. It's great that you find yourself drawn to the new novel, although I understand why it needs to be put to one side for now.

funnyvalentine at 11:34 on 27 May 2013  Report this post
How's it all going FB? I think you are probably working very hard! Hope all is well and good luck with what you're doing.

SusieL at 14:52 on 28 May 2013  Report this post
Good to hear that you're as busy as ever! The challenge you've taken on with your Korean project is quite something. Hope that you'll post some more of The Claw soon as the first few chapters were great.

Account Closed at 21:31 on 03 June 2013  Report this post
You've been quiet - half term I guess. I hope you had a fantastic time with your children and managed to get some writing done if you planned to do so.

Freebird at 12:24 on 04 June 2013  Report this post
I'm still here! I'm about 80 of the way through the Claw book second draft, so hopefully will post some again soon.

FINALLY the publisher signed their copy of the reading book contract (that's just for the first book though - have to go through it all again for the others) though it wasn't their fault. I'd signed and it took ages for the agent in Korea to pass it on.
Anyway, it's done now. Just got to find some time to write some more, because I've got a bit of paid teaching work and have been doing exam invigilation. All goes into the holiday pot!

LorraineC at 10:55 on 08 June 2013  Report this post
So you're still working on Claw. That's good to hear. And thankfully now you've got the one Korean book contract signed, it will pave the way for the others.

Freebird at 11:00 on 08 June 2013  Report this post
Yes, I've suggested that they send the next 4 all in one bundle, because the postage to Korea is quite steep!

Midnight at 11:45 on 14 June 2013  Report this post
I'm glad the Korean contract is finally sorted and also pleased to hear that you are finding time to work on Claw. It sounds like you have been very busy I don't know how you manage to fit everything in. Keep up the good work.

Jennifer1976 at 09:42 on 16 June 2013  Report this post
Glad the contract is sorted and it sounds like you're busy, so hopefully all is going well. Good luck with with it all.

LorraineC at 19:47 on 30 June 2013  Report this post
How are things going, Freebird? Not heard much from your side of the fence.

Freebird at 09:38 on 01 July 2013  Report this post
TOOOOOOO busy for words at the moment! New kitchen being put in next week (so packing up the old one), doing some teaching, going to school trips and sports days, went for a job interview last week - didn't get it, but it took a lot of time to prepare for it. Still cracking on with the Korean books, but the questions/quizzes take so long. But I'm wondering whether to set myself a little target of finishing the second draft of Claw in the next three weeks before school finishes.

But last week I signed four more contracts, so it's all looking good and I want to write as many as I can.

just off to check on your Winchester progress, Lorraine!

SusieL at 11:53 on 03 July 2013  Report this post
Freebird, sounds like your feet are barely touching the ground. Hope the new kitchen goes without a hitch. Good luck with the 2nd draft of the Claw if you manage to find the time. So much going on!

Freebird at 11:58 on 03 July 2013  Report this post
Thanks Susie,

I really want to be reading everyone's posts on CWG as well, but my head's spinning a bit. Not helped by a tearful phone call from my 12 year old daughter from a cross-channel ferry on her first trip overseas with school Finding it hard to concentrate on anything today!

SusieL at 12:00 on 03 July 2013  Report this post
Oh no! That's terrible. You feel so helpless, don't you? Do hope all is ok.

Account Closed at 16:52 on 14 July 2013  Report this post
That's sad. I hope she ended up having a lovely holiday in the end.

LorraineC at 13:46 on 19 July 2013  Report this post
How are things with you, Sarah? Guess your kids will be breaking up for summer hols now. Hope your daughter was ok in the end. Mine was the same a few weeks back - first ever school trip, but she came back quite sad (struggling with friendships). She starts a new school in Sept though (middle school), so I'm hoping that will help.

Hope you enjoy the summer

Account Closed at 17:31 on 23 July 2013  Report this post
I hope you managed to make your target of finishing the second draft of Claw ahead of the school holidays. I hope your daughter got sorted and you have plenty of sunny weeks ahead.

Congrats on getting all those contracts signed, btw. Brilliant

Freebird at 12:07 on 30 July 2013  Report this post
she came back quite sad (struggling with friendships).

Oh, Lorraine - it's hard for them, isn't it? I think my daughter's friendships were strained by the trip, too, because they all got quite grumpy with each other by the 4th night.

Yes, we're on summer hols now. I've managed to finish the edits on three of the books I've signed for, and squeezed in a rewrite of another well known classic. It's worked out well, signing individual contracts for each book, because I've been able to say, 'Look, I can't do much for the next month or so - can you adjust the date for the next contract accordingly?' and the lovely editor has told me to go and have a nice holiday and a rest

Account Closed at 09:06 on 31 July 2013  Report this post
and the lovely editor has told me to go and have a nice holiday and a rest

Do that. Have a fab rest and wonderful summer

Midnight at 19:58 on 02 August 2013  Report this post
Enjoy your rest.

SusieL at 19:49 on 06 August 2013  Report this post
Have a fab holiday, Freebird. You'll be rested and fully recharged, ready to crack on with your writing in the autumn

Jennifer1976 at 19:57 on 07 August 2013  Report this post
Hope you're having a lovely time in Oz - hopefully just what younneed to begin refreshed in September.

funnyvalentine at 18:30 on 21 September 2013  Report this post
How are you FB? You may be somewhere else at the mo' and I haven't caught up, but hope the writing is going well.

Manusha at 15:30 on 22 September 2013  Report this post
Hi Freebird,

Hope you had a lovely holiday. I'm so pleased to see that you've signed up three books already. Are you now working on the next? Or is your focus on this new idea you have for a novel?


Account Closed at 20:38 on 23 September 2013  Report this post

I hope it's all going well for you and, with the children back at school, you are able to move on with your writing.

Did you have a fab holiday? Make me jealous by telling us how wonderful it was.

Freebird at 09:48 on 25 September 2013  Report this post
Errr, shall I make you even more jealous by telling you I've just come back from a weekend in Majorca for my brother's wedding????!!

But came back with loads of mozzie bites and a tummy bug WHich means that today I have time to write because I've cancelled everything else and I'm sitting in bed with the laptop. One of those days where you feel too dodgy to go out and do stuff but not so ill that you can't enjoy curling up with a good book and yesterday's 'Bake-off' on the iplayer...

As for the reading books, I'm just about to start editing number 7. There's quite a bit to do but hopefully I can get a big chunk done today. Then I'm soon going to be starting a new thread for a brand new novel. (Happy sigh)

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