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Birdy by DerekH Word Count: 235

My entry for this weeks flash thingy. On the "thumb" theme. 
18 Oct 2004

Dave by DerekH Word Count: 188

Just a short piece. I'm not sure if you'd call it flash...I just wanted to write it...so I did :). 
11 Sep 2004

Haiku by DerekH Word Count: 17

Never tried this before. But, like flash fiction, I think there's something wonderful about a moment or feeling captured in so few words. I had to have a go...though I may have missed the point... 
11 Nov 2004

One Shoe by DerekH Word Count: 740

An idea I've been wrestling with...revised too many times now. Any comments and criticisms very welcome. 
18 Sep 2004

Scream If Ya Wanna Go Faster by DerekH Word Count: 366

Just a bit of slightly sick fun...couldn't resist doing my own "Rock" piece, and all Andrea's Fairground stuff put the theme in my head. 
24 Sep 2004

Terror In Towyn by DerekH Word Count: 256

A piece of flash - hopefully to go into the collection that Shay is organising. Be good to know what you think. 
20 Sep 2004

The Bubbling Mirror by DerekH Word Count: 170

I found this really hard. I ended up chopping the words down and down because I felt I was wasting them for the sake of it...hope it's not too short. It's late too, so this may look like nonesense when I read it back tomorrow...guess I shouldn't post 'til then..but I'm going to anyway :). 
13 Sep 2004

The Cave by DerekH Word Count: 378

Inspired by a dream (If anyone has any idea what is means then feel free to suggest ;). I wrote it down because the imagery felt very rich...and because at this time of night I'll write any old.......and since I've not written in a while, I just hoped that sharing might help me back into it. 
14 Nov 2007

The Star Thief by DerekH Word Count: 147

For this weeks word challenge "enchanted". I didn't have much time so it's a bit of a silly one... 
28 Sep 2004

Too Bad by DerekH Word Count: 749

For a change I've tried to go up to the word limit. And for another change I've tried a bit of horror... I see Vincent Price in this one ;), it possibly also comes with 3D specs. I'm sorry, it has no Christmas cheer in it... 
16 Dec 2004

Vloekenville by DerekH Word Count: 2310

This is the prologue and first chapter of my first attempt at writing a book. Now revised. All feedback more than welcome... 
27 Aug 2004

Vloekenville - Chapters 4 & 5. by DerekH Word Count: 1962

If anyone has the time to read this I will be very grateful... and even more grateful for any feedback, criticism and advice. I hope you like it... 
3 Oct 2004

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