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Name Mike Daviot
User Name Ticonderoga
Specialism Poetry
Location Scotland
Interests theatre, biography, poetry, history, music, magical realism, dance & mime, liberte, egalite, fraternite, culture for all....................
Profile Edinburgh born, and once more resident, actor/writer/director/teacher who has had many plays or adaptations performed. Particularly interested in creative lives - W.B.Yeats, R.L.Stevenson, Antonin Artaud, Houdini, Nijinski, Ambrose Bierce etc. Words and Music are my consuming passions, be they theatrical, poetic, novelistic, cinematic, operatic.....Recent plays about William Burroughs and Algernon Blackwood; currently writing one about William McGonagall!

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call/me (a/round) by Ticonderoga Word Count: 89

one for Carl and Sigmund.................. 
19 Oct 2010

Codename: Irony (or, A-wop-bop-osama-obama-bam-boom!) by Ticonderoga Word Count: 170

A few thoughts on Operation Geronimo.......... 
6 May 2011

Don Juan Dances by Ticonderoga Word Count: 199

another by Angry Me...........man's inhumanity to woman... 
17 May 2011

Gangrel Thochts by Ticonderoga Word Count: 271

I fear that only James may fully understand this one, unless there are more fellow Scots here than previously. No gloss for now, to see how much comes across, but I will add one if people think it worthwhile/necessary. 
28 Sep 2010

Mourning Chorus by Ticonderoga Word Count: 303

The last piece in this vein, and the most personal and bleak. It did me good to write it, but I know that doesn't necessarily mean it's good writing. 
5 Oct 2010

What then? by Ticonderoga Word Count: 856

Sentimental and slightly uncanny in subject; a tribute to my mother. (And a means of giving her a 'good death'.) 
24 Sep 2010

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