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The Secret of Spiral Cove

by Freebird 

Posted: 14 June 2012
Word Count: 73
Summary: for younger readers (probably 9-12

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something a bit different in that it's fiction, but with a problem-solving/mathematical twist. Might work, might not... Aiming for around 30-35,000 words.

So that means I should be able to finish it in the 5 and a half weeks till the children break up for the summer hols.

Target is going to be 12,000 a week, although this week I only have today so going to crack on as much as I can.

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Comments by other Members

Freebird at 12:19 on 14 June 2012  Report this post
Phew! 4,563 this morning.

No sign of the windscreen guy so I'll have some lunch and then press on

Midnight at 12:33 on 14 June 2012  Report this post
That's a lot for one morning. Wow! As usual you manage to get loads of words down Sarah, Great going.

Freebird at 12:39 on 14 June 2012  Report this post
I've spent a fair few evening scribbling it all down longhand first, so half the work is done already.

Freebird at 15:00 on 14 June 2012  Report this post
Woo-hoo! Finished the first day at a whopping 7,651!

And I feel as though I could keep going as well. Might try and do a bit more later, to see if I can exceed my personal best of 8000 in a day. Can I do 9000, I ask myself?

Midnight at 18:18 on 14 June 2012  Report this post
Fantastic word count, even with some long hand this is fabulous. What, wait did I just read that you once did 8000 in one day? Wow! Well I hope you get the chance to meet then beat that count.

Lilly_Lass at 18:33 on 14 June 2012  Report this post
WOW! That is some wordcount. So once again, WOW!

Someone had a good day, and you sound like you have enjoyed every minute of it.

Your wordcount as really cheered me up. Itís great to see that a good wordcount can be achieved - with of course the right frame of mind to sit down and get it done - because its so easy to get distracted.

I am however waiting for the update that states 9k was achivedÖ ;

Well done Freebird.

Manusha at 18:38 on 14 June 2012  Report this post
Amazing going, Freebird. That's a fifth of the way in one day!

I should be able to finish it in the 5 and a half weeks

Sorry? At this rate you could be finished next week! It certainly shows how planning things out can really help. (Note to self - start planning stuff!)

The mathematical twist sounds interesting, although it would probably go over my head even if it is a children's book! Good luck with keeping up the pace.

LorraineC at 15:44 on 15 June 2012  Report this post
What a fantastic start. I'm sure you'll get there in 5 weeks. Is this book no. 2 so far this year? I wish I could churn out as much. Any news on the agent/publisher front or still waiting?

Freebird at 16:53 on 15 June 2012  Report this post
Still waaaaaaiiiiittttingggg (yawn)

I didn't get any more done yesterday and none today, but next week I've cleared five straight mornings so I'm aiming for (gulp) 20,000 next week, which will pretty much take me in sight of the end.

And then I can go and watch the Olympic torch pass by!

Manusha at 19:55 on 15 June 2012  Report this post
Wow, 20k in a week. But if I can manage 10k in a week I'm certain you can top 20. I hope nothing scuppers your plans to have five clear mornings next week. I look forward to seeing how you get on.

By the way, when is the torch going by you, Freebird?

Account Closed at 20:54 on 15 June 2012  Report this post
Good luck with the 20k target. Love the title.

I've been sitting in Olympic emergency training this morning and found out that some of the shifts I'll be doing involve getting up at 4am to start at 5am. Yuk!
I am looking forward to 3 September.

By then, you should have written, redrafted, polished and subbed this piece. Good luck!

Midnight at 08:14 on 16 June 2012  Report this post
but next week I've cleared five straight mornings so I'm aiming for (gulp) 20,000 next week, which will pretty much take me in sight of the end.
I'm sure you can do this Sarah, I'll be watching and cheering you on.

Freebird at 18:58 on 16 June 2012  Report this post
getting up at 4am
I'm sorry, I don't understand this phrase - it's not in my vocabulary... ;

Seriously, I don't envy you that, Sharley! By the way, what's Olympic emergency traning?

Andy, the torch is passing by us on Friday afternoon - still waiting to find out if I will be watching with 420 kids from school or whether they have enough helpers and I can sneak quietly down and watch it by myself.

Perhaps I will run along behind it, holding aloft a finished manuscript ;

Manusha at 19:16 on 16 June 2012  Report this post
Perhaps I will run along behind it, holding aloft a finished manuscript

Yey! Make sure you get it videoed, I want to see that on YouTube!

getting up at 4am to start at 5am.

What the... Sharley, you need to get another career!

ShellyH at 20:42 on 16 June 2012  Report this post
Good luck with the 20k, that's a serious target. And your wordcount so far definitely deserves another, WOW!!!

Not sure when the torch comes here, think I might have missed it

Freebird at 11:45 on 18 June 2012  Report this post
phew! managed to do another 4,250 or so this morning - which takes me to a grand total of 11,900. Good start to the week, but that often happens on a Monday and then it tails off.

But my hands feel a bit achy now. Best stop before they seize up!

Midnight at 19:22 on 18 June 2012  Report this post
You're doing fabulous Sarah, great word count . No wonder your hands are a little sore after all those words. Hope the rest of your week is just as productive.

ShellyH at 20:20 on 18 June 2012  Report this post
You definitely deserve to rest those hands for a bit. Can't believe you get so much done in a morning. Good luck for the rest of the week.

Freebird at 12:09 on 19 June 2012  Report this post
haven't done any yet this morning - I went out for a walk instead. Was feeling in need of some greenery and sea air. Saw oyster catchers, kestrel, a stoat and a beach completely empty of any footprints whatsoever.

Ahhh, I do love where I live

But now I'm home and I've got precisely 3 hours till school finishes, so time to crack on...


phew! done it, with 2 minutes to spare before I need to leave for school.

Up to 15,971 now. Bets on to see if I finish it by Friday...

EmmaH at 16:07 on 19 June 2012  Report this post
Go Freebird! I admire your organisation and discipline!

LorraineC at 17:29 on 19 June 2012  Report this post
Another stonking wordcount then. Well done. You're an absolute inspiration

Account Closed at 17:46 on 19 June 2012  Report this post
Amazing wordcount. Well done. I leave this thread for a few days and the thread and wordcount expand beyond belief. Well, a slight exaggeration, but not far off!

By the way, what's Olympic emergency traning?

I am on shifts to attend the main control centre for the Dorney Lake events. Only 30k spectators are coming each day - compared to the main events - but I have to do shifts were I coordinate what is needed on behalf of the County Council. I'm one of the liaison officers who would go to a police station if there is an emergency, so the Olympics is an add-on to my role.

Anyhow, back to you. Good luck with meeting your targets. Well done on what you've achieved so far.

Freebird at 09:40 on 20 June 2012  Report this post
don;t think I'll get any done today after all - I have to go to a meeting this morning, and then I think the allotment needs some attention since it's going to tip it down for the next three days. A break won't hurt - just means it'll spill over into next week.

LorraineC at 13:09 on 20 June 2012  Report this post
You deserve a break every now and then Sarah. You've done amazingly well in just the first two days of this week. Hope you enjoy the outdoors and it gives you time to wind down.

ShellyH at 18:09 on 20 June 2012  Report this post
I don't know how you do it, I wish I could have some of your discipline. I spend way too much time procrastinating.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Freebird at 11:43 on 21 June 2012  Report this post
writing derailed again this morning by the death of our rabbit Spent the morning gravedigging...

funnyvalentine at 19:58 on 21 June 2012  Report this post
Oh dear - so sorry about the rabbit.

I hope you get back in the swing tomorrow. Brilliant woe counts tho', you must be really enjoying it!

Midnight at 09:20 on 22 June 2012  Report this post
Sorry to hear about the loss of your pet. Hope the children are all right after the death of their pet. I think this sort of thing is always harder for them as death is such an abstract concept to children.

Freebird at 11:08 on 22 June 2012  Report this post
Arrgh... abject failure in the face of my target this week! This is the third day when my wordcount is zero because we're going to watch the Olympic Torch pass by this afternoon with school, and it's absolutely tipping it down so I've spent the morning buying wellies and waterproofs (any excuse for retail therapy).

But I feel like a naughty kid skiving off school - jaunting about doing other things when I'm supposed to be writing. Quite happy about it!

But I promise I'll be back at it next week (well, apart from sports days and school summer fair and....)

Issy at 11:10 on 22 June 2012  Report this post
Good luck with all of this Freebird. My daughter went for years thinking the bunny we buried in the garden would come back when we dug him up.

I am sure you will be back on track with the writing soon.

Issy at 11:13 on 22 June 2012  Report this post
Just crossed with your later post. It is so darn easy for me to be distracted. I knwo exactly what you mean.

Manusha at 19:28 on 22 June 2012  Report this post
It sounds like you've had a lot to contend with this week, you deserve a good skive! I'm glad you felt happy about it. Good luck finding more time next week. Are you still on target to finish before the summer hols?

Lilly_Lass at 17:46 on 24 June 2012  Report this post
Oh damn & blast. You were speeding along like youíd had nitro in your morning coffee, and I come on hoping that youíd be still darting along, only to discover life has stood in your way. Well never mind you must admit that you got a brilliant start and Iím sure that when you get the time youíll be speeding along once more.

Goodluck for next week, I look forward to reading your progress on my return. ;


p,s. I haven't read Standed yet. I've been on a bit of a roll with me own WIP and thought i'd better not even pick it up and begin reading. ;)

Freebird at 12:07 on 25 June 2012  Report this post
thanks for all good wishes. I still haven't done anything - seem to have some kind of virusy thing (from standing in the rain all friday afternoon perhaps?) that has left me with a splitting headache and a tendency to burst into tears at the drop of a hat.
Been at a friend's for tea and sympathy and now it's school sports this afternoon.

But tomorrow morning, all things being equal, I PROMISE I will get back to it. I wanted to finish it by now so I could kick back and watch Wimbledon!


well, an hour later and I've managed to do 821, which is better than nothing. At least it gets me back in the right frame of mind to pick it up tomorow!

ShellyH at 16:12 on 25 June 2012  Report this post
Oh no Freebird, hope you're feeling a bit better. Don't worry about the wip, it'll still be there when you're feeling up to it.
Virtual hug on it's way (( ))

Has Wimbledon started? That means rain again then

LorraineC at 12:13 on 26 June 2012  Report this post
Get well wishes, Freebird. Hope you start to feel better soon.

Freebird at 13:18 on 26 June 2012  Report this post
done 2,467 today - which takes me up to just over 19,000 in total.

And because I have a bizarre system of numbering the chapters (which is wholly in keeping with the problem-solving aspect of the story), I'm up to chapter 233! Lol

funnyvalentine at 15:20 on 26 June 2012  Report this post
Hope you're feeling better - staggering word count as per usual. Off to read your big post. x

Freebird at 12:26 on 27 June 2012  Report this post
I've done 3441 today - total up to 22,726.

I think I only have two chapters to go, so it will probably end up around 25 or 26,000. is it long enough for a 9-12, do you think?

LorraineC at 12:32 on 27 June 2012  Report this post
Almost there! How many books is that now this year? You're production rate is amazing. Yes, I think 25 to 26k is long enough. Good Luck with this one


That first exclamation mark was supposed to be a question mark!

Midnight at 14:10 on 27 June 2012  Report this post
Great progress as always Sarah.

Freebird at 10:13 on 28 June 2012  Report this post
Well, most of the CoB was written last year, so that doesn't count. It would be nearly two this year, but the first draft of Claw is pretty rubbish and will need major overhaul. I think this one has just come out almost fully formed, which has made it so easy to write.

And with a much shorter book, how much easier it is to 'see' the overall structure in my mind, all in one go.

Today sports day has been cancelled (yellow alert for thundery downpours) so I have the luxury of a whooooooole day to myself. So I plan to try and finish this draft (woohoo), do some baking, eat the product of said baking and then watch either the thunderstorms or some of Wimbledon.

Ahhhh... bliss!

Freebird at 12:00 on 28 June 2012  Report this post
last chapter coming up... chapter 2,584 (lol! That's honestly what it is)

ShellyH at 20:23 on 28 June 2012  Report this post
Well done, hope you're having a nice glass of something to celebrate the end.

We had terrible storms today, roads flooded, my daughter's school closed because water poured through the roof. I've never seen such torrential rain.

Freebird at 10:16 on 29 June 2012  Report this post
gosh, I saw some of the footage on the news -horrendous! Does that mean your school is shut today as well?

ShellyH at 13:52 on 29 June 2012  Report this post
No, it's open today, just lots of doors open and drying out. I think yesterday their main concern was the electrics. All the books in the library were soaked. We spent over an hour drying them, so sad as some are ruined.
But all the roads are clear and dry today, very weird. It's like yesterday never happened and we just dreamt it all.

Midnight at 14:57 on 29 June 2012  Report this post
There are loads of schools in the North East shut today due to yesterdays storm. It went as dark as night before the heavens opened. Loads of people were stranded at work (roads were closed, buses, metros and British rail trains cancelled)and a lot of properties were flooded. These are areas that don't flood, in fact my father said he hasn't seen anything like it in his 84 years. I've heard it is headed southwards, on it's way to Manchester, although that was this morning, so hopefully it has changed course and went out to sea, so the rain can't do any more damage. It's dry here today too, but we've had showers.

Manusha at 02:08 on 01 July 2012  Report this post
hopefully it has changed course and went out to sea, so the rain can't do any more damage.

Diane, you think like an angel!

Freebird, fantastic news that you've finished this WIP already. Your inspiration flies on the wings of an angel too! You certainly inspire me.


I am so forgetful! I keep meaning to say that I love the title of this story!

funnyvalentine at 11:40 on 02 July 2012  Report this post
If you've finished this already, wot are you doing now?

So very sorry to those who got flooded.


Actually, I know what you're doing now...

Freebird at 15:57 on 04 July 2012  Report this post
lol, you know what I've been doing! But now I'm cracking on to try and finish the Claw first draft in the next fortnight. It may be messy and sprawly and badly written, but at least it will be there to work on at a later date.

Account Closed at 10:52 on 06 July 2012  Report this post
I hope the Claw first draft is going well. Good luck with it, Freebird. I hope you do manage to get everything done before the summer holidays descend.

Freebird at 13:05 on 06 July 2012  Report this post
I honestly can't be arsed. I've gone into rebellious mode, I think. Tennis is on, I'm waiting to see whether we get washed away this afternoon in the 'severe weather' and it's Friday.

Ho-hum, there's always Monday....

Account Closed at 13:09 on 06 July 2012  Report this post
LOL - I'm messing about on WW (gosh, that is a nasty troll), eating far too much and too knackered to do much else. So I'll join you in the CBA Day. Hopefully, I'll get some writing done tomorrow and Sunday - the weekend is my writing time. Good luck getting back down to it on Monday.

Manusha at 19:41 on 06 July 2012  Report this post
Yey, be a rebel, Freebird! You're right - the tennis is on - and OMG Murray is in the final! With Federer! How good is that? But whatever happens on court, Monday sounds a good day to get back into the swing of things. New week and all that...

funnyvalentine at 09:08 on 07 July 2012  Report this post
I think you're tired - we're all on for Monday. Give yourself a rest. Did you get washed away?

It's raining, by the way...

LorraineC at 10:49 on 07 July 2012  Report this post
I think all of us need to rebel a bit at times. Are you going to start a new thread for The Claw? Maybe a new thread will breathe fresh live into it. ;

Lilly_Lass at 18:57 on 07 July 2012  Report this post
I honestly can't be arsed.
LOL, one of those days, eh?

Tennis, itís something I canít watch. I find the noises the players make quiet disturbing, not to mention annoying.

Anyhow, I hope you are back on track as you read this...

Issy at 21:53 on 07 July 2012  Report this post
Well done Freebird, you beat your own deadline! I'll be drifting over to the childrens group soon to see that latest chapter but good on you.

Freebird at 12:20 on 09 July 2012  Report this post
think I'll abandon Claw till the Autumn. Just can't drum up any enthusiasm for it, and I'm still tinkering over Spiral Cove to make it as good as I can.

Midnight at 21:01 on 09 July 2012  Report this post
Hope the tinkering is going well.

LorraineC at 21:20 on 09 July 2012  Report this post
Keep at it You'll soon find your mojo again.

Manusha at 19:08 on 10 July 2012  Report this post
You've abandoned The Claw? But...

Confused of soggy Dorset.

ShellyH at 22:17 on 10 July 2012  Report this post
Spiral Cove is brilliant, and I'm sure once that's finished your enthusiasm for The Claw will come back.

Happy tinkering!

Account Closed at 22:25 on 10 July 2012  Report this post
Good luck with Spiral Cove. I read one chapter in FFD and was drawn in immediately. Great stuff.

I hope that when you go back to the Claw in the Autumn, it means you can concentrate on it with Spiral Cove being polished to the best you can.

Freebird at 10:41 on 11 July 2012  Report this post
thanks all, I think that finishing one book (albeit a short one) in such a short time has taken away the burning desire to write the other one! It'll come back, though - in the meantime I'll keep plugging away at it. After all, we can't write in an inspired way all the time. or most of the time. A lot of it is just hard work and persistence, isn't it?

Account Closed at 09:58 on 14 July 2012  Report this post
A lot of it is just hard work and persistence, isn't it?

Ne'er was a truer word spoken - or a sentence written. Good luck doing what you need to do. Plugging away brings to mind the wrong sort of images. I know the meaning of plugging away, but I think of plugs or even putting plug plants in. Don't ask. I obviously got up too early.

Good luck with plugging at away at it.

Issy at 16:52 on 15 July 2012  Report this post
There with you Freebird, work and persistence is really the way to get it done.

LorraineC at 16:29 on 17 July 2012  Report this post
How are you doing Freebird? Still tinkering? I guess with 6 weeks of summer holidays ahead it's hard to do much else.

Freebird at 16:52 on 17 July 2012  Report this post
I was determined to do a bit more on Claw today, but after squeezing out 1400 words of absolute tripe, I thought better of it and began editing a short story.

I feel in limbo till I know what's happening with Spiral Cove. Feel a bit glum and restless now Need to go for a long walk tomorrow and let the ideas flow, I think! I've never been in the position of not knowing what to write next - I've always had another project burning in the back of my mind, so it feels uncomfortable.

ShellyH at 17:01 on 17 July 2012  Report this post
Maybe just have a complete break for a few days, although you're like me with the school hols looming.
Have you sent Spiral Cove to your agent?

Freebird at 17:12 on 17 July 2012  Report this post
yes, just checked that she got the updated version (getting paranoid) and she said she will read it in the next couple of days. So at least I'll be out of my misery either way!

Account Closed at 17:20 on 17 July 2012  Report this post
Fingers-crossed for you. I hope you get positive news asap. I would have my finger nails down to the quick if I was you. From what I read, I thought it was ace.

ShellyH at 18:11 on 17 July 2012  Report this post
She'll love it, I'm sure she will. I think I'll be biting my finger nails down on your behalf!

Midnight at 21:15 on 17 July 2012  Report this post
Fingers crossed for you. I'm hoping to read some good news on your thread soon.

Manusha at 22:00 on 17 July 2012  Report this post
I hope you find time to relax, Freebird. Try not to worry about Spiral Cove, it should sell a million copies on the fab title alone. It's a story I would've loved to read when I was a child and it's a great read even for an adult!


Oh yes, and give yourself permission not have to think of stories while you enjoy your walk tomorrow. Smell the air, feel the breeze, listen to the sounds. Enjoy the moment!

Freebird at 09:26 on 18 July 2012  Report this post
Aw, thanks guys. Unfortunately we have a yellow warning for torrential rain! But I might go for a walk anyway, blow the cobwebs away... or a swim instead ;

Account Closed at 22:10 on 18 July 2012  Report this post
Are you planning to swim in the new local pool outside your house? I hope the walk/paddle/swim went well and the cobwebs were blown away. I hope good news comes soon.

Allana at 17:04 on 22 July 2012  Report this post
Freebird, you have truly inspired me.
So take it easy and don't get overtaken with lack of enthusiasm. I would say it is only natural after all the hard work you put in on Spiral Cove.
Well done!

Freebird at 09:35 on 23 July 2012  Report this post
Hi Allana,

I presume you mean inspired by the full thread and not my woeful lack of enthusiasm or discipline in recent days!

Now that it's holiday time and I don't feel obliged to write because I don't have the time, I'm beginning to find that ideas are starting to trickle into my head again.

P.S Welcome to the group!

Allana at 13:09 on 23 July 2012  Report this post
I presume you mean inspired by the full thread and not my woeful lack of enthusiasm or discipline in recent days!

Yes, the former.
It's the way you said you were going for 12,000 a week and exceeded that in the first weeks.
Okay, after that life got in the way, but you then pulled yourself right back into fast writing mode and continued to (I think) the finish.
Since then, you have had some setbacks, but blimey girl, you can really pull out all the stops!

Freebird at 17:10 on 23 July 2012  Report this post
Lol, thank you!

Account Closed at 08:14 on 28 July 2012  Report this post
Hi Freebird. I hope you feel much better now you can see a way forward with self publishing. Spiral Cove does look really good, so fingers-crossed it will work out for you.

Midnight at 09:47 on 01 August 2012  Report this post
Still enjoying the summer break Sarah? Or have you managed to find the time and energy to write?

Freebird at 10:43 on 01 August 2012  Report this post
thanks for asking, Diane - no, I'm not writing anything at all at the moment! Waiting for a chat with my agent and trying to figure out where to go next. Had a bit of knock and trying not to think about writing much at all... although I do have a new idea brewing!

Account Closed at 14:55 on 01 August 2012  Report this post
I do hope the chat with your agent goes well, especially with the way things have been recently. It's great that you have a new idea brewing, as it gives you something to look forward to.

Freebird at 16:05 on 01 August 2012  Report this post
Hmm, well she said she would ring me yesterday after meeting with the publisher who's still got Mysterious Ways. She hasn't rung, and nor is she answering my e-mails! Wish I knew what was going on in her head, but I can safely assume it's either a no or still waiting longer. She knows I'm having a bit of a crisis of confidence, and I don't really want to ring her because she's got a week of meetings and I'd hate to interrupt something.

Account Closed at 17:06 on 01 August 2012  Report this post
If she knows you have a crisis of confidence, she must (or I would hope) realise that keeping you waiting with no answer can only make you doubt yourself more. There's nothing worse than feeling you shouldn't chase, yet also having all your emails/calls go into a vacuum of nothingness.

I hope she comes back, even if to explain why she hasn't heard anything. More than anything I really hope something good comes along very soon. I really do.

LorraineC at 17:24 on 01 August 2012  Report this post
You must be feeling pretty neglected by now. I hope she calls soon, and that you have the 'chat' you need.

Freebird at 19:39 on 01 August 2012  Report this post
Yay, she's got back to me - and it's STILL a 'don't know'. The third editor who was supposed to read it has left, and his replacement hasn't read it yet. Ah well, what's another few weeks when they've had it for months already?!

She's going to ring tomorrow

Account Closed at 20:10 on 01 August 2012  Report this post
I am so pleased she called you back. At least you know why there's a delay.

Sending good wishes your way for her call tomorrow

Midnight at 20:48 on 01 August 2012  Report this post
Glad you have an explanation for the delay. Hope you get good news soon and I'm also sending my best wishes for tomorrow's phone call. *hugs*

Freebird at 12:12 on 02 August 2012  Report this post
Thanks! She's not called yet - feeling a bit unsettled and stomach churny (silly, I know).

She's probably dreading it even more than me - wondering what I'm going to say! Will let you know how it goes...

Manusha at 15:43 on 02 August 2012  Report this post
Oo-er, good luck, Freebird. I'm feeling stomach churny for you as well! You should tell her that it's not just you she's keeping waiting, we're all waiting to hear too!

I'm glad you've got a new idea brewing, that's a really good sign after such a set back and I hope it helps to take your mind off things.

Freebird at 16:48 on 02 August 2012  Report this post
Yes, I think come September I'll be ready to start again. Which is a big improvement on feeling like I never wanted to write again...

She still hasn't rung, but I'm feeling calmer about it. She's only human after all In fact, I feel a lot more positive about everything today. Not sure why. Maybe because I'm going on holiday tomorrow!

Midnight at 17:08 on 02 August 2012  Report this post
Ooo have a great holiday. I'm so pleased you are feeling more positive about things now. Hope she rings soon.

Account Closed at 19:02 on 02 August 2012  Report this post
Have a wonderful holiday. I hope you can relax and not fret about anything. Really pleased you feel more positive.

Manusha at 22:39 on 02 August 2012  Report this post
Which is a big improvement on feeling like I never wanted to write again...

I'm with you there, Sarah. It's not a nice feeling at all. For me it was hard to see what could ever fill that emptiness. It does seem that we have been going through something similar at the same time (do you think we might be related!), and at last you're feeling positive again, and I am too. Yey! Enjoy your holiday.

Freebird at 11:04 on 03 August 2012  Report this post
Lol, Andy - we must be telepathic or something! Hope we can both regain our mojo and crack on again.

Manusha at 11:49 on 03 August 2012  Report this post
I'll drink to that!

funnyvalentine at 20:16 on 07 August 2012  Report this post
Hope you're having a good break Freebird. Glad you got your groove back.

Account Closed at 19:18 on 14 August 2012  Report this post
Saw your other thread. Great news. I'm so glad you've found your mojo and you are looking forward to cracking on with your new idea. I'm also looking forward to participating in your new thread and seeing how you progress. Good luck

Freebird at 10:17 on 15 August 2012  Report this post
Thank you! Better ditch this thread now, though haven't got a title for the other one yet!

Issy at 11:05 on 15 August 2012  Report this post
We don't mind - Work in Prog is fine! I can't get over how the holiday and your agents interest has had such a positive effect!

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