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Name Steve Goodings
User Name BobCurby
Home Page www.book-works.org.uk
Specialism Fiction
Location South East
Interests Photography, Writing, Computing, DIY, Formula 1 Motorsport
Profile Born Norwich, Norfolk, 1948. Father moved to Africa in 1950, grew up in Central Africa, returning to the UK in 1968. Worked in a variety of different fields, started writing in 1980. Under the names of Bob Curby, Richard Kersey, Mike Appleton, H.R. Wills, Mapute Ndabane, Tomta Sitasunga, Horotito Mashisuta, Justice Winton-Flowers, M.J. Vreen, Joseph Adoyo and Wilson Akingbade I have written articles and short stories. I have written technical articles on Telecommunications and VoIP.

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Ch 20 - BLACK BOX by BobCurby Word Count: 2796
1  Comment

Diving from the SeaWitch Kurt and Analise recover the downed helicopter's black box flight recorder. 
6 Jun 2010

Coastguard by BobCurby Word Count: 2128

The South African Coastguard arrives as an SMC Gunbus decides to take on the SeaWitch 
24 May 2010

Condor Rock - in record time by BobCurby Word Count: 2000
1  Comment

The SeaWitch arrives at Condor Rock, not far from the diamond dredger from which the gang intends to steal the diamonds. 
19 Feb 2010

DESCENT by BobCurby Word Count: 200

This is my challenge - 200 words, containing STRAIN,SNAP and FALL. 
13 Feb 2010

DIAMOND RAIDERS - Chapter 1 by BobCurby Word Count: 4156

28 May 2008

Diamond Raiders - Chapter 1, 4th Revise by BobCurby Word Count: 1882

The story starts in Namibia in 1986 and quickly moves 20 years to 2006, the scene is set for the heist of all heists - a raid on the diamond barons of Namibia. 
28 Jul 2008

DIAMOND RAIDERS - Chapter 2 [REVISED - 2ND] by BobCurby Word Count: 1956

The scene moves 20 years as Analise sets out recruit the team she needs for her 'pay-back' diamond heist from SMC 
9 Sep 2008

Don`t Play Stupid Games with Motorcycles! by BobCurby Word Count: 3399

This is a graphic description of a really bad crash in which someone dies - if you're squeamish DON'T READ THIS! 
8 Mar 2010

FAILURE! by BobCurby Word Count: 2385

Chapter 18 of Diamond Raiders - a major setback prevents the team from pulling the heist on the SeaVac diamond dredger - but, that's not the end of the story! 
4 Apr 2010

Felled by a motorbike chain (WILD GRASS Ch 1) by BobCurby Word Count: 3069

29 Jan 2010

H1N1 - A Pig of a Virus by BobCurby Word Count: 2597

A light hearted look at what it's like to get Swine Flu and go through the Tamiflu treatment - IT'S WAR! 
18 Dec 2009

H1N1 - A Pig of a Virus by BobCurby Word Count: 2844

Swine Flu killed a few people in 2009 and scared a lot more. While I was lying in bed with a dose of it, I wrote this light hearted story. 
23 Apr 2010

Impaled on the tines of tractor mounted harvester by BobCurby Word Count: 3060

Wild Grass Ch 2 - the day I crashed into a tractor and ended up in the grass cutting equipment on the front.... If squeamish - don't read this! 
24 Feb 2010

JINX! Chapter 3 by BobCurby Word Count: 2003

Marie is jinxed by the events in her love life and the heartache this brings. 
11 Nov 2007

LET SLEEPING LIONS LIE (Chapter Listing) by BobCurby Word Count: 1884

Now the last chapter has been archived - here is the chapter listing..... 
22 Jun 2009

Let Sleeping Lions Lie - Chapter 2 by BobCurby Word Count: 5365

The continuation of my memoirs, taking a journey into the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) during the Zambian fuel crisis and stealing 1500 litres of fuel at highest peril, but returning safe. 
4 Oct 2007

Let Sleeping Lions Lie - Chapter 6 by BobCurby Word Count: 6080

This chapter describes the worst day in my life. The chapter starts with my stay in a hotel on Angelsey during which time I recall the day I was lost deep down a cave without and lights, along with four dead bodies. The story is partly from my recollections along with any details I could get from my friends and the rescuers later on. 
21 Dec 2007

Let Sleeping Lions Lie - Chapter 7 by BobCurby Word Count: 3327

Where were you on Sept 11th 2001? This chapter relates my feelings and reactions to that catastrophic day, especially as I thought my son was on the Boston flight (UA271). 
5 Jan 2008

LET SLEEPING LIONS LIE - memoirs of a colonial boy - Chapter list by BobCurby Word Count: 1875

Having completed the book I set here the chapter listing, revised and updated.The book is in the archives - ready to be processed to ebook/print 
31 Oct 2009

Let Sleeping Lions Lie {SUMMARY/ SYNOPSIS} by BobCurby Word Count: 1843

This is group of stories from my memoirs. 
28 Aug 2007

Let Sleeping LIons Lie.. Chapter Ten by BobCurby Word Count: 2786

I recall the events surrounding my face-to-face encounter with mercenary assassins 'The Simbas' while in the Congo. 
22 Feb 2008

Scuppered! by BobCurby Word Count: 2674
1  Comment

Just as the gang are thinking about making the attack on the dredger, their plans are scuppered. 
17 May 2010

SMOKEY BREEZES by BobCurby Word Count: 1121

Kenya, modern day, an old man remembers the past. 
28 Mar 2010

Smokey Breezes - Chapter 2 by BobCurby Word Count: 2188

The idyllic lakeside life of James Mutaye is about to change... 
29 Apr 2010

Smokey Breezes - Chapter 3 by BobCurby Word Count: 1400

James Mutaye's arrest and a call to Julius, his grandson, by Patricia, his worried wife, makes his grandson commence investigations regarding the arresting officer. 
26 May 2010

Smokey Breezes - Chapter 4 by BobCurby Word Count: 2500

James' nephew Julius is on the case - but it isn't a simple matter of getting James out.... 
20 Jun 2010

Synopsis - DIAMOND RAIDERS by BobCurby Word Count: 565

Here is an expanded and tweaked synopsis draft for Diamond Raiders. 
4 Jun 2010

Targus Major by BobCurby Word Count: 499

Space fiction/science fiction 
29 Jun 2010

TEST RUN by BobCurby Word Count: 2186
1  Comment

With the coastguard right in front of them and the Namibians escorting the SeaVac in, there's nothing else to do but do a test run of the escape plan. 
28 May 2010

THE LION SLEEPS by BobCurby Word Count: 2869

The scene is South Africa in the 1980's, the British Prime Minister is worried about continuing apartheid and lack of progress into majority rule. The gold and diamonds need to be secured, the decision is to help the native South Africans by a military action - Archie Mellor is sent in. 
31 Aug 2007

Tourist Guide: Milton Keynes by BobCurby Word Count: 1334

This the 1st of many articles designed to promote visits to lesser known attractions within the Milton Keynes area (and yes, there MANY!) This is written under my real name, no nomme des plumes. 
31 May 2010

VISITORS! by BobCurby Word Count: 2359
1  Comment

The SeaWitch crew are poised to pull of the diamond heist of the century - when they have unexpected visitors 
26 Mar 2010

Wild Boar by BobCurby Word Count: 1001
1  Comment

This is my belated entry to the historic challenge. 
13 Jul 2010

Wild Grass by BobCurby Word Count: 2276

My second book of wild events from my childhood gets under way. 
23 Jan 2010

Wild Grass - 4 by BobCurby Word Count: 2721

Minding my own business when two stunning babes cause a fight with truckers...... 
14 Apr 2010

Wild Grass - 5 by BobCurby Word Count: 1934

12 May 2010

Wild Grass 6 by BobCurby Word Count: 2299

Whilst carrying out my job as a pilot to the geologists of a mining company I nearly crashed in a ravine..... 
2 Jun 2010

Writing under another name by BobCurby Word Count: 1124

Here is a s small book I have written about life in Kenya and how it's changed since the 60's. Joseph Adoyo is one of the nommes de plume I use when writing African based stories 
20 Mar 2010

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