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Ian Smith 100

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Member Since: 03 June 2004
Last visited: 13 May 2009
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Name Ian Smith
User Name Ian Smith 100
Home Page www.iandsmith.com
Specialism Fiction
Location South West
Interests Carver, Munro, Kelman and Self
Profile Celebrates difference in his writing. Born in Manchester. Holds an MA in Creative Writing, Goldsmith`s. Credits: tinyurl.com/dnmkzd, tinyurl.com/c35e8, tiny.cc/kphnW, tinyurl.com/c4utyy, tiny.cc/uZSuM, tinyurl.com/c5mn5g, tinyurl.com/dm892t

Published Works

  Ian Smith 100's (a.k.a. Ian Duncan Smith)   Tony Blair: The Wilderness Years is published . (Available Now)
  • This scathingly funny novel is equal parts political satire and comic thriller, complete with an unforgettable protagonist. Readers are drawn in by Smith’s clean, understated prose as Tony descends into danger and his own delusions. The novel weaves its w

  • Latest Work

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    The Rejection of Me-Me-Me Modernism by Ian Smith 100 Word Count: 79

    (James Brown, musician, 3/5/1933 - 25/12/06) (John Heath-Stubbs, poet, 9/7/1918- 26/12/06)  
    30 Dec 2006

    Setting Sail by Ian Smith 100 Word Count: 146

    Pure folk fantasy. You can listen to my MP3 at Itunes and all good feedburners: http://feeds.feedburner.com/thehexylcircle. 
    3 Aug 2006

    I Didn`t Know Where Thoughts Went by Ian Smith 100 Word Count: 533

    A short trawl with this nightmarish bit of speculative sci-fi. 
    23 Feb 2006

    Happy Bunnies by Ian Smith 100 Word Count: 601

    Three aliens struggle to fit into the earth scene. 
    29 Nov 2005

    What Is Your Problem? by Ian Smith 100 Word Count: 504

    Ever had a bad journey home? My "Lost Chances" challenge. Have I had trouble with this story. I was inspired by seeing someone drop down dead at Richmond station in the rush hour. 
    23 Nov 2005

    Their Throwing Arms by Ian Smith 100 Word Count: 481

    He ran back to where he’d left the car with some idea of looking at the sea. He was breathing hard. 
    22 Oct 2005

    The Self-Surgery Web Page by Ian Smith 100 Word Count: 1000

    The Self-Surgery web site is run by a collaboration of people who have operated on themselves successfully. Their valuable experience is contained within these pages in easy to follow, non-medical, jargon free terms. 
    14 Jul 2005

    Tony Blair: The Wilderness Years - A Novel by Ian Smith 100 Word Count: 480

    Tony thinks he's heading for the cosiest directorship ever, and space to relaunch his political career, but his so-called 'top job' in Scotland isn't all it seems.  
    15 Feb 2005

    The Banjax Interview by Ian Smith 100 Word Count: 1106

    Extreme dissatisfaction with public servants. It will spiral out of control. 
    9 Feb 2005

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