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Name Oonah Joslin
User Name V`yonne
Home Page V`yonne
Specialism Poetry
Groups Flash Poetry   Poetry Seminar   Poetry Writers Group   Flash Fiction  
Location Northern
Interests All things foody, biography, poetry,Language
Profile Published author of poetry and flash fiction. Winner of 3 Micro Horror prizes. Over 100 pieces in Bewildering Stories. Judge in the first Shine Poetry Competition. Oonah is Poetry Editor at The Linnet`s Wings BUY her book here:https://www.createspace.com/6617022 http://www.oonahs.blogspot.com/ http://oovj.wordpress.com/ or Facebook

Published Works

  V`yonne's (a.k.a. various)  Linnet's Wings Literary Magazine is published in . (Available Winter edition)
  • The Linnets Wings Winter Issue BUY http://www.thelinnetswings.org/# https://www.createspace.com/5168462 PDF http://www.joomag.com/magazine/the-linnets-wings/0975110001419166777?short

  •   V`yonne's (a.k.a. various writers)  Linnet's Wings Just Like Peer Gynt is published on createspace. (Available May 2016)
  • Includes work by writewords members James Graham, Des Dillon, Ronald E Shields, Barry Charman and ex-member Tina Cole. This is a quarterly prose, poetry and art magazine of outstanding quality. Editors: Marie Fitzpatrick, Bill West and Oonah V Joslin

  •   V`yonne's (a.k.a. Oonah V Joslin)  Poem Almost On Brantwood Jetty is published by The National Trust. (Available Autumn 2016)
  • The first stanza of this poem is being used to prompt poetic offerings from tourists taking a ride on The Gondola at Conniston Water in the Lake District. It is the first of its kind and I am so proud!

  •   V`yonne's (a.k.a. Oonah V Joslin)  Poetry Collection THREE POUNDS OF CELLS is published by The Linnet's Wings Press. (Available 18th October 2016)
  • How do we know what is real? What is your first memory? Have you ever had a dream that was so real you thought it was real? When our brain stops do we? Are the music and the light real? Poetry Kit Book of the Month Dec 16

  •   V`yonne's (a.k.a. Various)  Linnet's Wings The Linnet's Wings Summer Issue 2017 is published in Linnet's Wings Press. (Available August 2017)
  • A sumptuous online and print magazine offering full colour, poetry, fiction and art with many contributions form Writewords members.

  • Personal Blog Posts

     In Memory of James Graham Today Bewildering Stories and I remember Writewords Host James Graham (1039 - 2019) and mentor to so many of us, the Poet and the man....
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     Moon Issue and other stuff Moon Issue of The Linnet's Wings is out now and there are some other poetry links in this blog too....
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     July Moon Prize Living a Lie won the 39th Moon Prize on the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing :)...
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    Latest Work

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    Black Cat by V`yonne Word Count: 68

    When she was a kitten she could catch rabbits bigger than herself. 
    4 Aug 2007

    Holiday of a Lifetime by V`yonne Word Count: 79

    For Robin's challenge 
    28 Feb 2012

    In a moment of idleness by V`yonne Word Count: 116

    I couldn't resist 
    21 Apr 2013

    Local Knowledge revised form your comments by V`yonne Word Count: 729

    A Granny M series story. NOT FOR A CHALLENGE but thanks to anyone who reads it and comments. 
    20 Oct 2007

    Lost with Latin by V`yonne Word Count: 123

    Not that I liked Latin but somehow you lose the mystery... 
    25 Nov 2008

    ordinary by V`yonne Word Count: 140

    my own effort 
    17 Oct 2009

    Pit Stop by V`yonne Word Count: 533

    A Sci-Fi Christmas with a good deal of dialogue for FF1 & 2 
    27 Nov 2008

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