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Name Bill West
User Name crowspark
Specialism Fiction
Groups Flash Fiction   Flash Poetry   Poetry Seminar   Poetry Writers Group  
Location British Isles
Interests Poetry, micro fiction and flash fiction
Profile As a child Bill wrote stories in a tool-shed. Eventually he was let out. As a schoolboy he was told he had a remarkable talent. He still doesn`t know what they meant. As a teenager he wrote poetry and received encouragement from poet and writer, John Pudney. He studied English at Hull University.

Latest Work

Sunbathers by crowspark Word Count: 80

For the glorious challenge! 
14 Aug 2022

Lamas bread by crowspark Word Count: 110
1  Comment

For the random word challenge. Some words have transformed slightly. 
30 Jul 2022

Gunpowder plot by crowspark Word Count: 240

My November poem 
5 Dec 2021

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